Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


14. Piano (unedited)


"So is this what all rich people do after they've gotten the crap beat out of them?" Ariana shoots Elizabeth a glare and gives Debra a sympathetic smile. Debra just shrugs, she is getting used to Elizabeth's sour attitude. And she always seems to be cranky when she has something she doesn't really want to do on a Saturday.


The three girls were currently riding in Elizabeth's car to Harry's house. His mom, Anne, was throwing some kind of dinner thing for the boy since he came home from the hospital on Friday. Debra head spins when she thinks back to exactly a week ago. Calum. The fight. Harry being half dead. Him not waking up. Her acting hysterical in the car drive over to the hospital. The way he looked with so many tubes coming from out of his body....


She sighs and touches the window. It's starting to get colder but thank god it didn't rain today. But not even the rain could have ruined her happy mood; she was going to see Harry. She's missed seeing the boy on campus. She missed him in her English class, too. During the week Luke was always try to talk to her but she would just keep moving. The same goes for Michael too . She was worried that they were going to try to follow her to her dorm butZayn or Liam were always waiting for her outside her classes.


"Holy shit look at the size of these houses." Elizabeth looks at the grand houses in awe. They didn't even look like houses, they look like palaces. Ariana drives slowly to take in the scene too. "Damn rich people have it easy." Ariana quickly looks back at Debra. "No offense." But none was taken. Debra knows how lucky she is that her family has money but she always felt bad when she had friends who didn't live the same way.


"I think this is it, everyone of these damn things look like castles." Elizabeth is pointing to a house on the side of the road. "Yeah this is it." Debra hits the lock button her phone to see what time it is. 6:21. Always early this lot.


The three girls jog to the stairs and begin to knock on the door. Of course none of them had been smart enough to bring a jacket. Harry's mom answers the door and ushers the girls in. "It's freezing out there girls, come in!" Debra has only met Harry's mom two times but she gives hugs like she has known each of the girls their whole life's.


"Well you all are early but that's fine. Harry is upstairs somewhere if you all want to see him."Anne smiles warmly at the girls before rushing off. "You go up there first Debby, we'll be there in a bit."


Debra nods her head before walking upstairs. Harry's house is absolutely huge. It reminds her so much of her house, well duh they're in the same neighborhood, but it looks as if everything has been flipped to the other side.


The second floor seems to be nothing but a large open space. There's a kitchen in the far corner and circular tables set up in the room. This must be where they'll be eating tonight. Debra stops walking when she hears a piano. The music coming from the instrument was absolutely gorgeous. Debra follows the soft music to the third floor of the house and down the hall. Pushing the first door open, she sees Harry sitting at the piano playing. His large fingers stretch over the keys like they're at home. Debra leans against the door frame and closes her eyes to fully enjoy the music. Debra can tell it's not classical music but she still likes the song.


When Harry makes a grand ritardando, Debra begins to clap. He jumps away from the piano like he was caught at a crime scene. His eyes turn soft at Debra when she begins walking towards him. He's still In his pjs despite it being the evening. His hair isn't pushed back like it usually is, it's curly and falling in his face. You can still see the light bruises on Harry's cheeks and he has a bandaid over his right eyebrow but god is he still beautiful.


"I didn't know you played the piano. Or could look so adorable." Harry holds out his arms and Debra falls into them.She literally falls, she should have just worn flats with her dress. Harry laughs at her and she realizes how much she's missed his laugh. How much she's missed him. He smells like cinnimon and apples and he is holding her tight like he if doesn't, she would disappear. There's so many things Debra wants to ask Harry, one of which is what is this big secret that him and his friends are so keen on not telling her. But she forgets about everything when Harry pulls her down to the piano bench.


"Do you remember what I told you before I blacked out?" Debra nods her head and Harry lets out a shaky sigh. He opens his mouth then closes it again.


Oh god here it is Debra thinks to herself. He's gonna say he wasn't feeling like himself and he was crazy for saying it.


"Well you know what rough shape I was in...."


Just say it. Just go on and break my heart. I'll try not to cry.


"And I want to let you know that I meant it when I said it." Debra stares back into Harry's eyes. " I was fully aware of what I was saying. And,"


Harry slides himself even closer to Debra. He takes her head in his ands and runs his thumb over her cheek. "I love you."


Debra didn't know if she wanted to cry or jump up and down with joy. Harry's eyes were wide and fearful when Debra didn't say it back. "I love you." A wave of relief crashes over Harry when Debra says the words.


"Say it again."

"I love you."

"One more time."

"I love you."

"Just one more time for good health."

"Harry Styles, I love you."


Harry's face breaks out in a wide smile. He leans down to kiss Debra and both are smiling like idiots. Harry begins leaning further into Debra and the two fall off of the bench. Debra groans at how all of Harry's weight is on her but begins laughing when Harry pretends to eat her face. She shakes her head to doge Harry but he continues placing wide open mouth kisses all over her cheeks.


"Oh god, they're on the floor." Elizabeth scrunches up her nose at the scene in front of her. Ariana appears beside her with amused eyes.


"Ariana, Elizabeth!" Harry gets off of Debra and walks over to the two girls. He gives Ariana a tight hug and looks over to Elizabeth. As if reading his mind Elizabeth begins to step backwards. "I swear to fucking god Harry if you touch me I will send your ass back to the hospital." Harry ignores Elizabeth's threat and engulfs her in a bone crushing hug. "Oh I know you've missed me in maths Elizabeth." Harry gives Elizabeth a sloppy kiss on the cheek and she yelps before starting to laugh. "Get off of me you idiot. Debra get him off of me." Harry retrieves from Elizabeth and she dramatically wipes her cheek. "Your mom said guest will start arriving in an hour so you need to get ready."


Debra pushes herself off of the floor and adjusts her dress. "All right, tell my mum I will be down in a few." Harry turns and shoots Debra a wink. After he leaves Elizabeth and Ariana stare at her for a second with smug expressions. "What?" Ariana and Elizabeth look at each other before turning and walking away. "Nothing."


The girls go downstairs to offer help to Ms.Anne which she graciously accepts. An hour later guest begin to pour in, including her parents and Sarah. Debra rushes over to give them hugs. After promising to come home next weekend, Debra goes off to mingle with other people. And by other people, Zayn and Louis. She walks over to them but spins around when she sees Ashton has now joined them. She was mad at him too; even though he was there to help Harry afterwards he still just watched him get beat and did nothing.


Everyone begins clapping and Debra looks around the room. Turning around she sees Harry making his way down the stairs. He was dressed in a simple black suit and his hair is back to being pushed back. He catches Debra stare and blows her a kiss. When he reaches the bottom of the stairs the clapping dies down. He walks towards Debra and snakes his arm around her waist. The next 15 mintues the consists of Harry, and now Debra, going around and greeting people. Once the servers arrive, everyone is told they can start making their way up the the second floor.


The tables in the room are quite large, enough to fit at least 12 people. Debra and Harry take their seats at a table in the center of the room. Not too long after Zayn, Liam, Louis, Ariana, Niall, Elizabeth and Isaac have found their seats at the table too. When the servers bring out the food, Louis makes a joke about how it's strange that Zayn's not serving it and Debra frowns. Zayn never seems to be effected by the jokes but still it upsets her.


"Is this seat taken?" Debra looks up from her soup and lets the spoon fall back into the bowl. You've got to be kidding me right now. Mindy is twirling her strawberry blonde hair pretending to look innocent. Debra flashes back to the party when her and Harry were basically dry humping each other. Everyone looks at Debra, secretly telling her it was her decision. "No, you can sit. " Mindy keeps her eyes on Harry the whole time even though Debra says the statement. Mindy takes the seat next to Ariana and Debra shoots her a sympathetic look.


"Wow you look extra handsome tonight Hair Bear." Hair bear? Debra has to bite her tongue in order to keep the bitter laugh back. "Thanks." Mindy now focuses her attention on Debra and gives her the most fake smile she could muster up. "You're Dennie right?" "It's Debra." Mindy pretends to be embarrassed and softly smacks her forehead with the palm of he hand. "I'm so sorry! God I can be so ditzy sometimes." "Sometimes?" Debra mummers it but she knows everyone has heard it when they begin laughing. Harry gives Debra a kiss on the cheek and she looks over to a bright red Mindy. Debra 1, Mindy 0.


"Hey sorry I'm late. Traffic was horrible. " You've got to just be fucking with me now. Luke slides in the chair next to Mindy and Debra rests her head on Harry's shoulders with a groan. Why is everyone she wants to see the least here? "Glad you could make it." Louis voice is dripping with sarcasm that everyone notices. A server quickly comes out with two bowls of soup for Mindy and Luke. Conversation has died down by the time the next course comes out. That is until Mindy opens her big mouth.


"So Debra how long have you and Harry been dating?" Debra looks up at Mindy and smiles. "Actually we aren't dating." Debra heart cracks a tiny bit when she says it but, she doesn't let it show. "Oh you may want to claim him before I snatch him up." Mindy lets out a little laugh that makes it sounds like she's joking but everyone sitting at the table knows Mindy's reputation. "I mean me and Harry do go way back. Isn't that right hair bear?" Harry sips his water uncomfortably as everyone at the table looks at him. "Oh he's too shy to say anything in front of you but we do have this indescribable chemistry." Harry chokes on his water and begins to shake his head. "Mindy a couple of sloppy blow jobs in the boy's locker room doesn't mean you and Harry have shit. So shut up and eat your damn chicken."


Debra looks up to Luke and he's staring right back at her. She can't help the laugh that escapes her lips. Luke begins to smile as well. Mindy is fuming but Debra continues laughing. For the rest of the dinner Mindy is quite and Debra mouths a thank you to Luke. And by the time the dinner is over, Debra is in a good mood. Anne makes a beautiful little speech and Harry stands up to hug her. She cries in Harry's shoulder and he smiles down at her. Gemma comes up and gets her still crying mom. "I swear this is normal for us." The whole room erupts in laughter at Gemma. Harry is still standing up and his eyes sweep over the crowd. "Thank you all for coming tonight,it means a lot to me and my family. You're all amazing people, have a good night and a safe drive home.


Everyone begins to get up from their tables to leave the house. "Are you all ready?" Ariana and Debra nod their heads at Elizabeth. "Hold on, let me use the bathroom first." Debra walks out of the room and goes up stairs instead of down; it'll be easier to find an empty bathroom up here she thinks to herself.


She knows someone is following her the moment she is on the first step, she can head the stairs squeaking once she's up them. She quickly turns around and sees Luke.He has his hands in his pockets and he's looking at Debra with hopeful eyes. "Thanks for what you did tonight Luke but leave me alone." Debra continues to walk and she hears Luke following her. "Why won't you return any of my calls, or even look at me in Greench's class." Debra turns around and begins to chuckle at Luke. "Well it may be the fact you helped beat the shit out of Harry right in front of me." "Oh please, Harry is not the innocent one either. I bet if you knew half of the crap he does you would want to beat the shit out of him too." Debra thinks back to what Calum told her a week ago. "Why won't any of you tell me what the hell is going on?" Luke slowly steps to Debra and wraps his arms around her. She listens to his strong steady heartbeat. Her arms stay limp at her sides but she slowly brings them around Luke's back.

"Because, if you knew our secret, someone may come after you too."


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