Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


5. Joey Nelson

"Debra darling, Harry is here!" Debra has a strong feeling of déjà vu as her mom yells out the words. This time however, she put a little more effort in her look. She was wearing her best skinny jeans along with a cropped top and pair of converse. Her hair was let down and she even teased it a little. She grabs her phone and takes one more look in the mirror. Let the games begin. 

Debra makes her way down the stairs and stands right behind Harry. "I'm ready to go." Harry turns around and smiles at Debra. "You look amazing love."   Harry hugs Debra and his hands move down to her bum and squeezes it. "Watch it styles." She whispers in his ear. He pulls back, grinning like an idiot. She drinks in his appearance; simple white v neck, black skinny jeans, white converse and his hair is pushed back. Simple but he made it look so flawless.

"Ok Debs, your father and I have an overnight conference to go to. Sarah is over one of her friends house so be careful tonight." Debra kisses her mom on the cheek before darting out of the door. "I will, bye mom." 

Harry walksover to his car and opens the door for Debra. "Such a little gentleman you are." He looks at his date amused before closing the door and entering the vehicle. Harry speeds off and Debra grips onto the door. "Slow down would ya, what's the rush?" "Wanna get there before someone." Debra looks at Harry in confusion. His face is twisted up in deep concentration. His hands are gripping the steering wheel and his muscles are flexing. Dear lord that boy was so perfect. 

"Did you loose something over here love?" Harry smiles and looks at Debra for a second before turning his attention back to the road. Debra looks away embarrassed,"You're a prick." Harry lets out a chuckle. "We're here." 

Harry parks the car and Debra steps out into the crisp London air. "Are you going to let me hold your hand tonight?" Debra looks at their hands next to each other and snorts. "Never." Harry sighs and wraps his arm around her waist. "Why are you such a challenge?" Debra ignores the question as they enter the over crowded club. She breathes in the smell of drunk individuals as they do drunken things. 

Harry leads her to the back of the dark night club into the VIP section. "Wow, fancy." Debra says to herself. "Only for you my love." As they get closer to the area, Debra makes out many unfamiliar faces. Her stomach starts to churn when they reach the others. 

"Ahhhhh Potter, it's about time you arrive!. Were you doing your million dollar locks?" Harry laughs at the gingers statement. "Can it Weasely." The others around them laugh at the two's bickering and Debra just stands confused. "Debra, this is Ed, Louis, Lou, Liam, Ashton, Perrie, Zayn and of course Niall." Harry points at each of the people as he names them and Debra just gives a little wave. "Why don't you sit down and I'll get us some drinks yeah."  Debra nods her head and takes the only empty seat next to Ed and Ashton was it? 

"I'm glad Harry finally brought a pretty girl here. I'm Ash by the way." Debra shakes his outstretched hand and smiles warmly at him. "I'm Debra." 

Debra chats amongst the friendly people, smiling and laughing when necessary. "Lets dance Debra." Niall is standing above her with his hand extended and she excuses her self from the group. 

"So you having fun?" Niall grabs Debra's hips and pulls her closer to him. "Yeah I am actually, everyone seems nice." Niall rolls his hips onto Debra's and she lets out a laugh. "You're going to have to get a few drinks into me Horan to get me to grind on you." Niall pouts at Debra and widens his eyes. "Come on, like old times?"  Niall tries one last attempt before Debra  pulls his hands away. "I'm going to go get some air." Debra leaves Niall alone on the dance floor as she tries to find an exit. She sees a door and decides to take her chances. 

The door leads her to a dark alley and she sighs, feeling content on being alone. A breeze comes through and she looks around to see a couple passed out on top of each other down the alley. She feels less on edge now that she sees other forms of human life out here, even if they are knocked out. 

She's collecting her thoughts when the door swings open, scaring her. A drunken figure stumbles out and vomits right on her shoes. Just peachy she thinks to herself. The guy wipes his mouth and straightens himself up. He had tattoos all over his body and piercings covering his face. 

 "Sorry darlin." The male looks up and down at Debra's body and smirks "Me names Nelson, Joey Nelson." Debra rolls her eyes at the tall male. Sure he was cute with his blue eyes and short red hair but he was drunk and coming on to her, something she was too familiar with. 

"Oh come on, don't be like that. I'm just looking for a little fun!" The drunken man steps closer to Debra and she flinches. "I'm here with someone. " Debra tries to go around him  but the guy blocks her moves. "Oh I know. I saw you with Styles. Me and him go way back, but why don't you let me teach you what a real man can do." The man grabs Debra and licks her neck. 

"Get the hell away from me you creep." Debra pushes the male away from her and tries to run to the door. The man grabs her and slams her back onto the wall. "And where do you think you're  going bitch?" "Far away from you." Debra spits back at the aggressive  man and his grip on her hips tightens. "You're going to learn how to keep that damn mouth shut." 

Debra starts thrashing around but Joey only pulls her hair causing her to whimper. He begins to unbutton her pants with one hand and she begins crying . "Someone please. Hello, wake up." Debra tries to wake the couple up but her words are just swallowed up into the cold night air. 

"No one can hear you love, no one can save you." Joey tears the shirt from off of Debra's back as she's crying hysterically. He throws her ruined shirt onto the alley floor and grabs her chest hard. "I can't wait to have these in my mouth." This is it she thinks as he slides her pants down to her ankles. She was going to be raped in a dark alley. "Such a pretty little whore." 

"Debra are you- Hey. Dude get the fuck off her before I kill you." Someone pushes Joey off of Debra and she slides down the wall crying. "Shit are you ok Debra?" Debra is shaking in her place, a combination of the cold and her nerves. 

"Relax Styles, me and this babe were only having a good time. It was adorable how she was calling your name actually.  Looks like you've got a clingy one." Harry punches Joey in response, knocking him down to the ground.  

"What the fuck Styles." Harry says nothing as he straddles the older man and begins throwing punches. 

"Stop Harry." Debra stumbles to her feet and wobbles over to the gruesome scene.  Blood is flowing from Joeys body and if she doesn't stop Harry, he may kill him. 

"Look at me Harry. LOOK AT ME. " Harry stops his rage of fury and softens when he sees Debra's scared expression.  "I don't want you to go to jail because of him." She begins to sob and Harry looks down at the unconscious Joey. He stands up and wraps his arms around her."I'm so sorry Debs." The realization finally hits Debra. Harry saved her. Harry saved her from being raped and possibly being killed. 

Harry lets her go for a minute and takes off his shirt. "Here put this on." Debra takes the shirt with shaky hands and pulls it over her head . Harry looks down at Debra and over to Joey's unmoving body. "Lets get you home" He picks her up and cradles her in his arms. She breaks out into a fit of sobs and he kisses her hair. "It's ok, Harry's got you now." 

The two enter the club and no one seems to notice the shirtless Harry and the crying Debra in his arms. The two exit the club and walk over to Harry's car and he gently places her in the passenger seat. She's shaking as he puts the seat belt on her. 

He enters the car and grips the stearing wheel. She notices his bloody knuckles and she winces. How hard had he punched Joey? 

"Your knuckles." Debra gestures to Harry's hand and he looks down at them and then back on the road. "They'll be fine." 

The two sit in silence as they arrive to Debra's house. "We're here." Harry helps Debra out of the car and walks her to her door. "Harry would you please um. Could you please....? Would you be so kind enough as...." "Come on Debs, spit it out." He smiles playfully at her as she fiddles with her keys. "Could you spend the night." Debra looks awkwardly on the floor awaiting Harry's response. 

"Hey look at me." Harry cups Debra's face in his palms and kisses her. "Of course I will." Debra smiles at Harry and opens her front door. 

She leads him up stairs to her room and sighs when she enters it. "Sorry it's such a mess." Harry begins taking off his pants and she raises an eyebrow at him. "You didn't expect me to sleep in those tight things did you?" He grins at Debra and she takes off hers too but leaves on his shirt.  The mint smell soothes her. 

"Now you're smelling my shirt? God were going to have to get you some help. You're addicted to me." Harry smiles brightly at Debra as he pats the spot next to him. Debra climbs into the bed with Harry and lays on her back. "Thank you Harry." She turns her head towards Harry to see he's watching her. "You can assure I will always protect you Debra, that's a fact." Harry pulls Debra onto his chest and her fingers start tracing over his tattoos.

"That's the first one I got." Debra continues to trace over the star tattoo. "It represents my 4 best mates and I. Stupid I know." Harry's face gets red and he looks up at the ceiling. "It's not stupid, it's actually very thoughtful." 

Harry looks over at Debra and smiles shyly. "Yeah?" Debra returns his smile. "Yeah." Debra grabs Harry's hands and interlocks their fingers. "Night Harry." Harry smiles before saying Good night."

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