Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


6. House Party

"Get the hell up Debra." Debra's older sister, Sarah, pulls the covers off of a groggy Debra. "God damn leave me alone." Sarah rolls her eyes as Debra yanks the covers back over her body. 

"You've been in here for five days straight." Debra lets out an annoyed huff. Sarah's making it seem like she didn't leave her room to shower or eat. 

"I'm perfectly fine here, it's warm and cozy." "Warm and cozy my ass." Sarah drags Debra by her feet until she lands on the floor with a thud. "What the fuck Sarah."  Debra sits up and glares at her pestering sister. 

"You. Me. Party. Tonight." Debra looks at her sister surprised. "You're inviting me to a party? With alcohol and God forbid sex?" Sarah crosses her arms at her little sister's sarcastic remark. "Well you've been moping around ever since Harry spent the night and left, so why not." 

Debra shudders and lets her head fall into her hands. She wasn't moping. Ok maybe she was but only because Harry left early in the morning and hasn't called or texted since. 

"I'm pretty sure going to some party won't really help." Sarah grins down at Debra before flipping her hair. "Well, we're going to Louis Tomlinsons' party, thanks to me of course."  Debra looks at Sarah in confusion. "So? I don't even know who that is." 

"Well his family is rich, he throws legendary parties from what I heard and he's Harry's best friend." Debra continues to stare at her sister like she's gone mad. "Meaning, Harry may be there." Sarah says like it's  the most obvious thing ever and Debra perks up at it. "Fine I'll go." Debra tries to sound annoyed but couldn't fight the huge smile forming on her face. 
Debra looks out the car window at the expensive mansion sitting in front of her. Cars are lining the street and eager party goers are entering the house. 

"Ok, the only rule for tonight is you do not leave this house with out texting me ,do you understand?" "Yes mom." Sarah flicks her younger sister and parks the car. "Lets go baby sis." 

The two enter the huge house and cups are immediately placed in their hands. Sarah mumbles a thanks and Debra takes a sip from hers. Cherry vodka tonic, perfect. 

The house is packed from wall to wall with intoxicated teenagers. Debra looks around to see if she can spot Harry but she doesn't. Sarah and her walk deeper into the scene until they reach the drink area. Debra fills her now empty cup with beer and chokes on the taste. For people so rich you would think they could afford a better brew. 

"Sarah, this is hopeless." Debra turns to her older sister to see her dumping her drink in a plant. "Oh please we've only been here for three minutes. Who would think that you would be the stick in the mud." 

"Sarah babe, I'm so glad that you could make it." A rugged boy walks over to Sarah and gives her a hug. Louis looks at Debra and then snaps his fingers. "You're Dorris right? We met at the club." Debra cheeks redden and she laughs. "It's Debra." Louis brings his arm around Sarah's shoulders and laughs. "Debra right. I'm sorry, think the alcohols going straight to my brain." 

Unsure what to do, Debra takes another sip of the beer hoping it would taste better. "Don't drink that shit. We have some better stuff upstairs. Follow me." Louis grabs Sarah's hand and leads the two up to the third floor.  He stops in front of one door and opens it. "Welcome to casa bad ass." Louis pulls both of them in and closes the door behind him. 

The whole room smelled of booze and weed but Debra keeps her thoughts to herself as Louis hands her a cup. Debra takes a sip and smiles, this was way better than the crap downstairs. 

Debra looks around the large area and sees most of the people from the other night. She liked this more intimate setting than the one down stairs. 

"Introducing the lovely, impeccable Sarah and some girl name Debra." Debra sticks out her tongue at Louis and he smiles. "Go on, mingle young whippersnapper." Debra walks further into the room and her heart stops when she spots Harry. He's out of it and sitting alone. She makes her way over to him until a red head sits in his lap. He smiles at her and kisses her roughly. As in teeth and tongue rough.


She turns on her heels hoping he didn't see her and leans on a wall. She tortures herself and watches the two make out with each other. Tongues and everything. 

"If you squeeze that cup any harder it's going to burst." Someone stands next to Debra and smiles at her. She ignores him and continues to mind her own business. Well Harry's technically. The guy follows her eye of sight and lets out a knowing ah. "Did you and Harry have a thing?" Debra snaps her head to the boy and sighs. "Do I know you?" "Well we met at the night club the other night. Ashton." The guy smiles and Debra just nods her head. "You're that Australian kid right?" "What tipped you off? My adorable dimples. My breath taking smile? My killer personality." Debra snorts, taking a sip of her drink. "Or maybe it was because you have an Australian accent." Ashton lets out a laugh and Debra can't help but to laugh too. 

"We Australians are way better than the British but don't tell anyone that because I'm out numbered." Debra laughs some more and finishes her drink. She snatches a drink from Ashton's hand and downs it. She feels more relaxed now that the alcohol is in her system. 

"Hey I was going to drink that." Ashton wines at Debra and she grins. "Here lets get both of us another." She grabs his hand and leads him to the drink table. "Attention everyone, Niall should be here with more weed any second now and then we can play the game." Everyone lets out a little cheer and Debra shrugs her shoulders, not really caring about the lame party game.

"Oh god Harry. Right there." Debra cringes at the squeaky voice coming from across the room. "Mindy Shawl. 17. Her daddy owns some mining land in America." Debra looks over to Ashton 
questioningly. "I just thought you would want to know who she is. Clearly you have a thing for Styles." "I do not." Debra turns her head around to Mindy's hands in Harry's pants and whips her head back around quickly. 

"We could make him jealous." Debra sighs and hands Ashton his cup. "Harry doesn't seem like the type to get jealous." Ashton shrugs his shoulders and smiles. "Ya never know." 

"Craic daddy has arrived with the weed." Niall holds up a bag of weed and everyone in the room cheers. "You fuckers better be cheering. This shit cost me 130 pounds." Louis grabs the bag and tosses it to Zayn. "Roll em up Malik and lets get fucked!" Everyone in the room cheers louder, even Sarah, and Debra looks around confused. 

"Hey Debs, I didn't know you were going to be here." Niall hugs Debra and she gasps for air. "Did you smoke half the bag before you came here? You reek of marijuana." Niall just laughs and pats Debra on the head. 

"You all know the drill! Get in a circle." Debra looks at Ashton uneasy before he grabs her and sits her down in the circle that is forming. He sits down beside her and some  unfamiliar dude is sitting on her left. She looks across the circle to Harry looking right at her. He looks as if he's thinking but gives a little wave at her. She's just about to wave back until Mindy sits on his lap and wraps her arm around his neck. Slut. 

She quickly looks away and up at a standing Louis. "Ok ladies and gents. Pass the blunt. You know how it goes."  Debra nudges Ashton and he looks at her. "How the hell does this go?"  Ashton looks down wickedly at her. "You'll see." 

Louis sits down and takes a long drag from the blunt before speaking. "One time I fucked my almost step sister." He passes it to Sarah and she takes a huff. "One time I crashed my daddy's jaguar and blamed our neighbors." Debra's eyes widen. What was the concept of this game? To spill your secrets? Hell if Debra was going to play it. 

"One time I used a glory hole." Mindy giggles and Harry's eyes go wide. Debra can't help the satisfied feeling she has as Harry pushes Mindy off of him. "One time I banged this girl in a bathroom stall the first night I met her." Harry looks right at Debra and she looks away. 

The blunt is being passed along with the secrets until it stops at the boy beside her. "No guys, no illegal substances for me." The boy hands the blunt to Debra and everyone boos. "Come on Liam stop being a pussy." "You all are not going to he calling me a pussy when I have to drive you home." Everyone focuses their attention on Debra and she hands the blunt to Ashton. "I don't do weed sorry. "Everyone boos louder and Debra shrugs her shoulders. 

The blunt continues to be passed untill it's finished. And then five more after that. Everyone is high at this point, even Debra is feeling a little woozy. "Ok you all..... I'm gonna tell all those fuckers to leave down stairs. You all can crash here for tonight." Louis exits the room and Debra walks, more of wobbles, over to Sarah. "Lets go Sarah. Mom and dad are going to freak." "I was thinking we can stay here tonight! I mean I'm high and you had some drinks so....." Debra rolls her eyes. "You only want to stay the night to fuck Louis." Sarah sighs and begins grinning. "He's hot isn't he? And he's my age? Hell yeah. I'm going to text mom anyway." Debra flicks Sarah off and Sarah just pulls her into a hug. "Love you baby sis." "Yeah whatever. I'm going to catch a cab home.Or walk." Walking was not an option but she was hoping Sarah would change her mind when she heard her talking about walking  at 1 am. "Ok! You're a big girl, I trust you." Sarah trusting Debra? Oh yeah she was high as a kite. 

"Have fun Sarah." Debra turns leaving her sister alone and walks down stairs. Drunk bodies are scattered upon the floor and Debra sighs as she hops over them. Ah fuck it she thinks as she carefully walks on them.

"You're just going to step on people? Damn Americans are so rude." Debra turns around to see Harry, standing tall and a bit more sober than everyone else.   "Ahhhhh, fuck off Styles, I gotta get home." "And how are you going to do that?" 
"Probably call a cab." Harry raises his eyebrow at her and takes a swig of his water. "You smell  of weed. Is being in a closed space with some stranger at 1 am sound like the best idea?" Debra shrugs her shoulders and takes out her iPhone. Harry takes two strides and snatches it out of her hands. He slips it in his back pocket and she punches his arm. His very muscular and tan arm. 

"Give it back Harry." "No you're not getting in a cab or walking. You can stay here." Debra scrunches her nose up in protest. "I'm not staying in the living room with drunk people everywhere." She puts on a posh manner and turns her nose up in the air. Harry grabs her hands and starts dragging her up the stairs. "Oh please Louis has a million rooms in this damn house. We just gotta  find one." "And what makes you think I wanna spend the night with you?" Harry stops on the second floor and opens the first door that appears. The room is completely empty other than a blanket and a pillow thrown on the floor. Harry pulls Debra in and locks the door behind him. In one swift movement he pins Debra to the wall by her hips and smirks down at her. He moves so that his lips are centimeters from hers 

"You not afraid to be alone with the big bad Harry are you?"

Debra can focus on nothing but Harry's plump lips. His tongue darts down to moisten  them before returning in his mouth. "I'm waiting for an answer Debra." He begins sucking on her neck and she lets out a gasp. "I need words, not sounds." "N-No." Harry smirks on Debra's skin and removes his lips. "Is it fine if I kiss you now?" "Yes." 

Debra grabs a fist full of Harrys hair and pulls his face to hers. She smashes their lips together and sighs into the kiss. She couldn't ever get use to kissing Harry. He slips his tongue into her mouth and it's sloppy to say the least. 

"I want you Harry. I need you." She begins taking his shirt off from his body and he laughs. "Eager are we?" He finishes taking off his shirt and she begins kissing his collar bones. He throws his head back as she pepper kisses all over his neck. 

As Harry undoes his pants there's a knock on the door. "Shhhhh just be quite and they'll go away." "I won't just go away you horny fucker." Harry rolls his eyes and yanks the door open. "What Louis? I'm sort of busy." 

"Come take a walk with me." Harry shakes his head in disbelief. "A walk? You're high as the heavens right now, go to bed." Harry tries to close the door but Louis foot stops it. "Nope, come on little Haz." Debra watches in awe as the older boy practically lifts and carries Harry out of the room. 

Leaving Debra horny, sleepy and confused. 

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