Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


20. Even though I wanna hate you, I wanna love you (unedited)


"Luke, Luke." Debra tip toes out of the large room she magically woke up in and onto the cold marble floors. She wanders around what ever number floor this is, opening doors and softly calling out Luke's name. Most of the rooms are empty (with the exception of the one with Ashton sleeping on the floor) and as she approaches a door covered with band posters, she thinks about how easy it is to hide away here.


Debra gives three timid knocks before she slowly turns the door nob and peaks her head in. Nuzzled in a puke green blanket is Luke rubbing sleepily at his eyes. His cheeks are flushed a rosy pink and this is the first time she's seen him with out the black lip ring. His hair is sticking straight up on his head and his eyes look like someone had taken water straight from the ocean and poured them into his irises. He was gorgeous.


"Morning miss queen Debra, everything ok?" Debra blinks a few times before she remembers her original reason for making the trip to the room. "Yeah I was just wondering if I can borrow some clothes for today."


"You wanna borrow some of my clothes?" Luke tries to clear the morning gravel in his voice by coughing but if anything it just agitates his throat.


"Yeah, shirt, flannel , pants..... underwear?" Luke playfully scrunches his nose and begins to laugh. "I can't help you with a bra but I may be able to spare some clothes and a pair of boxers." Luke grins while he pushes the blanket off of him and rolls onto the floor . He walks to the closet and Debra enjoys the view as he begins looking for extra clothes. His back muscles flex nicely as he reaches up on the top shelf of his closet, aimlessly patting around for something he's looking for.


"I have some jeans that are a tad bit too small around my waist and come like above my ankles so," Luke spins around and Debra tries to snap her eyes up to his face in time. Luke raises his left eyebrow and bites his lip ring, his dimples like the moons craters. "Ms.Montez, I know you were not looking at my ass." Debra's cheeks turn red and she begins laughing. "Mr.Hemmings, I can assure you I would never do such a thing, I'm a good Christian girl." Luke rolls his eyes and beckons Debra to come in with a curve of his finger.


"Pick what ever shirt you want. " Debra begins to pull various shirts out of the closet but she returns them after she settles for some shirt with some punk rock band. Luke hums in approval and Debra hugs all of the clothes to her chest. "You can take a shower in any of the bathrooms and then we can grab something to eat on campus, sounds good?" Debra nods and scurries off to the bathroom next to Ashton's room. As the water cascades down her head, she wonders if she's crossed Harry mind since this morning. Shaking the ridiculous idea from her head, she turns off the water and gets ready for her day.



Meanwhile in Harry's flat, he's buttoning up the bottom three buttons of his shirt and rushing around the house, a plain bagel hanging out of his mouth. "You sure you don't need me to drop you before I head off to school?" Harry shuffles around the living room looking for his old tattered boots.


He'd woken up late. Again. All the other boys were lounged around in his room, their classes not starting until at least ten. But since he signed up for his classes late, he had to pick from the morning classes. And no amount of 50 pound notes could persuade the admissions office otherwise. So now he's the only one up in this god damn flat. Besides Cara who is pulling her hair into a ponytail with her work uniform on.


"Yeah I'm fine, the train isn't much of a walk from here." Harry spots his worn out shoes near a pile of broken glass and he grabs them, sitting on the couch adjacent to the one Cara is resting on. "You need me to pick you up then? What time do you get off?"


Cara looks up from where she is lacing an old pair of trainers and nods at Harry. "Yeah I'm doing a double shift, I get off at nine thirty." Harry nods his head as he zips up his boots. "Ok, just stay in the restaurant and I'll come in and get you or something." Harry feels around for his keys in his pocket and Cara nods towards the arm of the couch. Harry smiles graciously at the dirty blonde and he pockets the keys, grabbing a stray pen from infront of him.


"I should have you a spare key before I pick you up tonight but if not we'll get one later." Harry looks at the shattered clock face and curses under his breath. "My maths teacher is going to kill me if I'm late again.I'll see you at nine."


Harry doesn't catch Cara's goodbye as he rushes through the elevator doors. Cara sighs when the doors close and a hand on her shoulder makes her squeak.


Louis is standing with a smirk and judging by how big the robe he has on is, it's Harry's. Cara stares at him for a second, making her eyes big in annoyance. "Can I help you with something?" Louis just sips from a glass of orange juice and shakes his head. "Then what the hell is it Lou? Don't you have a class to get to?"


Louis walks over to Cara and grabs her by her wrist, turning them over to study her inner arms. "Cara darling, only people I actually like can call me Lou. Don't forget I was there the night you left." Louis is still studying Cara's arm and when he lightly presses a certain spot on her wrist, she jerks it back in pain. "Now, I do believe the train is going to leave any minute now, may want to get going. Every penny does count in your case." Louis eyes turn cold as Cara rubs to soothe her wrist. "Have a lovely day."


Louis turns around, heading back to Harry's room, hoping Cara fucking leaves soon and Liam stops snoring.



"Are you really about to eat that." Elizabeth scrunches her nose in disgust as Debra holds the tuna fish sandwich to her mouth and take a large bite. "Looks like I am." Ariana laughs and takes a sip from her soda. It's nice and quiet in the cafeteria, everyone too tired from a long weekend or trying to cram studies in to their brains to communicate with anyone. Debra likes the peace and quiet, it's helping her clear her mind from everything for a while.


Elizabeth's perfectly waxed eyebrow raises in question at whatever is going on behind Debra. "Hey, you and Harry doing all right...?" Debra groans and smooths her hair out of her face. "Don't even mention his name right now, it's bad enough I have to see him tomorrow in literature." "Well how would you feel about seeing him a bit sooner."


"There's plenty of me to go around ladies relax."The voice pierces Debra's ear drums and she turns around so quickly her head begins to spin. There are literally at least fifteen girls flocked around Harry, all tying to desperately be noticed by him. It's sad really, how they fluff their hair or push their breast up in their shirts. Little do they know that behind his black Ray Bans, his gaze is focused on the beauty across the room. And Debra knows he's looking to get a rise out of her and she tries to look away, she really does, but she cant even blink. And hanging on his left arm is the red headed devil herself, Mindy.


"Does she even go here?" Elizabeth doesn't even ask who Debra is talking about, she just takes a small bite from her sandwich. "Unfortunately yes." When Mindy places a kiss on the corner of Harry's lip, Debra whips her head and begins to blink repeatedly. "You ok Debby?" Debra smiles and nods her head at Ariana. "Yeah, I need to go grab something I left in literature earlier today." Elizabeth wants to call Debra out on her lie, wants to point out that she didn't even have the class today but she isn't that much of a shitty person. Especially not when she knows what it's like to be left in the cold by Harry.


Debra quickly takes her tray and drops it off at the cleaning section. As soon as she gets out of eye view from Elizabeth and Ariana, she begins running. She runs until her body begin to protest with sharp pangs to the chest and the taste of blood in her throat. She types in the code to the dorm building and sprints up the stairs. When she reaches her door she remembers that she forgot her key and she softly bangs her head on the gateway to the comforts of her bed. She can feel the tears trickle down her face one by one and she slowly slides down the door. She covers her mouth to muffle the odd choking sounds coming out and she wants to laugh at now dramatic the whole thing is with her right now. But it comes out as an awkward squeak that makes her cry harder.


"Dory, I thought I heard you out here." Debra uses her free hand to flip Calum off, not having the voice to curse him out or correct him on her name . Debra prays that he is going to leave her to wallow in her misery alone but of course he shuts his door and sits across from her. "What's up butter cup?"


Debra shakes her head and begins to wipe her eyes. She hates when people see her cry, especially those she pretty much hated with a passion. Calum reaches into his pocket and throws out a travel sized pack of tissues at Debra. The soft pact hits her forehead before landing in her lap. "Grabbed those before I headed out here, thought you would need them." Debra lets out a grunt from the back of her throat that is as close to a thank you as she can muster as she tears open the package. "Now, why don't you tell me what Harry did this time?" After a moment of silence, Calum stretches his long leg out and softly kicks Debra's knee. "Go on, I know he did something."


"It's like one minute he's all great and smiley and playful and Harry. But then the next he's all cold and arrogant and Harry. And I don't even know why I'm so upset you know? It's just like I've seen the good sides of him and the bad sides of him but I feel like if I keep trying with him, I will see the best sides of him but also the worse. " Debra lets out a shaky breath, relieved that she got to say something about the situation, even if it was to the closest thing to the devil.


Calum however seems to find it amusing because he begins to chuckle and that's when Debra is on her feet again. "You know what, fuck you Calum. I knew you just wanted to get a good laugh from me." Calum quickly scrambles to his feet and tugs on Debra's arm. "Im not laughing at you being mirsable, I'm laughing because Harry is such a massive ass nugget. He just always know the perfect things to do in order to fuck something up. "


And Debra can't help but it crack a smile at Calum's rambling statement . "Massive ass nugget huh?" Calum nods his head rapidly and begins laughing. "The biggest one to ever walk on this earth. You seem like a great girl Debra and Harry is the type to always want to seem put together, you know? He likes to be in control, that's just how he is." Debra nods her head and then shakes it. "Why are you being nice? Are you off duty from being the worlds biggest ass hole?" Calum begins to clutch his chest. "Your words went right to my heart Debra." "So you do have a heart." Calum covers his mouth and shakes his head. "If you tell anyone that I actually have a something under all of this ice, I will destroy you." Debra raises her eyebrows at the tan boy infront of her. "Destroy, wow someone's a little dramatic. " Calum flicks Debra against the nose and she scrunches it in pain.


"Enough with being friendly, do you wanna wait in my room until your crackhead friends come back?" Debra wants to tell Calum that him offering is still pretty friendly but she just stands behind him while he unlocks his door and then follows him in. His blinds are pulled all the way to the top, letting the almost September sun stream through. "You can sit on the bed or in the chair or wherever really." Debra looks around the messy room and decides that it would be best to sit in the desk chair. The desk is nothing but a pile of books and paper. Hanging above the desk is a board with pictures of Calum and his friends. Most of them are with Luke, Michael and Ashton at what looks like small concerts.


"You're in a band?" Calum looks up from whatever task he was doing on his phone and gives a half smile. "Kind of. We're all so busy with school and life we don't really play together as much." Debra continues to scan over the board when she darts her eyes back to a photo. It's hidden in plain sight really, easy to be over looked. It has to be an old picture because all the boys either look scrawny or carrying their baby weight. Louis has his arm swung around Calum's shoulder and Harry is on Calum's back. Zayn is kneeled in front of Calum and Niall is in the same position only with his arms around Michaels waist and his head resting on Ashton's hip. And Luke neck is bent awkwardly to kiss Harry's cheek. Liam however is no where to be see. Debra reaches out and touches the picture, just to make sure it's real.


"That picture was taken forever ago." Debra hand jerks at Calum's voice coming from right behind her. "So you all used to be friends?" Debra turns around to face Calum and he shakes his head. "There's still so much you don't know little Debra." Calum can't even fully finish her name before there three swift knocks on the door cuts the conversation short. He goes over to open the door and there is suddenly a stream of boys coming in.


"Just because we're helping out each other doesn't mean you can just show up at my dorm anytime unannounced." Luke ruffles Calum's hair and Louis rolls his eyes. "Calm the fuck down, Calum." Louis eyes meets Debra's and he tips an invisible hat. "Didn't expect to see you here Debra. Everything ok?" Harry appears behind Louis' shoulder with a perplexed face that matches Louis' tone. "Yeah everything is fine, I'm sort of locked out of my room." Zayn walks over to Debra and swipes his thumb under her eye , collecting the moisture that hadn't fully dried yet. "Actually Liz and Ari should be back from lunch so I should just go."


"Nah you're here, you might as well stay. We need to go over a few things." Debra looks around the room and conveniently the only empty and sitable place was right next to Harry. "You can sit here Debra." Debra raises her eyebrows when she sees that Calum has made a spot in between him and Luke. She doesn't question it though as she squeezes into the empty space.


"Now, we only have one of the nine people for sure and that's Cameron." Louis flashes the picture infront of the group and Debra recognizes him as the pen guy from English. "And we know this blue eyed fellow because he is literally always with Cameron." Louis shows the picture of the boy with the almost frightening blue eyes. "So that leaves seven unknown people. Of course we have the best idiot tech person, mr. Liam Payne working on hacking files and shit." Liam flicks Louis off but the Doncaster boy just laughs. "Now we should all meet in some location on Saturday night to just collaborate. I have a class at noon so let's wrap this thing up.


"I can't do this Saturday, I'm going home for some dinner my mum is making." Louis rolls his eyes and shoves his hands in his jacket pocket. "Fine Sunday. So clear your schedule. I don't want to hear any excuses about you not being able to come because you have to praise The Lord or summat." Calum stiffens a laugh from his mouth and Debra looks around at all of the boys. Harry's taken off his sun glasses and the light is hitting his eyes in such a way, they look like they're sparkling.


Luke rests his head on Debra's lap and she begins to play with the blonde wispy hair. "Yeah ok this was a waste of my time. I'll see you lames on Sunday." Niall leaves the room first followed by Liam and each boy leaves until it's just Debra, Calum, Luke, and Harry. Debra is laughing at something Luke mumbled into her thigh and Harry stands up, yawning dramatically as he stretches. "I've gotta get to class." The remaining of them look at Harry and dismiss him with a nod, going back to the conversation.


When he opens the door, he sees Elizabeth and Ariana unlocking their own. He greets the girls with a much too loud hi followed by their names and Debra tells Luke she'll see him later. When Debra brushes by Harry to go to her own dorm, Harry wants to grab her and hug for a while. He wants to try and explain the mess that's working around in his head. Instead he watches quietly as she follows Elizabeth and Ariana into the dorm and shuts the door.

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