Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


23. Calum

"Bye mom, Harry's outside." Debra darts out the door before her mom could pester her with any questions. When she asked her mom yesterday night if she could spend the day with Harry, Mrs. Montez  smiled so much she thought her face was going to crack. 

Debra shuts the door behind her to be greated by Harry sitting on her step. He turns aroud and smiles at her. "Took you damn long enough." Debra rolls her eyes and walks down the steps. Debra doesn't see either one of Harry's cars but she does see a motorcycle. 

"I hope that isn't how were getting there." Debra points at the motorcycle in disgust. "Wow, no hello Harry, how are you?" Harry teases as he passes her a motorcycle helmet. Debra looks at it and then at Harry. "I'm not riding a motorcycle Styles. I don't even know if you can ride properly." Harry lets out a scoff before climbing onto his bike. "I've been riding since I was 11 now get on miss grumpy." Debra sighs in defeat as she climbs onto the motorcycle and wraps her arm around Harry's torso. "You may wanna hold on tighter than that. " 

Harry pulls off and Debra instantly tightens her grip on Harry.Debra could feel the vibrations of Harry laughing and she just layed her head on his back. She was petrified at the speed they were going and kept her eyes squeezed shut for their journey. 

The bike comes to a hault but Debra doesn't loosen her grip on Harry. "Debra we're here. You can stop squeezing me now." Harry laughs amusedly at Debra and she slowly gets off the bike. She removes the helmet and Harry laughs some more at her. "You can open your eyes too ya know." 

"Debra takes a peak before fully opening her eyes at the beautiful house infront of her. "Oh my god this is beautiful. And it's yours?" "Yup, got it for my 18th birthday." 

Debra walks towards the gorgeous beach house. It was a beautiful cream color . It looked older but still large and gorgeous. 

Harry jogs to meet Debra in front of the door and opens it. The inside was even more beautiful. There was a staircase on the left near the entrance. The living room had a laid back vibe to it and she walks into the kitchen. The whole back wall was made of glass and she saw a door where you could exit and go straight to the beach. She stares out at the beautiful area and feels Harry wrap his arms around her waist from behind.

"Why don't you head out there and I' ll fetch us some dtinks." Harry opens the doors and kisses Debra's cheek. She slowly walks out, taking off her shoes and squirms her toes around to feel the sand. She walks closer to the water and plops down on the sand. She closes her eyes and listens to the calming sound of the sea. 

"Sex on the beach?" Debra's eyes snaps open at Harry's voice and she shakes her head."What?" Harry places a drink in Debra hands and smiles at her. "Sex on the beach is the name of the drink, but if you wanna go down that road..." Debra smacks Harry's shoulder and he begins laughing. Debra takes a sip of the drink and places it on the sand. "It's ok I guess, it's really sweet." "You know what else is sweet? The water." Debra laughs at Harry's lame way of trying to get her in to the water. "That was completely and utterly horrible." "Oh yeah?" 

Harry scoops Debra up and walks towards the water. "Oh god no Harry, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Harry just laughs  and walks deeper into the water. "At least let me take my shirt and shorts off! " Debra squeals as Harry drops her into the salty water. "Too late." Debra stands and glares at Harry. She tackles him into the water. Harry just laughs his  angel laugh of his. 

"You're so going to pay for that." Debra sticks out her tongue  and begins running away from Harry. He grabs her by her waist and she giggles as he spins her around and drops her back into the salty ocean.

They spent an hour joking around in the water before they decided to get out. "I hate you Styles, now my clothes are soaking wet." Debra glares at Harry and he pokes her cheek. "You can borrow some of my clothes, don't be dramatic." Debra peels off the top and her shorts and flings them at Harry. "Dry them you filthy peasant." 

Harry's eyes rake down Debra's body before picking her up. He carries her inside the house and sets her on the counter top. "I'll be back." Harry disappears with Debra's clothes and she starts swinging her legs back and forth. "Back." Harry tosses her a towel and one of his shirts. "Put that on, we are going to get some lunch." Debra drys herself off and pulls on the shirt. " Won't I need pants?" Harry just looks at her and laughs. "I know the owners, I think they'll let you in. Besides the shirt looks like a dress on you. " 

Debra slips on her flip flops and Harry grabs her hand. "So where are we going?" "This great little restaurant in town a bit. You'll love it."Debra nods as they exit the expensive beach house. 

"We aren't taking the motorcycle are we?" Harry laughs at Debra's expense and pulls her in for a hug. "Awww little Debby Webby is scared of the motorcycle." He rustles her hair and she pulls from his embrace . "Shut up you dick." "And no, we won't be taking the big scary motercycle, it's not too far of a walk." "It could be even shorter if you carry me." Debra juts out her bottom lip and widens her eyes . "Ah get on you American con-artist." Harry stoops down and Debra happily climbs on his back. She rests her chin on his head and he grips her thighs. 

After three miles of walking in the warm sun, Harry sets Debra down in front of the restaurant. "I thought you said it was small? This looks pretty fancy Harry. I need pants." "I told you I know the owners now stop yapping about everything. "

Harry walks into the restaurant, dragging Debra along with him. "Momma Malik!" Harry releases Debra to hug the short woman standing in front of him. He proceedes the hug by giving the woman a kiss on each cheek. "Oh hello Harry, who is your friend?" "This is Debra. Say hi Debra." Debra glares at Harry's teasing and waves at the woman, saying a small hello. 

Debra studies the woman's features. If she didn't know any better she could have sworn that she was related to- "Zayn, get out here lardka, we have more customers." Zayn comes strutting around the corner, smiling when he sees Debra and Harry standing. "Did Harry blackmail you to go out with him again?" Debra laughs as Harry flicks Zayn off. "Right this way." 

Zayn leads the two to the back of the restaurant. People are giving Debra odd stares because of her attire but she just shrugs them off. "Can I start you both off with something to drink?" Debra looks at the menu pointing to a strange drink name. "What's this?" "That is Lemon Ka Sharbat, it's kind of like lemon soda water." "I'll take that then." Harry closes the menu and looks at Zayn. "You already know I always get a raspberry lemonade dude, don't bring me back any of that shit I can't pronounce." Zayn cracks a smile at Harry and disappears to get their drinks. 

"What's up with Zayn? Why does he work at so many places if his family owns this restaurant?" "He only works here one day out of the week to help is parents out. As you can imagine, that doesn't pay much; his family has just enough money to get by. And Oxford is fucking expensive." "He goes to Oxford too?" Harry nods his head before smoothing his hair back. "He's going into his second year like me. Speaking of Oxford, when are you going to start moving your stuff in?" Debra shrugs her shoulders at Harry. "I really don't know. Sarah is already packed for Cambridge and I have no clue how I'm supposed to pack my stuff and move in by next Friday." Harry waves his hand at Debra, dismissing her silly thoughts."Ill help you move Monday, I'm going up there to start to unload my stuff that day." Debra smiles shyly at Harry. "Thanks." Zayn returns with the duos drinks and places them infront of them." Now what would you two like to eat?" Debra looks over the menu quickly and points at the first sandwich sees. "Can I have the Italian sub please?" Zayn scribbles in his notepad before looking at Harry. "Bring me the same, I'll try something different this time." Zayn scribbles in his notepad before smiling and walking away. 

Debra and Harry spend the next 45 mintues chatting away, mostly about Oxford and how nervous Debra was to start going there. Zayn finally brings Harry the check and Harry pays for it, leaving a heavy tip for Zayn. "Well I guess I'll see you two at the party tonight." Debra looks confused at the mention of a party. "You surely will, come on Debs." Once the two make it out of the restaurant Debra begins to question Harry about the party. 

"What party is Zayn talking about?" Harry sighs and takes Debra's hands in his. "Don't be mad but I sort of told Louis that we'd be going to his party tonight." Harry watches Debra waiting for a reaction out of her. She was actually relived that he planned on bringing her along to this party. "You better hurry up Styles because I need time to do my party hair." 
"Ok Debra stay close to me the entire night, there are a lot of perves and weirdos at Louis' parties." Debra nods her head annoyingly at Harry. He had been giving her more and more instructions the closer they got to the door."Ok, let's do this then." Harry seemed almost nervous as he opened the door to the already booming party. Harry gripped Debra's hand  as they walked into the house. Debra held one of her ears from the loud, obnoxious party music. Debra looks around at the familiar scene; people getting drunk of their asses and acting like complete and utter idiots. 

"Harry my main man." Louis comes stumbling towards and hugs Harry. Harry steadies himself along with Louis and shakes his head. "It's only nine thirty Louis and you're already pissed drunk?" Louis whispers something into Harry's ear and Harry nods his head. "Hey Debra why don't you get yourself a drink and I'll be right back." Debra walks over to the drink table and looks for a nonalcoholic beverage. She spots a few water bottles  and grabs one. Taking a sip of it she immediately spits it out. Who on earth puts vodka in water bottles she thinks to herself. As she's placing the bottle back on the counter, someone bumps into her , causing her to collide with the persons cup. "Shit." Debra looks down at her ruined top and to the drunk guy who thinks it's just so amusing. 

Groaning,she walks out the house and sits on the top step. "God I hate parties sometimes." "Me too." Debra clutches her chest at Zayn's now noticed presence. "You scared the shit out of me Zayn." 

He is leaning against the wall of the house with a cigarette in his hand. She watches in awe as he brings the cigarette to his lips and inhales the poison. He looks at her and holds his cigarette out. "You want a smoke?" Debra shakes her head and Zayn just places the cigarette between his pink plump lips again.

"I never liked parties like this, they're too large and too unsanitary." Debra laughs at Zayn, knowing exactly what he means. 

A large group of people enter the house and Zayn looks at one suspiciously . Getting from his place he grabs the last boy by his shirt before he can enter the party. 

"Looks like you forgot that you are not welcomed around these parts Cal." Zayn jerks the boy away from the door and the boy stumbles backwards. "Fuck off Zayn, don't you have a drink to get or a table to tend to?" Zayn shrugs his shoulders as smiles at the other boy. "It's fine because I sure was tending to your girlfriend last night." Before the last word fully left Zayn's mouth, Cal had already tackled him to the ground, the two boys throwing punches at each other. Debra begins to panic and look around to see anyone sober enough to help break up the fight. 

"Woah what the hell is going on out here !?" Liam pulls Calum off of Zayn effortlessly. Calum begins to thrash around and Liam grunts, throwing him off the porch and onto the grass. "Clearly you have lost your god damn mind Calum, you know fuck well you should not be over at this party." Liam helps Zayn to his feet and Debra notices the bleeding cut right above Zayn's eye. Calum stands up and begins to brush the grass off of his clothes. "What the hell does it matter to you two for? This isn't either one of your house." "Yeah, but it is my house and I don't want no traitors here." Louis comes out from the house, looking a hundred  times more sober than he did some minutes ago. Harry steps out of the house right behind Louis and goes right over to Debra. "Come on Debs, let's get you in the house." " Nah let her stay, I wouldn't mind fucking her." Calum winks at Debra and Debra goes and stands behind Harry, hiding from Calum like a little kid. "You son of a bitch, I should fucking slam your head against these goddamn steps." Calum seems to enjoy the reaction  he got out of Harry but he isn't crazy; Harry can do some pretty violent things when you push him too far. Keeping that in mind Calum backs away and holds his hands up in  a surrender position. "We'll take care of this later, bye fuck ups." Debra peaks out behind Harry and sees Calum slowly walking backwards. "And hopefully I'll see you later too, baby girl." Calum smirks at Debra and she quickly hides back behind Harry, fisting his t shirt in her hands. Honestly her grip and the reminder that she was right behind him was the only thing keeping Harry from running after Calum and kicking the shit out of him. 

"Do you think he's gone?" Louis sighs at Liam like it was the most annoying question he had ever heard in his life. "Fuck no, his little ass is going to be back, probably with some more of his filthy clique. Zayn go find Niall and tell him to get his Irish ass out here. And Liam go find me a fucking cigarette, it's going to be a long god damn night." Debra looked at Louis with confusion as he barked out the orders to the boys. He seemed perfectly fine and sober to her. "And Harry- shit." Louis looked at Harry standing next to Debra, completely forgetting about her presence. "Take Debra home and text me when you drop her off." 

Harry doesn't say a word as he lifts Debra up and walks over to his range rover. A million thoughts are swimming through Debra's mind as she and Harry drive to her home. The two ride in silence which puts Debra more on edge. Harry stops his car a short while when he reaches her house. He pulls the key out if the ignition and sighs. "I'm sorry Debra, I should have never taken you to that party." Harry hangs his head in shame. Debra wasn't upset at Harry, she was just curious on who that boy was. "Who was that guy?" Harry jaw tenses at Debra's question. "Calum." Harry spits  out the lads name like its venom. By the tone in his voice Debra knows not to ask anymore questions about the boy. "Are you going back to the party?" Harry's eyes soften at Debra's question. "Yeah I am." Debra wants to just beg Harry to come upstairs with her but she knows that it's no use. "Just be careful ok?" Harry's heart swells at her concern about his safety. "I promise I will. I will even text you when I make it in my house." Harry smiles at Debra and Debra grins back at him. "Do you want me to walk you to your door?" Debra shakes her head and Harry looks a little disappointed as Debra begins to leave his car. 

She closes the door and takes a few steps before turning back around to the car. Harry looks at her confused be for she opens the passenger door again. "Sorry I forgot something." Debra leans in and gives Harry a kiss on his lips. He smiles at Debra and pulls his lip inbetween his teeth. "Night Harry." "Night Debs." 

Debra makes it in her House when she hears the unmistaken sound of Harry's car driving off. She makes her way to her room and changes into her night clothes. Around midnight her phone buzzes, temporarily pulling her from her slumber. "Harry 💕 🐘: Made it home Debs, night sweetie xx." Debra smiles as she locks her phone and slips it under her pillow.

Little did Debra know that Harry was just beginning his night with the boys. A night that ended with him bashing Calum's head against a trash can in an alley. 

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