Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


2. Brunch Parties

"Debra Montez, get your rear in gear!" Debra groans at her mom as she pulls the window curtain open. "We're due at brunch in less than an hour." Debra throws the pillow over her face to muffle her scream. She didn't feel like going to another stuffy party with her dad's stuffy old rich friends and their way too young wives. 

"Up young lady. Maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you stayed home and helped us unpack last night." Mrs.Montez rips the blankets and pillow from Debra's body. "Up now or we'll make you clean Benny's cage." Debra shoots up at this. "Fine. I'm up." 

She stalks into the over sized bathroom and gets ready. She unpacks all of her bath stuff and places them on the counter. "Hurry up Debs!" "I'm coming Sarah." For gods sake, can't anyone get ready in peace anymore? She  pulls her hair back into a pony tail and leaves the bathroom. "Lets go, mom and dad are freaking." Debra follows her sister out of the new house and sighs when she enters the car. 

"Now girls, there's going to be a lot of influential people here so best behavior." Mrs.Montez shoots Debra a look and she rolls her eyes. "And that means no drinks for you Debra. Also, there's a boy I want you to keep your eye on." Debra lets out a strangled 'Mom'. "Now don't mom me, his name is Harry Styles. He's a-" "Mom," Debra cuts her mother off. "I'm not looking for a boyfriend.." It's now Mrs.Montez turn to roll her eyes. "I never said I wanted you two to date. All I'm saying is he's a lovely young man and his family is one of the wealthiest  in all of London. So, if he offers you a drink you ask for water, if he asks to take a stroll you say yes, if he asks you to dance you say yes if-" "He asks me to jump off a bridge I will say yes." Mr.Montez chuckles at his daughter and his wife slaps him on his shoulder. "Just behave yourself alright?" 

Debra sighs and steps out of the vehicle and into the swanky mansion. She hears her mother saying hello to her million dollar friends and Debra just walks over to the bar area. "One water please." She sits down on the stool and observes the party. She wondered which one of the teenage blokes could be this Styles kid. "Hey ma'am, is this seat taken." No it couldn't be. She spins around in her bar stool and gasps. 

It's her partner in crime Niall Horan. 

"Oh my god Niall what Are you doing here?" She lifts off her seat and crushed the Irishmen in a hug. She and Niall were best friends every since they were  in sixth grade. But sadly when they reached ninth grade he had to move back to Ireland to 'get his act together.'

 "Didn't ya here? I live here in London now." "Shut up Ni, why didn't you tell me?" Niall shrugs his shoulders, "Wanted to surprise ya." Niall orders a drink and the two begin to talk. 

"Which one of these people is Harry Styles." Niall scans the room and shrugs his shoulders. "Don't see him, must've went to the loo or something." A much deeper voice answers this time. "Or went to grab himself a drink." Debra and Niall whip their heads around and Debra's mouth falls open. No way is it the guy from the other night. "Ahhhh here's the dick." Niall puts Harry in a head lock and begins ruffling his hair. The boys laugh together and Debra sits in her place uneasy. "Oh god I'm rude. Harry this is-." "Debs!" Debra winces as Harry walks over and places a kiss on her cheek. Niall looks at the two confused. "You two know each other ?" Harry smirks. "I forgot how we met. Oh wait it's coming to me now." Harry looks at Debra and her cheeks begin to heat up. "Excuse me boys I have something to do." 

Debra walks over to the table where her mom and her friends are sitting. "Hi mom." Debra sits next to her mother and her mom starts introducing her to people."And this is Anne Styles!" Debra reaches over the table to shake the woman's hand. "Nice to meet you love." Debra smiles and study's Anne's face. Well she knew good looks ran in the Styles family now. The women begin chattering and Debra just keeps silent. 

"Hello ladies." Debra turns around and shit, of course it was Harry. "Hello Harry darling." Harry gives each of the women kisses on the cheeks and rests his hand on Debra's shoulder. "Mind if I steal Debra for a dance." The ladies smile and Mrs.Montez speaks up."Not at all. Won't you like to dance with Harry darling?" Mrs.Montez smiles tightly at her daughter and Debra knows its not a question. She politely excuses herself from the table and follows Harry to the dance floor. 

She wraps her hands around his neck and he does the same but around her waist. They dance silently to the soft elegant music and Harry laughs. "Last night I couldn't get you to stay silent but now you won't make a peep." Harry pulls Debra closer and she places her hands on his chest. "Not here Styles." She creates another gap between them and continues to dance. "Then when love?" Harry moves his hands to Debra's bum and gives it a squeeze. "Stop being so damn, what do you British people say? Cheeky?." Harry bites his lip and Debra removes his hands from her bum. "I like to see this side of you. You're so cute and innocent." Debra lets out a snort. "Yeah well I don't like guys groping me in public." "That is not what you were saying last night babe. If I do remember you were begging for me to touch you somewhere, anywhere."
That damn smugness is back and Debra slowly pulls away from Harry. "You know what Styles, fuck you." "You already did that love remember?" Debra lets out a frustrated huff and Harry just chuckles and kisses her hand. "Stay away from me Styles." Debra turns but Harry snakes his arm around her waist and walks her back to the table. 

"Here she is ladies. Lovely dance Debra." Debra's mom beams at Debra and Debra just nods her head. "I would like to take you out sometime if that's all right." Debra widens her eyes and looks at Harry. That little fucker knew exactly what he was doing. "That's lovely Harry darling!" Mrs.Montez was clapping her hands. "What about tomorrow at around eight?" "But Mom-" Mrs.Montez shoot Debra a look and she sighs."Sounds perfect, see you then Debs" He leans down and kisses her cheek. All the ladies coo at the two but Debra was just feeling sick. 

She suddenly felt like jumping off the London eye. 

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