Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


13. Am I more than you bargained for yet

"God damn, who is knocking on the door at ten in the morning on a fucking Saturday?" Debra pulls her blanket over her head as Elizabeth begins to use very vivid language to express her mood. Stomping over to the door she opens it and slams it shut almost immediately. Debra hears a drawn out 'hey' come from outside and she takes the blanket from off of her head. "Let him in Liz." Elizabeth groans like it was the single hardest task Debra could have asked her. Elizabeth opens the door to Harry jutting out his bottom lip and his bright eyes wide. "Aren't you just a ray of sunshine in the morning Elizabeth." Elizabeth rolls her eyes and pulls her hair back in an attempt to tame her wild morning locks. "Fuck off Styles."

Debra sits up in her bed when Harry finally enters the room. "Morning babe." Harry stands in front of Debra's bed and takes in how adorable she is with her hair braided back. He recognizes the red shirt she has on as the same one he let her wear when they spent the day at his beach house.

"Earth to Harry." Debra giggles as she waves her hands in front of Harry's face. He catches her hand in his larger one and places a kiss on her pointer finger before beginning to rub it over his bottom lip. "I just came over to see if you wanted to come to a party tonight that's celebrating our victory from last night ." Debra only catches bit of the sentence because Harrys still running her finger over his soft lip and it's very distracting. "Uh yeah,sure. I would love to go." Harry grins at Debra because he knows exactly what he's doing to her. "Great, I want you to wear this." Harry gives Debra a jersey and she holds it up to see the number 23 and S-T-Y-L-E-S written on the back. "Everyone on the team is giving their jersey to a special someone." Debra pulls Harry down to peck him on his lips, fully aware she could have morning breath.

"Wow, its a shame that there isn't a thing that was invented so you can talk to a person from a far distance to save unnecessary trips. Oh wait! There is." Harry turns around and throws something at Elizabeth but she catches it before it hits her face. She holds up the Jersey that has the number 19 along with L-A-H-E-Y written on the back and begins to grin. "Wow she can actually smile!" Elizabeth tries to put back on her grimace but fails and hides her giddy face in the jersey. "I recon you don't have one of those jerseys for me do you?" Harry shakes his head at Ariana and she sighs. "You're more than welcome to come though, it's open to everyone." Ariana smiles warmly like the princess she is and falls back on her bed.

"See you three at eight tonight." Harry gives Debra one last kiss, Ariana a smile, and Elizabeth a middle finger, which she has no problem returning. When Harry closes the door Elizabeth begins to grin again. "Next time, let your boyfriend know that I will rip his head off if he comes here before noon ever again." Debra laughs along with Ariana at Elizabeth's threat . "He's not my boyfriend anyways. " Ariana and Elizabeth stop laughing at this and stare at Debra with disbelieving eyes. "What?" "We're not dating. At least I don't think we are. We've never really discussed it. I mean it would be nice if we stated dating though. Cause I mean we kind of are now. I mean we sort of act like it." Debra continues to ramble on but stops when Elizabeth and Ariana are still in their shocked states.

"I'm gonna go take a shower and head down to the cafeteria." Debra mumbles her words before she grabs a fresh pair of clothes as well as her toiletries and she leaves the now awkward dorm. She slides down the door and sighs. Holding up the jersey, she begins to smile as she traces over each letter on the back with her fingers.

"I thought I reconized that pretty face." Debra lifts her head to see Calum coming out the room next to hers. Her skin crawls as she remembers him from the party. What the hell was he doing coming from that room? Does he live here now? Debra rids all of her flooding thoughts; he's probably just knows someone in that room and is visiting them. Yeah that's it.

Calum's eyes flicker down to the jersey Debra is still clutching. He easily recognizes the number 23 as Harry's number and he lets out a disapproving tsk. "I see you still have been hanging out with that dick Styles." Debra stops playing with the jersey to shoot him a glare. "Yes I have, and I don't think you know me well enough to be getting into my fucking business." Calum laughs at how defensive Debra sounds at the moment. "Easy killer, I just didn't realize you would stick around with him after all of his shit." Debra leans back against the door, careful not to bang her head in the process. "Well he hasn't really done anything bad to drive me away."

Calum gets this mincing smile on his face like Debra has just told him all the secrets of the world. "Oh god, you have no clue do you? This is rich! Richer than Styles! I can't believe he has kept it hidden for this long." Debra hates herself for looking confused but she can't help it. Calum is making her feel like the dumbest person on Earth right now.

"What are you going on about?" Calum drums his fingers against his chin while thinking of a way to hint some information to the beauty sitting in front of him. "Let me ask you a question..." "Debra." " Debra, right, let me ask you a question." Calum slowly walks to the wall opposite of Debra and sits down against it. "Have you ever thought that Styles could be hiding something?" Debra rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Really? No type of suspicious behavior. What about violent behavior?" Debra's mind suddenly flashes back to the few times she's seen Harry violent but she quickly brushes them from her memory. He had reasons to be violent in those incidents.

"Look sweetheart, I'm just warning you that your boyfriend may have more demon in him then angel." Calum leans his head against the wall in the way that Debra is. "And how do you know this? Why should I even be listening to you?"

Calum runs his tongue over his teeth before giving Debra a half smile . "Me and Harry may seem like polar opposites but we do have a few things in common. And trust me, I have seen your boyfriend do some pretty fucked up things, the type of things that could have sent him to his death bed."

Calum's eyes bore right into Debra's and she turns her head to the side to break the intense stare. "He's not my boyfriend." Debra whispers it, knowing Calum would still hear but, hopefully he wouldn't comment on it. "I kind of figured that. Well sweetheart, look at as a perk; it makes it easier to escape before he pulls you under." Debra wanted to ask him what he meant by 'getting pulled under' but Calum stands up, promising her that he will see her again soon.

But almost 12 hours later walking towards the address Harry had sent her, she still could not shake what Calum told her. She walked around dazed and when anyone would call her out on it, she would just claim she had a massive headache.

"Hey Debby." Debra looks over to a concerned looking Ariana. "Relax, it's a party, you're supposed to have fun." Ariana grabs Debra's and Elizabeth's hands and begins to run full speed towards the house."Let go of me you crazy hoe." Elizabeth words are harsh but her tone is playful as her whimsical best friend pulls them through the dark night.

"See, we got here ten seconds faster because we ran. Running does the body good." Debra as well as the two other girls, begin to adjust themselves before they enter what looks like a frat house. Elizabeth rolls her eyes when Debra knocks on the door and she barges in the already lively party. The music was so loud and bass filled that Debra could swear the walls were vibrating. Debra is always awkward at parties but clearly Elizabeth isn't as she takes a drink straight from someone's hand. "Thanks for the drink cutie." Elizabeth winks at the guy before going over to sit on the couch. She looks over to the girls as if asking them what are they waiting for. "I'm going to see if I can get us some drinks." Ariana smiles before Debra disappears to fulfill her quest.

But it was no easy task as everyone made it their job to make any empty space their own personal dance floor. Debra elbows and pushes her way through the sea of people until she finally makes it to the kitchen. And god behold that sitting on the countertop were various drinks. She wonders which one she should get for Ariana until she finally decides on a fruity drink that looks like Ariana's personality in a bottle. She reaches for a coke for herself but puts it back when she thinks she should let loose tonight. Her hand roams over the drinks, placing each one back down after she picks it up.

"Having a hard time choosing?" Debra jumps slightly as two arms are brought around her waist. "I think you should try this." Harry reaches across the countertop and takes a can of beer between his pointer and middle finger. Debra shakes her head and turns around, taking the drink from his two slender fingers. "You're a proper show off, you know that Styles?" Harry only grins and lets his eyes trail down Debra's body. "And you look absolutely gorgeous as always." Harry lifts Debra up a bit and sits her on the counter. Debra holds her drink away from her and glares playfully at Harry. "You're gonna make me ruin your jersey." She sits the drink on the countertop and takes Harry SnapBack from him, placing it backwards on her head. "That's alright love, I have about ten more." Harry brings his lips right next to Debra's ear as if he was about to tell her a secret."Plus I've gotten myself off multiple times today with the thought of you in it."

Debra buries her head in Harry's broad shoulder to hide her warm cheeks. Harry backs away so he can see Debra's red cheeks and he begins to laugh at her. "Oh shut up and come here." Debra pulls Harry closer and wraps her arms around his shoulders, bringing him in for a kiss. Harry places his hands on Debra's waist and squeezes when Debra tugs on his hair. Parting his lips slowly, Debra slides her tongue into Harry's mouth and tastes a cherry flavor residing on his tongue. Debra bites Harry's bottom lip before she breaks away and rests her forehead on his. Debra removes her arms from around Harry's shoulders and slowly lets her hands roam down his back. Stopping when she gets to his butt, she puts her hands in his back pockets of his jeans and gives each cheek a squeeze. Harry lets out a laugh at Debra's actions. "You're a proper show off, you know that Montez?" Harry is about to kiss Debra again but he hears the worlds most annoying voice.

"Excuse me, I really wouldn't like come in any of the drinks." Harry closes his eyes in frustration as Debra breaks away from him. Calum is leaning against the opposite counter top with Luke, Michael and Ashton. Ashton can't help but smile when Debra gets herself off the counter to give him a hug. "I haven't seen you in a while Ash." She proceeds to give Michael a hug and much to Harry's dismay, Luke one too. Harry rolls his eyes when he sees his face slowly become red.

Debra walks back over to Harry and wraps her arm around Harry's waist. Leaning her head against his chest, she feels how his heart rate slowly begins to decrease. She kisses his clenched jaw and he slowly wraps his arms around her torso.

"Aw babe no hug for me? Not even after the advice I gave you in the hall today?" Harry narrows his eyes at Calum. "What the hell do you mean after the advice you have her in the hallway?" Debra rubs on Harry's hip to try to get him to calm down; his heart beat is rapidly increasing with every passing second. "Nothing mate just asked her if she wanted to come next door and fuck. She looked pretty hot, reds her color." "You know damn well that isn't what happened. Come on Harry, he's just trying to provoke you."

Harry was way passed provoked though. All he could see is Calum touching Debra everywhere in the hallway. He imagines his hand sliding up her legs and he can almost hear her moans. He blinks back the image and de-tangles himself from Debra. "Watch your damn mouth." Calum smirks at Harry and begins making sexual motions with his tongue to Debra. That's when Harry lunges for him but Luke and Michael grab Harry by his arms and push him away from Calum. Harry makes a painful face as the two boys twist his arms behind his back." Ashton, would you be ever so kind to close that door? This could get messy." Ashton looks uneasy as he closes the kitchen door. "And lock it." Ashton clicks the lock with a sigh and Harry is still struggling to break from Luke and Michael.

"Oh Harry, you may have gotten me after the party last time but this time I've got you." Calum makes a fist and punches Harry right in his stomach.Harry winces and leans forward but Calum just delivers a punch to his face. Debra lets out a choked scream and jumps on Calum's back, pounding on it with all her might. "God Ashton, get her off of me." Ashton walks over to a hysterical Debra and gently pulls her off of Calum. He wraps his arms around her waist and tucks her head under his chin. "Shhhhh sunshine." Debra closes her eyes and begins heavily crying when she hears each punch Calum delivers. "Your little boyfriend isn't so indestructible now is he? Remember what I told you earlier? Here's another perk." When Debra opens her eyes, Luke and Michael aren't even holding Harry anymore. Calum is just kicking the shit out of him as he lays half conscious on the ground. "When I'm through with this prick, you won't be known as 'the dead guy's girlfriend'."

Harry lets out a groan as Calum does another powerful kick to his stomach. "Look at the form of that kick I just delivered, maybe I can be on the football team." Debra covers her mouth as she sees the blood pouring from Harry's nose. " Let's take him down to the basement to finish this. Ashton, stay up here and clean up all this blood and shit. I don't feel like being arrested tonight." Michael and Luke pick Harry up and open some door further off in the kitchen that leads down stairs. Once the four boys are gone Ashton takes Debra by her shoulders and begins to squeeze them. "Listen to me sunshine, I need you to go out there and find Lou, Zayn, Liam, or Niall ok? You need to tell them it's an emergency and for them to hurry up." Debra nods her head and runs out the kitchen into the party.

Debra weaves in and out of people again trying to find one of the designated boys. The music is pounding and when she looks over to the couch she finds Ariana talking to some guy. She looks through the mass of people but she only sees drunken teenagers grinding on each other. Moving further in the crowd that has doubled since she arrived, she cries out when she sees Zayn standing by the door talking to a pretty blonde. Stumbling over to him she tugs on his leather jacket sleeve to get his attention. Zayn is all smiles until he sees Debra ready to break down in tears. "God Debra, are you ok?" He shrugs the blonde off as he cups Debra's face in his hands. "No, C-Calum has Har-ry and he's gonna kill 'im Zayn." Zayn clenches his jaw with the information Debra gives him and he let's go of her face. "Not tonight he isn't. Where do they have him?" Zayn is already taken out his cell phone to dial someone. "The basement, Michael and Luke are with them." "Damn it." Zayn presses end on his one call. " They're not answeri- there's the idiots." Debra whips her head around to see Niall and Liam talking to each other.

Zayn and Debra quickly approach the slightly intoxicated boys."Niall, we have a problem." Niall rolls his eyes and takes a sip from his drink. "Just because a girl won't shag you doesn't mean it's a problem for me." Zayn smacks the drink out of the Irish boy's hands. "The Aussies are currently trying to murder Harry as we speak. So if you wouldn't mind, could you please stop acting like a fucking drunk and god damn help me." Niall notices Debra tear stained cheeks and he becomes aware that this is serious. "Shit, man lets move." Debra begins to follow but Zayn senses her and turns around to stop her. "Stay right here, I fucking mean it Debra. Don't. Move." Debra sighs but nods and Zayn kisses her forehead and begins to move with the rest of the boys.

Once Zayn closes the kitchen door Debra watches the clock and after two minutes, she creeps into the kitchen. Slowly and cautiously she begins to open the cabinets looking for anything to defend herself with. Settling for a small but very sharp knife, she makes her way to the basement door. Taking a deep breath she yanks the door open only to be greeted by darkness and muffled sounds. Slowly making her way down stairs she feels along the wall looking for a light switch. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she finally finds one.Flicking it up, she gasps to see Liam, Zayn, and Niall tied up on the floor. Harry lies there making quite groaning noises.

"Debra look behi-" Debra feels someone choke her from behind with their arm. She fumbles backwards and drops her only means of protection on the floor. "Ah I knew you were too loyal not to come down here and try to save your precious little boys." Calum drags Debra to where Harry lies sprawled out. "Look at him, he's a pathetic excuse for a human being. He took one of our owns life,so now we're going to take his life." Debra eyes begin to fill with tears again as she sees Harry helplessly roll over on his side."Who knows, maybe I'll kill the rest too. I mean everyone is so conveniently here. "

"Oh Calum, how could you forget about me though? I'm actually quite offended." Calum slowly turns around to see Louis making his way down the stairs like a graceful angel. "And if I wouldn't have seen Debra sneaking in the kitchen I would have never found this golden opportunity to kick your ass. So thank you Debra. Now let her go." Calum pouts and reaches for something in his back pocket. Debra shivers as the cold metal barrel presses against her temple. "And what if I don't wanna let her go? I mean she is a gorgeous girl." Debra tries to move away as Calum places a kiss on the side of her head.

Louis lets out a tsk sound and pulls out a gun of his own. "Well Calum I guess I'm gonna have to just shoot you and your accomplices over there. And we both know I'm pretty handy with a gun." Calum presses the gun deeper into Debra's temple and tightens his arm around her neck. "I said let her fucking go." The words leave through Louis' gritted teeth like venom and he has his finger on the trigger.Debra gasps as Calum digs the gun even further into her head. "Still not budging huh?" Louis pulls out another similar gun and points in the direction of Michael and Luke. "Just looks like its gonna be one big Australian blood bath." Calum drops Debra from his hold when it looks like Louis isn't fucking around.

"And fucking put your gun down before I splatter your brain all over these walls." Accepting defeat Calum slides his gun across the floor and Louis stops it under his feet. "I want you and your good for nothing trash friends to get the fuck out of this house before I call the god damn police. I'm sure Harry's current medical state is more than enough proof to send all three of your asses to jail."

Calum and Louis stare at each other for a moment. Neither one of them so much as blinking. Each one wanted to hold their ground but Louis didn't have an inch of patience tonight . "You may want to hurry up, my pointer finger is known to have spasms quite frequently." Louis tilts his head to the side and gives the boy a sarcastic sugary smile.

"Whatever, let's get going mates." Michael and Luke follow closely behind Calum and Louis' gun follows them as they begin to ascend the stairs. "This isn't -." "Over blah blah yeah yeah get your fucking asses out of here." Once Louis is sure the boys are gone, He places each gun on the side of his hips and rushes over to where Debra is still lying on the floor. "You ok love?" Debra nods her head and begins to rub at her neck. "Get the knife and cut the boys free."

Lou follows Debra's orders and she rushes over to where Harry is lying on the floor, "Harry, Harry baby. You still with me?" Harry doesn't open his eye but he nods his head. "I am but everything hurts like a bitch. Maybe a kiss would make it better." Harry's dimples appears as his strained statement is said. Even at his worst Harry is the best. Debra carefully takes Harry's head in her hands and kisses his face all over. She licks the blood off of her lips and kisses him on his lips. He winces and she pulls back. "Sorry." Harry tries to laugh but he just ends up coughing up blood on Debra's,his,jersey. "Sorry." Debra shakes her head as the tears begin to brim over her eyes. "It's fine, I'll just take one of the other ten jerseys."

Harry opens his eyes at Debra and gives her a smile. Even with the blood and bruises and cuts on his face, Harry is still one of the most beautiful people Debra has ever seen.

"I love you." Debra stops running thumbs over Harry's cheeks when he says this. She shakes her head and places her finger over his lips to stop him from saying anything else."Harry, you don't love me. You just think you do because of the large sums of blood you're loosing."Harry tries to shake his head but he ends up groaning from the pain. "I know I've only known you for a little while but I love you Debra Montez. I swear I really do." Debra begins crying harder when Harry says this. With his head still in her hands she pecks him on his lips repeatedly. "I love you. I love you Harry Styles." And Debra means it, because in this moment she would give anything for Harry to be ok. Harry smiles grows at her words. It's nice for someone to reciprocate the same kind of love. Harry's eyes begin to droop and his body goes limp in her arms. Debra begins to panic but she sees his chest moving and that's all that matters.

The boys are watching the scene with sad eyes. Debra is clutching Harry in her arms as she lets out broken cries. It hurt her to see him hurt. "Let me see him Debs." Liam easily picks up Harry's lanky body from her shaking arms. Zayn begins to check his pulse and Niall is cleaning up his face with a wet rag Ashton brings in.

"He's gonna be fine love. I promise." Debra turns her head around at Louis. "What the fuck is all of this Louis? What is all of this shit? I want answers, an explanation, something." Louis takes out a cigarette and begins to pat his pockets down for a lighter. "Really I don't think I'm the one who should tell you. Especially not right now." "Cut the shit Lou, and just tell me." Louis shakes his head and pulls out a blue lighter. Debra sits waiting for Louis to say something as he lights his cigarette. His body noticebaly relaxes with his first intake of the poison. Blowing it up in the air he looks down at Debra.

"Shit." Louis and Debra look over to where the boys are crowded around Harry. The boys are all wearing horrified expressions as they look at Louis and Debra.

"Call an ambulance, Harrys stopped breathing ."

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