My name is Harriet Potter. The year is 1912. You can guess what the main topic for conversation here is. I'm a lower class orphan, however, I've lived with this really rich family for as long as I can remember. That was before. Now, I spend my days in hiding...


1. Days Drag

Ever since I was a little girl, I've lived at Herba Manor. All I know about me past is that me parents were killed by a fatal disease. They have found cures for it now though. Ever since then, Lord and Lady Herba took me into their home. They are the most rich and fine people I have ever met. They are distant relatives of some sort, though I don't know how as my parents were farm labourers. Although they have been kind to an orphan like me, I could have a better life.


As the Manor House looks over Farmer Boyel's farm, Lady Herba is in charge of hirin' female labour. Of course, unless your steerage, a woman wouldn't work on a farm. Accordin' to her though, anyone who is below her, is steerage. Therefore, no-one wants to work for her. So that's where I come in.


I have to wear the dirtiest, most disease ridden, holey, brown, little workin' dress, stiff, black, holey boots and I sleep in the freezin' attic. At least I get to have meals with them so I never go hungry. And at least I get to sleep in the house instead of one of the cottages on the farm like all of the other farm labourers. However, they could at least give me one of their spare rooms. In addition, I have the earliest start out of everyone (and I'm only 12 years old!) as I have to do extra house work as well. However, I'm happy.


I may not have much but I reckon I've got a pretty good life compared to most people. Yes I have to get up the earliest but that's only because I do get quite a lot of free time in between me duties and I get a good education. I think the word is that I am content.


Right now though, the church bells are ringin' in me ears. 5. Of course there's 5. It's time to get up. I always have the same dilemma every mornin'. I'm nice and snugly in me blankets, however, as soon as I pull me patchy covers off, I'm freezin'! In addition, I know that once I get dressed, I'll warm up. It's just that bit in between. Stuff it; I'll just get up now.


I love steppin' outside and breathin' in fresh, country air! I walk over to one of the tool sheds and collect a pitch fork and start shovelin' hay into a wheelbarrow. I like startin' work before everyone else because it gives me time to think. All of the workers on this farm, includin' Farmer Boyel himself, are really nice and friendly. I really meant it before when I said I was happy. They're all so kind. Especially me friend Billy.


He's Farmer Boyel's son and the same age as me. (well, he's 13) We are practically the only two proper children on the farm. He's me best friend! He doesn't wake up for another couple of hours though. Once I've picked up all the hay, I have to then shovel up all the horse dung then rake/sweep the stable's floor. Once I've done that, I can have breakfast. However, right now I'm still shovelin' up the hay and it really hurts your back. I'm glad I've filled up the wheelbarrow now because then I get to stand up straight and take it to the dump in the shed (one of the sheds).


As silly as it may sound, I quite like clearin' up the horse dung because, although you could die from the smell alone, all of the horse's in the stables are so handsome and so magnificent. It's wonderful to stroke their mane's as I take away their waste.

She's me favourite horse. Emily I think. Her white stripe is so beautiful even flies stay away from her. I give her a stroke as I clear way her smelly dung. Now, I've got that all done and dusted, now to sweep her stables. I've never really understood why the stable floor has to be spotless since stable's never were the cleanest of places. Anyway, I've opened the tool shed and the brooms have gone!


There's nothin' to do but to wake Farmer Boyel up and for him to track them down. His cottage is right on the other side of the farm so it's a long trek up there. I've finally reached his door. I can't just walk into his house and then go into his room! So instead, I knock on his bedroom window. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to hear me. Now I'm stuck. There's a thief on this farm and i'ts up to me to get to the bottom of it.


I start walking away, drowned in me own thoughts, when, all of a suddon, someone emerges from the door. Relief floods over me as I see Billy's face; he's still in his night-clothes.







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