Olivia thought that it was just a nightmare....
Little did she know that what she had just witnessed was nothing but the truth....
The truth which has been hidden from her...
To protect her from the devil who threatened her life...

As the truth unfolds, Olivia finds out that she was never even close to being normal...
Yet she was made to believe that she was....

The only question is...
Who she actually is???


2. Nightmare or Reality?


I jolted up on my bed.


What just happened? I thought.


In my entire life I never had any nightmare let alone something as horrible as that. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. Those red eyes were still intact in my mind and that dreadful voice still rang in my ears.


I opened my eyes and looked at the clock; it read 3:00 in the morning. Guess, I won’t be getting any sleep then.


I removed my blanket and climbed down my bed. I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my reflection. My hair was in a mess and I was sweating. I looked carefully at my eyes and I was able to see the fear still fresh of what I had just witnessed. I was completely shaken up and I think that anyone would have been equally terrified if they had been in my shoes.


I took a rubber band and quickly tied my hair into a messy bun.


It was just a nightmare, I thought. It cannot be true.


Even though I knew that it was a nightmare, I couldn’t quite accept it. How can a nightmare feel so real? How can I remember everything so perfectly?


I quickly went to the bathroom and washed my face, hoping to wash away the haunting memories of the nightmare along with it but I was well aware that it was not possible. Those memories cannot be removed no matter how hard I try. They just won’t go away. I quickly switched off the light and went to my desk.


I sat down on my chair. Since I could not sleep, I decided to study for my History’s test which was scheduled to be held tomorrow. I opened my books and started studying. This was the last test of the semester and then goodbye to school life and hello to freshman year.




I heard a sound outside my room. I looked at the clock; it read 05:00 in the morning. Who could have been up at this time? I closed my books very quietly and got up from my chair. I quietly tip-toed to my door and very softly twisted my door-knob.


I opened my door and there stood my brother in front of me. He looked like a little kid who has been busted while doing some mischief and his expressions was priceless.


“What exactly are you doing, Blake?” I asked in a very serious tone while in reality I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.


“I-I.... was....ummm....” He mumbled, not sure of what to say because he knew that he was caught.


“You know that you have got to complete the sentence today itself, right?”


“I..... was... ummm.... saying....”  I raised my eyebrow.


“I was planning to surprise you.” He finally admitted.


“Surprise me? But what I see here doesn’t seem like a surprise. I rather seems like there was going to be a prank being played on me.”


“No.... There is nothing like that.”


“Seriously... You know what a terrible liar you are and still you are lying straight on my face. I know exactly what you had planned. As soon as I would have opened this door, a whole bucket of water would have greeted me. Now, care correct me if I guessed anything wrong.” I said.


“Well, I cannot correct you since you guessed everything exactly the way I had planned it.”He said pouting.


“Olivia!!! Don’t give me that look! It was supposed to be your birthday surprise and you ruined it. I had planned it for weeks.” He complained.


“Huh!! I can never expect any better surprises from you either. They usually suck” I retorted.


“What?” He glared at me.


“Don't look at me like that. Do you remember what you gave me on my last birthday?”


“Ummm... Nope...”


“Oh shut up! You know exactly what I am talking about. You gave me a box as a gift and as soon as I opened it, I was welcomed by a punch straight on my face and my nose swelled like a huge potato.” I snapped at him.


“Well, it was fun. You should have seen your face; it was hilarious.”


“You are impossible. I don’t know why I waste so much time to purchase a proper gift for you?”


“It is because you are my little sweet sister.”


“Yeah, right. “


“Anyways I have another gift for you. It’s a BIRTHDAY HUG!!! Yay!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little sister. You are sixteen now.” He said as he gave me one of those bear hugs where even breathing also becomes difficult.


“Blake.....Can’t....Breathe....” I said as I gasped for air and beat him on his back.


“Sorry I am just too excited.” He said as he released me from his hug.


“A- I turned seventeen today, not sixteen. B- Please sometimes act like my older brother. You know you never look like you are five years older than me.” I said as I walked back to my room and Blake followed me.


“Please tell me that I am dreaming. Please.” He said in a shocked tone.




“You are studying history instead of sleeping. This cannot be real. I am definitely dreaming. Someone please wake me up.”


“Ah! Well. Guess what? Everyone is not is lazy as you, plus I have a history test today. So, stop being so melodramatic.” I said as I started cleaning up my table and my bed.


“So what are your plans for today? Where is the party?”


“Well, firstly I have got a huge history test to give and after that I am planning to visit grandma. If I will have any time left then I might hang out with some friends. So just you know that no matter what, none of my plans involve you in them.”


“Why? I thought that you were throwing a party.” He whined.


“Guess, you thought wrong.”


“You are such a mood spoiler.”


“I already know that. Now, go I have to get ready for school.” I said as I kicked him out of the door. Sometimes he becomes too annoying.


I quickly brushed my teeth, took a bath and picked up the first thing I saw in my wardrobe. I picked up my bag and ran downstairs.


“Good morning, sunshine.” My dad said as he hugged me. “And happy birthday.”


“Thanks dad.” I smiled as I hugged him back. Then we made our way to the kitchen and I was greeted by my mom.


“Look, who is here. Happy birthday, sweetheart.” She said as she placed a kiss on my cheek.


“Thank you mom.” I said as I sat on the table and quickly started eating my breakfast rather I should say started swallowing my food.


“Hey, slow down sister, you are eating your breakfast not taking part in a food eating competition.” My brother said as he looked at me like I was a crazy person.


“Yeah... Whatever..” I mumbled.


“Dad, do you know that this morning I found her studying History?”


“Olivia, please tell me that he is just kidding.” Dad said as he looked at me with a shocked expression.


“I was just studying for my test since I wasn’t able to sleep. What is wrong with you guys?” I said as their stare was making me feel awkward.


“By the way, Blake don’t you think that you should tell dad what exactly you were doing when you saw me studying History?” I smirked at him as he tried to hide himself under the table and my dad raised his eyebrow.


“Umm... I ....was... ummm...” He stammered. Huh! This is what you get brother when you try to mess with me. I thought and smiled with satisfaction as I watch Blake trying to find words to defend him.


“He meant that he came to give me a surprise by being the first one to wish me.” I said as I gave my brother a look which said I am not your little sweet sister anymore.


“Oh! I thought that he again decided to play a prank on you.” My dad said and then went back to read his newspaper.


“I can assure you that he will never even think of playing a prank on me again. Am I right, Blake?” I said as I ate last piece of my meal nd winked at him while he poked his tongue out.


“Mom I am going to school and then I will go to see grandma and grandpa. So, I will be a little late, okay? Bye mom, dad, Blake.” I yelled as I shut the door behind me and jumped in my car and went off to school.



The test went fine and hopefully for the first time in my life I would pass with good grades in History. As the school got over I quickly left the school and went to see my grandparents. I always go to see them on my birthday and to be honest I love their place and its surroundings. They live ten kilometres away from the city in their farm house and once you go there you would never want to leave that place.


“Grandma, open the door. It’s Olivia.” I yelled as I knocked the door.


“Coming child, don’t get so hyper.” My grandma said as she opened the door.


As soon as the door opened I gave her a big hug and smiled as she hugged me back.


“It’s so good to see you.” I said releasing her from my hug.


“I miss you too, sweet cheeks.” She said as she smiled.


“Oh and how could I forget? Happy birthday, Oli. May God always keep you happy and grant you whatever you want.” I love when she calls me Oli.


“Thanks grandma. Where is grandpa?” I said as I walked in the house.


“He went to the farm with his friends to have a walk.”


“Oh.” I replied in a disappointed tone.


“Don’t worry, he will be back soon and till then we have a lot to takl about.” She smiled as she sat on the chair.


We talked about my school, my friends, mom, dad, Blake and when I told her how I almost got him out of the house for trying to prank me, she laughed saying he is too immature for his age. We talked about random things for hours and this is exactly what I like about her, she always used to listen and give me advice, I love the stories that she tells of her childhood.


We were talking about how funny dreams people get when and that’s when the memories from yesterday’s night came flooding back into my mind. I suddenly tensed and I could see that grandma noticed it because she suddenly stopped talking.


“What happened, Olivia?” She asked, gently placing her hand on mine.


“Nothing.” I replied and tried to fake a smile.


“Now don’t lie to me. I know that something is wrong. Tell me.”


I looked at her and hesitated but she encouraged me to speak. So, I took a deep breath and spilled out whatever I had seen in my sleep. When I finally finished I again looked at her and found her looking at me with a very calm expression.


“You think that I have gone crazy, Right? But I promise you grandma that I am telling you the truth and I am pretty sure that it wasn’t just a nightmare because it seems too real.” I said.


“I know that you are not lying, child.” She said calmly.


“I knew it would happen. You were bound to be the one.” She mumbled to herself.


“What do you mean, grandma?” I said as I looked at her. I was sure that she knew what was wrong and she was the only one who could answer all my questions.


“What you saw was no nightmare, dear.” She looked gently at me.


“If it wasn’t a nightmare then what was it?” I whispered unable to find my voice. I knew that the answer of this question won’t be something nice.


“It was a premonition.”

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