A short duologue between Holly and Connor, about how Holly has to come to terms with an accident that devastated her and an accident she can't help but regret.


1. Chapter 1

Lights up on Holly storming on stage followed by Connor walking quickly behind her with a sorrowful look on his face.

Holly You know you don’t have to follow me around like a lost sheep!

She stops and heaves as if going to be sick and Connor rushes towards her.

Holly Connor, stop!

Connor Holly I’m trying to look after you.

Holly Well in case you didn’t realise you are not my dad!

Connor (steps away from her and sits on a bench behind her) I’m sorry, I just hate seeing you like this, you know better than to drink this much.

Holly It’s a party Connor; it’s what you’re supposed to do!

She starts to walk off the way they entered but heaves again. Connor runs over and catches her as her body goes limp then helps her over to the bench where they sit side by side.  

Connor Holl you’ve got to st-

Holly Stop telling me what to do! I can do what I want, when I want.

Connor For god’s sake! I’ve had it with you! Just because you’ve suddenly become miss popularity you think it’s ok to act like a brat!

Holly Me?! You’re the one trying to rule my life!

Connor Rule your life? Can’t you open your eyes for just one second and realise I’m trying to help you?

Holly (Turns away from him and clutches her stomach in agony)

Connor Look at you, getting wasted every weekend to impress all your new ‘mates’.

 Holly Oh, I see, I totally get it now. You’re jealous. You’re acting like a five year old! Grow up Connor! I have other friends, you know, ones who don’t treat me like I’m their daughter.

Connor Don’t be ridiculous! I’m not jealous, it just makes me angry that the sweet innocent, down to earth girl I’ve known all my life has turned into some snappy cow.

Holly Don’t try and guilt trip me, trust me Connor it’s better if you just leave it.

Connor You were never like this before the acciden-

Holly That has nothing to do with this! You know what, you’re right! I have changed. I’ve grown up; maybe you could try it sometime.

She gets up and looks down at him. Then walks away from the bench and sits on the floor.

Connor This isn’t growing up, and if it is, I’m sure as hell doing nothing like it. You just look like a fool.

Holly Who are you to judge anything I do?

Connor I’m me. (He walks towards her and sits by her side) I’m the one who you’ve grown up with; I’m the one who’s gone through everything with you.

Holly Maybe it’s time that changed. You know nothing about me Connor! Stop pretending you’re the only person I’ve got! And don’t presume to tell me that it all kicked off after the accident, you know nothing about it.

Connor I was in it with you!

Holly I know that! But it wasn’t your parents who died in it was it? You’re not the one having nightmares and flashbacks constantly of the day their continuous arguing stopped forever are you? You don’t have to sleep in a bed that’s not yours and never will be do you? No. It all went back to normal for you Connor. You just have a few scars.

Connor Holly...

Holly Maybe I have found new friends, maybe I am just with them so that I can get drunk every weekend, but do I care? No, because when I’m sober I think of them, when I’m drunk I don’t think about anything. It’s a relief. You know your life is pretty messed up when your sober thoughts are too unbearable to live with.

Connor I never meant that it wasn’t the most heartbreaking thing ever. I just meant that your parents wouldn’t have wanted you to drink away the pain Holl. Have you ever thought of counselling maybe?

Holly What? You think a 15 year old wants to sit with some old woman flashing leaflets in her face? You have no idea. Just go away.

Connor (gets up and stands above her) why do you push me away?

Holly I don’t. Just go.

Connor No! I have done nothing wrong! All I’ve ever done is try and help you be happy Holly. Is that not enough?

Holly (Gets up beside him) because I don’t want to be close to anyone! All that ends up as is pain and heart ache. I’m sick of loosing people! My baby sister died in my mum’s arms when she was three days old, and then Lucy, my neighbour, who was like a sister to me, moved away and never came back. My Granddad, the man who basically brought me up got throat cancer and passed away seven months later. My parents, died in a car crash. Why didn’t I die too? Why couldn’t that stupid car have been a few centimetres closer to me?

She breaks down and falls to the floor, Connor drops after her and holds her.

Connor Holly please don’t say that. You’re not alone.

Holly I will be soon. No one stays in my life for long, you’ll leave next.

Connor I’m not going anywhere! You’re going to get through this. It’s just a part of your life now and one day you will make it out the other side.

Holly Connor, there’s something I’m not telling you.

Connor What?

Holly At Alicia’s party a few weeks ago...

Connor What happened?

Holly Well, Cory went and...

Connor And what Holly?

Holly I’m pregnant Connor.

Connor (Speechless. Looks around and then down at Holly who is crying again)

Holly I didn’t mean too! It was an accident!

Connor I know, I know.

Holly Say something!

Connor Like what?

Holly I don’t know.

Connor Does he know?

Holly God no! He won’t want to. I don’t want this baby Connor, I’ve not got my own life sorted yet, I can’t be in control of another.

Connor No one is saying you have to have it. You do what is right for you, what you want.

Holly I’m sorry Connor.

Connor Don’t apologise to me...

Holly No, I mean, just for everything.

He smiles at her and they embrace.

Lights down.





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