Invisible Bruises

A boy, trapped in a world full of hatred, finds he has a hidden power that allows him to escape from it all.


2. Two

The days you spend at school are meant to be the best of your life, if that were true, some futures looked extremely bleak.

He watched as Gareth looked in his direction, his steely eyes locking onto his face. Gareth had discarded his own jumper onto the dewy grass, and his shirt hung scruffily over his body with mud stains from the football lesson they had just had.

Clouds gathered in front of the sun, dimming the scene below. Gareth took slow, menacing steps towards the freak standing, cowardly, beside the school building, failing at his attempt to hide from the people he was scared of. He let out a malicious bark of laughter at the pitying boy in front of him.

"What are you doing there, boy, crying again?" Gareth's voice was dripping with discontent and amusement as he watched the boy squirm with discomfort. "I'm speaking to you, Adam, or have you gone deaf?" He had begun shouting, mocking Adam's temporary silence, and attracting the attention of the other students in the field.

Adam shook his head.

"I was just standing here, I wasn't doing anything." His voice came out little more than a miniscule squeak, barely audible among the chattering voices.

"See, I don't think you were just standing," he air-quoted the last words, "I think you were crying again, you were crying, weren't you?" Once again he asked the question and Adam replied by shaking his head, only slightly as his body trembled.

"I don't believe you." Gareth's face was getting closer to Adam's. "I know that you were crying again, probably about how pathetic your meaningless life is. You are worthless, aren't you?"

Silence. The field had been muted as everybody tuned into the two boys' conversation.

"Say it. Tell everybody what you really are." His hands were on Adam's shoulders and he was pinning him back, up against the cold wall.

"I am..." In a defeated voice, Adam gave into Gareth's force.

"I can't hear you, speak louder." He was toying with him.

" I am worthless."

"Sorry, I didn't catch that, you are what?" His voice was playful as he teased the unfortunate boy.

"Worthless." His head hung low as the crowd around him began chanting.

"Worthless. Worthless. Worthless..." The unforgiving, repetitive chant drilled into his head, making his brain ache.

"Please, stop it." Adam groaned as he put his hands over his ears, trying to block out the noise.

"Wimpy boy has something he wants to say, I think he wants us to stop." Gareth had turned to face the mocking mob of people standing behind them, silencing them for a moment. Then started the derisive laughter. Turing back around, he prepared to take his next stab at Adam.

He was gone. Vanished; nowhere to be seen. Gareth looked around wildly, angry that the slimy creep had been able to slip out of his clutches. He could not see him, and could not understand where he had gone; they were surrounded by people, none of whom would have let him escape, and if they had, they would pay.

"Where is he?" He yelled, spit flying out of his mouth from his rage.


It was the strangest feeling. Adam felt a tingling sensation all over his body, and wondered whether Gareth had done something that had somehow caused this, but he could not remember him doing anything out of the ordinary.

The scene in front of him had also changed. Instead of the evil chants or laughter, they had all stopped and were looking around, confused looks on their faces, a hushed silence swept across them.

Gareth, now standing face to face in front of Adam, looked angrier then he had ever seen him as he stared at the wall slightly to the left of him. He watched as Gareth whirled around and shouted at the crowd.

"Where is he?" The words puzzled Adam.  Where was who?

He looked down and nearly screamed. He knew what they were talking about. His body had gone, vanished and he found himself looking down on the chewing gum stained tarmac; it was peculiar however, as he could feel his body was there.

He tried to move his invisible limbs, and stretched out his arm and tapped one of his invisible fingers on Gareth's shoulder. Adam observed as Gareth turned, curiously to find the culprit, but upon seeing no one, he dismissed it and turned back, presuming it must have been the wind.

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