Things will get better!

one direction fanfiction xx enjoy <3


1. Waking up

Things Will Get Better
Chapter 1~
I woke up in a hospital bed. There were 5 lads all around me, they looked like they've been crying. "Mum... dad?" I mumbled. This made the blonde one cry harder. "Tasha?" the curly-haired one whispered. I nodded. "Guys she's up!" Liam yelled. Everything was coming back to me. Being friends with these boys, the, the car crash . The car crash? "MUM! DAD!" I yelled. "Ta-Tasha?" Louis stuttered. "They... died," Zayn finished. my hear skipped a beat. tears were flooding down my cheeks. they died? "no, no... no!" i yelled getting up. But Liam and Harry held me back, the doctor came in and gave me some medication, but i refused to swallow. Niall got up and tickled me, so i had to open my mouth. I hated this. I was sobbing, but the doctor said i could get out of the hospital in the next hour. "Thank god!" Liam said. Niall didnt open his mouth at all. The boys left to get some soup for me, but Niall stayed. "Hey," he murmured. I waved at him, which made him laugh at me. he got up and hugged me tight. softly crying into my neck as he whispered 'im so so sorry' i kissed his cheek. he was adorable. "come on!" Harry yelled jumping up and down. he had my suitcase in his hand by the doorway. "YOU CAN GO!" he yelled. tears  started  to form again and Niall helped me get out of the bed. "Everything will be fine," he whispered. i nodded, not knowing if it will be. Harry held my hand to get me in the wheelchair. Apparently i've been in here for 2 weeks. Harry held me tight. he was amazing. we got to the car and his phone buzzed. "Hanna?" he whispered. then got into a conversation with the girl. I kept staring at Niall, not rudely, but he didnt seem to notice me. 20 minutes later we were at a huge mansion. "Whoa," i said. the boys laughed and helped me out of the car. "Come on," Zayn said grabbing my hand. i nodded and followed him up to the door. we opened it and saw a pool, chandeleir, work out room, a huge staircase, and a beautiful kitchen/living space. I was still shocked, but meds were kicking in. i was really drowsy and almost fell over. "ohkaaay," liam said, picking me up and carrying to my room, that i was sharing with him and Niall. "okay. get some rest, we have a big big day tomorrow," he whispered. i loved how they treated me so nicely. i dozed off from a horrible day. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

sorry if the first chapter was bad! it will get better. i promise!! xx

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