Things will get better!

one direction fanfiction xx enjoy <3


2. new day!

Chapter 2 

"Wake up sleepy head" i heard and irish voice calling. 

I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes as my vision started adjusting, "morning Niall" I say laying back down in exhaustion, I was so upset and tired and wanted to be at home with my parents i just wished it was all a dream and i could wake up and everything would be back to normal. 

I guess i was going to have to get used to things being a lot different. 

"come on! breakfast is waiting!" Niall said shaking me trying to get me to get up. 

"Fine" I said standing up and falling right back down. I guess even after a nights sleep the meds were still kicked in but werent working very well. I had the worst, most killing pain you could imagine in my right leg. "OUCHH" i said grabbing my leg in pain. Niall raced over to me from the door. 

"I didint mean to rush you, here" Niall said while putting out his shoulder for me to grab a hold of. 

i stood up slowly and grabbed it. I noticed Niall was wearing one of his muscle tanks and i couldn't help but admire his arms. Ive always had a thing for Niall, since we were little kids actually. but we swore to be best friends forever so i guess dating is out of the options. 

Niall looked up at me and his eyes glistened. "ready" he said smiling. "yeah" i said taking slow steps outside to the kitchen. 

"There she is! " harry said smiling. 

I gave a little smile back and sat down in the nearest chair to me. 

Everyone was talking among themselves and i was sitting alone until i see liam walking towards me with a plate of pancakes and a glass of milk. "Thankyou liam" i said as he sat the pancakes on the table and pulled up a chair beside me. 

"how are you really feeling?" he asked me. 

A tear slowly fell from my eye and a shook my head back and forth while i fought back the tears. and he stretched out and hugged me. "Everything is going to be alright, i promise you" he whispers into my ear. i rest my head on his shoulder and let out a big sigh. 


i pull away from the hug a good 5 minuites after. Liam put out his hand and whiped under my eyes, i gave him a slight smile and started digging into my pancakes. 

liam stood up and looked at me "oh i forgot to tell you ! the boys and i have a suprise for you today, it will definatley make you feel much better love" 



Authors note: sorry its kinda boring ! i am very bad with beginnings of the story but it will get better :) i wanted to let you all know that im starting a new one direction story and i need some girls to be the girlfriends of the boys! so comment and tell me if your interested. Also give me some feedback on the chapter? :) thanks ! Like & Fav <3 love ya xoxo 


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