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5. Fun house

Natasha's P.o.v 

So far we have gone on about 20 rides, I was having an amazing time! 

"come on!" Niall said pulling my arm trying to lead me into the hunted house. 

"No!" I protest, I absolutely hated scary things. 

Niall walked a little closer to me and was so close to my face we were almost kissing, our forheads were touching and this is the closest I have ever been and my stomach was doing backflips. "Don't you worry, if anything scares you ill be there to protect you " he said smiling. 

He must of known I was a sucker for that, his deep blue eyes, his perfect sent. why did he have to be so darn cute ?! 

"Ugh fine" I mumbled. 

"Yaaaaay" He shouts. he pulls my hand and we make our way inside with Liam right behind us. 

I see a long narrow path and its super dark, we started walking and lights were flashing and people were dressed up in costumes. I was digging my nails into Nialls and Liams arm and i didint realize it until Liam screeched in pain and i let go of my tight grip. 

suddenly all the lights went out. 

"Guyyyssssss" I said looking around. I couldn't see a thing it was pitch black. Nobody responded to me I was about to cry, until I felt lips pressed up against mine, I didint fight it , i kissed back then pulled away because i had no idea if it was niall or not, my best bet it was and thinking about it sent a shiver down my body and put a slight smile on my face. I really needed to get out of here though. I started walking really quickly away from where I was standing and had my arms held out in front of me so i wouldn't crash into anything. I finally saw the exit door. I ran towards it and when i reached the bright outdoors i let out a huge sigh then went and sat at the picnic table that was nearest to me. I soon heard Niall and Liam run out of the scary house together panting, if they were together who kissed me? 


They came running over to me. 

"Natasha!" they screamed. 

"i swear if that was some sort of prank it wasn't funny" I said looking at them sternly.

"i don't even know what happened and im so sorry." Niall said sitting next to me. 

"Shall we go home ? " Liam asked. "we can come back tomorrow" 

"sounds good to me" Niall said, then looked at me. 

"Sure" I said as i stood up and started heading for the car. 

We reached the car and Liam oppened the door for me. "Thanks" i said. 

we rode home in a good 10 minutes of silence until i heard Niall clear his throat and say "That was really freaky, I started walking towards this big emergency light I saw and was calling out your name but i guess nobody heard me" 

wait... if Niall wasn't with me... who kissed me ? 

"Liam where were you" Niall asked. 

"Just... around" Liam said while turning back and looking at me in the back seat. He winked and smirked. 

wait... It was liam?!


Authors note: what do you guys think?! i want some more fans , likes, votes and comments before I continue. Sorry for the boring chapter but im super tired and you guys deserved an update. let me know what you think!! :) I wont update until i get more so make sure to do it ! <3 love yaa :* 


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