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6. Bestfriends reunited

chapter 6 

We got back to the house and so much was running through my head. I was tired, upset, mad and overall i missed my bestfriend.

As soon as I hoped out of the car I went inside and grabbed my phone. I dialed her number and was praying she would pick up. 

"Hello ?" I heard he voice say 

"KIRSTENNNNNNN" I replied happily.

"Tasha! how have you been?! I heard what happened and I just was giving you some time to recover before I called" She said. 

"Let me tell you all about it later on?! want to come over?" I gigglied. 

"wait ... do you live by yourself now" She asked me. 

"Nononono im with the boys until i figure out what im going to do" I said. 

"YES YES YES!" she exclaimed. "Ill be over in 10" She said giggling then she hung up the phone. 

Kirsten had always loved hanging out with the boys, I think she had a thing for harry but she would never admit it. 

I actually couldn't wait to see her, she just made everything more fun and exciting and shes been there through everything. 

Maybe I shouldent of just invited her .. I mean this isint even my home. I really hope the boys don''t mind. 

I layed back on my small bed and started at the ceiling, 

why would liam kiss me.. i thought to myself. 

As I was thinking about all that has happened i hear a knock on my door. 

"Come in!" I said while sitting up. 

It was Niall and he was holding a bag if beef jerky.

I wasn't like most girls who wanted chocolates or flowers. Niall knows me so perfectly. 

I smiled, "whats that for?" i asked while patting the spot beside me for him to come sit. 

"II just wanted to apologize for what happened" he said looking at me. 

"Niall! dont worry about it, nobody got hurt and were fine" I said putting my arm on his shoulder. ""It was kinda funny I continued" 

"well i got you this" Niall said handing me the bag of beef jerky.

"I LOVE YOU" I said hugging the beef jerky jokingly. 

"I know, everyone does" He said cockishy. 

"yeah right" i said punching him on the shoulder. 

we were sitting on my bed laughing and joking. Niall made me forget about all the bad stuff thats happened and makes me feel the moment right now, I was enjoying myself and laughing so much that my stomach was hurting and i could feel my abs coming in. 

Then i heard the door bell ring. 

"SHES HERE!" I exclaimed running as fast as I could and opening the front door. As soon as I saw her i jumped into her arms and couldent let go. 

"I missed you so much" she said. 

"I missed you more" I giggled. 

"hey kirsten!" Niall said waving to her. 

"hey niall!" Kirsten said running over and hugging him. 

"Where is everyone" she asked. 

"out by the pool " Niall said, we started following Niall outside to the back where we found everyone laying in the sun. 

"shhhhh guys come here!" I said as I huddled with kirsten and Niall. 

"Lets take those buckets and fill them with water, then we can splash them!" I whispered.

We tiptoed over to the buckets and filled them with some water to the pool. next we charged to the boys and poured the water all over them! 

"WHAT THE-" zayn said

"YOUR GONNA GET IT" Liam said. 

I couldn't help but laugh. 

Liam ran over to me and picked me up over his shoulder. 

" NONONONON LET ME GO" I said while laughing hysterically. 

He was threatening to throw me in the pool 

"1" He said 



And in the pool I was. I came up for air and splashed liam once again. I steppe dout of the pool carefully whole everyone laughed at me. Then I saw Harry, Kirsten, and Niall talking. I walked over and gave them a great big wet hug. 


Authors note: Tell me what you guys think please <3 sorry for the boringish chapter, I wont be updating until there is more likes, comments, and favorites! also fan me would be nice <3 anyway everyone have a nice day and i hoped you liked it! xx 





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