Louis Imagine

Ambi, a 18 year old girl, she has brown hair, brown eyes and is a directioner. Her favourite boy out of the band is the sassy one - Louis Tomlinson. This is how she met her favourite, her idol and her everything.


3. Chapter 3 - The Skype Call

Ambi's P.O.V 

When I met up with Jordyn, she nearly had a heart attack when she found out what Louis wrote to me.  

"Ambi, You have to call him !!!" Jordyn screamed in my face while I was sitting in the passenger seat. 

"Yeah, ... maybe, I don't think. It could be a fake number." I questioned 

"Why will it be a fake number, it's Louis Tomlinson" she insisted 

"Ok, Ok I'll call it but only for you." 

"YAYAYAYAYA !!!" She screamed while attempted to drive at the same time.

*When I got home*

I got into my pyjamas, sat down on my very uncomfortable couch and looked at the Louis' phone number. I picked up my iPhone 4 and dialled the number, ring ring ring ring 

"Hello?" A very familiar voice said into the phone  

"Hello, this is Ambi." I spoke carefully  

"Hey babe, I'm glad you called. Can you add me on Skype because I wanna see your beautiful face again." He said swiftly 

"Yeah sure, I'll log on now, see ya."  

"Yeah, ... see ya."

My heart is racing so fast it was unbelievable, I quickly jumped on Skype and added Louis. Moments later he added me and started a video call.

Louis' P.O.V 

I'm so glad she called, the boys were wondering why I was so worried and why I was pacing around the room like crazy. Then I heard my Macbook start to ring, it was Skype. I raced to my room, locking the door and very quickly answering the call. I could hear the boys trying to listen to what I was doing. I'm so happy that I could see her beautiful face again.

She looked at me and started to blush like crazy, she is cute when she blushes. We started talking about our favourite things to ur childhood. We were talking for hours until se had to go. I couldn't wait to meet her properly so I gave her a date, time and a place so I could meet her.

"I really want to meet you face to face, ... properly. Can we meet up at the Pier, at 8:00 and in 2 days. 

"Yes, sure. I'll meet you then. See ya." She said kinda calmly 

"Love ya." I said quietly 

"Love you too Lois Tomlinson, I'll send you a text so you have my number."

That was when she ended the call. I opened my door to find my four best friends falling at my feet and asking me questions about who I was talking to but I didn't tell them anything, I just smiled and got ready for bed. That night I had he best night sleep I have ever had.

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