Louis Imagine

Ambi, a 18 year old girl, she has brown hair, brown eyes and is a directioner. Her favourite boy out of the band is the sassy one - Louis Tomlinson. This is how she met her favourite, her idol and her everything.


2. Chapter 2 - The Signing

Ambi's P.O.V

We are in line and there are 1, 2, 3 people in front if us. Now Jordyn and I have become very very very fangirly. It's hard to breath every time they talk we pretty much faint, even when they scratch their head or flick their hair we have a heart attack. 

"AMBI !!! We are next, we are next, we are next !!! OMG, I can't believe it. I am going to meet One Direction."  Jordyn screamed in my face

"Ok Jordyn breath, breath and breath. Remember what I told you; 1,2,3 and breath. You don't want Niall to see you all fangirly, do you ?"

"No, your right." She agreed

I walked up slowly but not too slow, and this what all of the boys did 

Harry was the first one sitting down, he greeted me and asked "Hey Kitten, what's your name?" , I blushed and I covered up my cheeks. As I was walking away he said "Don't cover up your cheeks, your beautiful." Then I blushed extremely.

Liam he just asked me for my name, smiled and handed back my CD. 

Zayn was very cheerful this morning and greeted me by saying "Hiya beautiful, what your name?"

I told him and he wrote a little note saying

"Dear Ambi,

You are beautiful and don't let anyone think your not. Always believe in your self. Lots of love Zayn Malik xx."

As I was reading the note that Zayn wrote me I heard a thick Irish accent, I looked up and saw Niall. He couldn't stop smiling and laughing. He's soooo god damn cute. 

Now this is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life, I reached Louis, my favourite, my idol, my everything. 

Louis' P.O.V

My millionth copy I have signed today, the girl screamed in my face and was very close of fainting. When the next girl came she was calm but smiling like crazy. She reminded me of the thing I saw when we were entering the building. She told me her name, Ambi what a beautiful name. She had brown curly hair but with a bit of blonde, she had very minimal make-up on and was kind and grateful. When I was writing on her CD I wrote the normal message that I would normally write but on another piece of paper I wrote 

"Hi Ambi, here is my phone number 0412345678 so we can discuss a time and place to catch up. Here is my Skype name so we can talk while I'm on tour: LOUIS_tomlinson1991. Loads of love Louis xoxo"

She read both notes as she walked away. She smiled showing her lovely white teeth and showing plate or braces and waved. She then disappeared into the crowd. 

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