Louis Imagine

Ambi, a 18 year old girl, she has brown hair, brown eyes and is a directioner. Her favourite boy out of the band is the sassy one - Louis Tomlinson. This is how she met her favourite, her idol and her everything.


1. Chapter 1 - Waiting In Line

Ambi's P.O.V

"AMBI, WAKE UP!!! We're gonna miss the signing!!!" My best friend Jordyn said to me while hitting me with a pillow to wake me up. Jordyn is a tall, dark brown haired girl with olivey coloured skin and a slight Kiwi accent, with shining dark brown eyes.

"Yeah yeah, just five more minutes." I groaned

"No, we have to go now" she argued back. 

"Ok ok, fine you win." I said climbing out of bed. "I gave you a key to my apartment for emergencies and emergencies only." 

"Well it was an emergency, you weren't up for the signing. Can you leave so I can get dressed?" 

"I have laid out your best directioner clothes, a 'I heart One Direction  top' , my red denim shorts I got for you for your birthday this year and your new green hi-tops you got yesterday for the signing."

"Ok, whatever, leave." I moaned. I got dressed and did my hair I just left because I washed it last night and it was nice and curly, so it was fine. We headed out of my very messy apartment and set sail for the signing. 

Louis' P.O.V

The boys and I have just got to the Perth, Western Australia signing. It's going to be like the same old signings we have all the time, we will sign the girls poster, photos, etc, they will tell us that they love us, give us gifts and souvenirs and most likely start crying like they always do. I am just not looking forward to this signing, I didn't get enough sleep last night, I'm not feeling very well and I'm just stressed about the the third album because we have recorded 2 songs and we need to record 16 more songs. 

"Louis, come on get out of the car we have to do the signing. We all know that your not looking forward to this signing but still hurry up the girls are getting very very ...... Fangirly and very cry-y even if that's a word." Harry said as he chuckled. I climbed out of the car and something caught my eye, and I'm not quite sure what it was though. I looked back and didn't see it again, I must be seeing things. 

Ambi's P.O.V

I was standing in line with Jordyn she was getting very fangirly because Niall smiled and waved at her. "OMG AMBI!!! Louis just looked at you." Jordyn said screaming in my face.

"No he didn't, your just seeing things." I answered while turning around to see how long he line was

"Ambi he looked again." 

"Jordyn, no he didn't. I told you your seeing things." I chuckled

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