Beautiful mistake

One summer Elena and her caousin April went to a 1D consert and unexpected yet fun stuff happens . Read to find out


1. Character introduction

Hi my name is Elena and I am 18 years old and I just recently moved to England with my cousin April. I have brown wavy hair and brown eyes I love one direction always have always will, I have  6 tattos a bird like the one Zayn has in my right hand the birds that Harry has in his chest but I have them in my back a key with a  heart shape in my middle finger three stars in my neck like April whe did it so we matched but mine are pink and hers are blue and  love on my right ankle.

Hobbies- music and photography

Likes- one direction,Justin bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi lovato and little mix

Dislikes- rude people, gossip, sushi and alcohol



Hi I'm April I'm 17 and I live with my cousin in London I have black hair and blue eyes like my cousin I love one direction especially Niall and Harry, I have 5 tattos an infinity sign in me right hand, the word infinity under the sign, a bird in my left hand , the word freedom under the bird and three little stars on my neck.

Hobbies- Art,music and dancing

Likes-sushi I love it , one direction , Selena Gomez , little mix, Demi lovato , Justin beiber and nandos.

Dislikes- rude people and alcohol cause I've never tasted.


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