Beautiful mistake

One summer Elena and her caousin April went to a 1D consert and unexpected yet fun stuff happens . Read to find out


2. chapter 1

Elena's P.O.V

Today was the day of the 1D concert. I was getting dressed when I heard my phone ring. It was my cousin April she also loves one direction. I put her on speaker to finish getting dressed.

Me- yes April

April- I'm on my way to the house

Me- ok I'm getting dressed

April- okay bye

Me- bye

When I finished getting all fixed up I looked in the mirror to see how my final look was. I was wearing a navy blue and white striped long sleeved shirt and red shorts with suspenders. I wore navy blue toms and to top it of my hello kitty side ways sailor bag. I grabbed my keys my phone and all the things that I needed and put them all in my bag. And decided to watch TV while I waited for April.

                                                                    *30 minutes later*                                                                        

April knocked on the door and I opened the door for her she went inside and closed the door behind her she went up to her room and grabbed her purse and we were off to the concert. I heard my phone ring and since I had stop in a stop sign I answered the phone it was my best friend viangy.

V-hey what's up

Me-nothing on my way to the 1D concert

V-no way why didn't you tell me

Me-I forgot I'm sorry

V-anyways how's it going in England

Me-great I love it heir and you

V-you know same old same old well I got to go talk to you some other day mom's calling

Me-okay say hi to you're mom for me

V-kay bye


When I hung up April was waiting for me to finish my conversation with viangy. When I looked to see why she had put the window down I saw Niall Horan standing at my window. I asked her if she knew who that was she nodded no and I told her it was Niall from 1D. She quickly turned around and told him that he and the rest of the band can ride with us. Since we were going to the concert.

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