Little Things

4 close friends won VIP tickets to a One Direction concert. What happens when they go back stage to meet the boys? Will it be love at first sight? Read to find out!

* This is my first FanFic, so please let me know what you think and if I should continue with this story! Thanks!

~Callie xx


2. Meet and Greet

Emily's POV:

"Oh my god Callie! Let me see that video that Niall took again! Louis was so cute!" I begged her jumping up and down pointing to her phone. She shook her head "no" at me. "Why?" I wined pouting.

She pointed to something behind me. I turned around furrowing my eyebrows and saw Paul, yes THE Paul was standing behind me with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Ohh...." I mouthed. My hands began to shake as a small smile spread across my face. I can't believe that Teddy Bear Paul (yes I just said that lol) is standing right behind me.

"Are you the girls who are meeting the lads?" He asked looking at every single one of us.

We all nodded as we locked arms and followed him to the meet and greet room.

"Eeekkk! I can't believe this is happening!" I squealed. The girls nodded in agreement.

"So are you lovely ladies excited to meet the lads?" Paul asked after we settled down from our mental break down.

We nodded our heads and locked arms with another. "Great!" he clapped his hands, "follow me then please." then lead us to the back of the stage where One Direction was.

                                                                                                     * * * *

Louis's POV:

Anger was building up in me as I chased Niall in the small meet and greet room. Right after the concert was over, he stole Kevin from my bag and threatened to throw him away. NO ONE touches Kevin except me. (Dirty little minds you guys have...).

"Niall! Give Kevin back! First my shirt then Kevin?! Really Niall?" I hissed.

He just laughed his "evil" laugh and held Kevin in the air like Superman.

"Never!" He yelled back.

"Come on lads. Cut it out. Paul will be back here any minute with the fans. " Liam said blocking our way and grabbed Niall by the shirt and pulled him to him so he can't go anywhere. Finally! "Give Kevin back to Lou Niall."

Niall looked at Liam or should I say Daddy Direction, frowned, then chucked Kevin across the room right as the door opened and smacked a really blond girl in the head. Oooohhh...

We all froze as we starred at her in pure shock.

"OH MY GOD!! I am so very sorry love! Are you okay?" Niall asked panicking and running to her pulling her into one of his Niall hugs.

"Wow! Emily just got attacked by Kevin!" Two of her friends laughed doubling over.

"Niall James Horan!" I yelled running to the girl putting my hand on the spot where Kevin smacked her. "Are you okay beautiful? Sorry about that. He stole him away from me and I was trying to get him back."

The girls just laughed even harder as the girls face turned redder. "Yeah I'm okay." she said laughing.

I pulled her close to me. "Hey Paul? Can you go and get an ice pack for her head please?" I asked. He nodded and left the room.

"I'm fine really. He doesn't have to go get some ice." The girl spoke up.

"You sure? Cause it looked like you got hit pretty hard." I asked still worried. She looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. I started to get butterflies in my stomach as we just stared into each others eyes.

Just then Paul came in with the ice pack and handed it to her. "Here you go sweetie."

"Thanks." She said and smiled putting it on her head.

We all just stood there in silence for a couple minutes. The girls turned to look at each other and grinned. Zayn cleared his throat and looked at me then looked down at my arm still wrapped around the blond chick. I blushed then quickly stepped away from her as everyone snickered.

"Soo...." Harry interrupted. "Would you girls like a picture with us or an autograph. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of time."

The girls nodded their heads grinning from ear to ear. I pulled the blond girl back to me not wanting to let go. Her face turned bright red as I quickly bent down and picked her up bridal style making her let out a small yelp. Everyone laughed at us. Niall put one girl with short brown hair onto his shoulders while Liam grabbed the girl with long black  hair and put her on his back and Harry jumped into the last girls arms almost making her fall.

"God're heavy." The girl complained while Harry snickered. We all laughed. "Hurry up! I'm about to drop him!!" She screamed as she struggled holding him in her arms. Paul quickly snapped the picture with everyone's phones.

                                                                                         * * * *

Emily's POV:

Louis gave me a quick peck on my cheek and set me back onto my feet. I blushed a deep red and looked down at the ground. Unfortunately it was getting late and it was time to take the girls back home. I didn't want to leave! Louis was so sweet and funny to me and everyone else. I stood by the door waiting for the girls to stop talking to the lads. Callie was flirting with Niall by the couches, Rachael was talking to Liam, and Sara was talking to Harry.

"Hey beautiful. I never got your name you know?" Louis grinned leaning against the wall next to me.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm Emily." I grinned. He grabbed my hand and held it close to his chest. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as we just stood there and stared into each others eyes. I could probably stand here all night looking into his gorgeous eyes.


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