Little Things

4 close friends won VIP tickets to a One Direction concert. What happens when they go back stage to meet the boys? Will it be love at first sight? Read to find out!

* This is my first FanFic, so please let me know what you think and if I should continue with this story! Thanks!

~Callie xx


1. Concert

Callie's POV:

"Callie! Hurry up! We're going to be late! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" Rachael yelled pounding on my bedroom door.

"Okay, I'm almost done!" I yelled back double checking my outfit and grabbed my purse and keys. I was wearing a cute strapless sundress that came up just to my knees. It was with white with a brown belt around my waist and a dark blue flower in the middle, along with black flats.

Tonight me, Rachael, and our close friend's Emily, and Sarah were going to a One Direction concert. Front row baby! We were also lucky and got the last VIP tickets to meet the lads. Emily would not stop screaming when I called her and told her about the tickets.

A car horn honked impatiently as I darted pass Rach and down the stairs trying to not fall flat on my face. Rachael was dressed in her favorite sundress. It was black and just a tad bit shorter then mine but had a lot of sparkles. She also wore silver heels to go with it.

"Hurry up slow pokes! The concert is about to start! I don't want to miss Louis singing!" Emily bellowed poking her head out of the drivers window. She had on a short black skirt, red blouse and silver flats.

"Sorry Em. Callie couldn't decide what to wear and had to make sure she looked smexy for that Irish hunk!" Rachael snickered looking at me as we climbed into the car. I stuck my tongue out at her. Yeah if you don't know, I have this HUGE crush on Niall. He is just so cute and irresistible (hehehe). I couldn't help but giggle and fangirl.

"Hey girls! You excited to see the boys?" Sarah asked smiling from ear to ear. I grinned and nodded in response. Sarah had on a peach colored sundress and black boots.

As we drove to the field house we cranked up the radio to "Little Things".

                                                            * * * *

Niall's POV:

"Harry! Where did you put my shirt? I can't find it and the concert is about to start." I yelled throwing my things all over the dressing room.

"I didn't touch it lad. Just grab another shirt or just go shirtless. I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind that one single bit." He smirked and winked at me.

I couldn't help but laugh at the last part. Give up on the shirt, I grabbed a red and white stripped shirt and threw it on. I'm sure Louis won't mind if I barrowed one of his shirts, I mean he barrows mine sometimes.

"Come on pretty boy. Let's go before Paul or Daddy Direction comes and yells at us for being late. I'm sure they're already getting antsy. " I patted his back as he shook out his hair and pushed it to the side one last time.

He looked at me then nodded. Right as I opened the door to head to the back of the stage, Harry jumped onto my back almost making me fall flat on my face.

"Let's go horsey! Move! Move! Move!" Harry yelped kicking me in the sides like a horse.

"God Harry, you're heavy!" I groaned as I helplessly carried him.

The other lads were waiting patiently for us next to the lifts to lift us up on the stage.

                                                            * * * *

Callie's POV:

We put our things on our chairs and tried to wait patiently for the boys to come out on stage. Rachael and Emily were both talking about Liam and Louis, or more like screaming about them. Rachael absolutely Liam! Most of the time she won't shut up about him. Though I don't have room to talk because I'm the same way with Niall. I just love his Irish accent and his laugh and just how sweet he is. He is my cute little Irish Lepracon (sorry for spelling. I'm bad at spelling).

The girls in the stadium screamed on top of their lungs as the lights went low and the introduction video came up before boys came up from the bottom of the stage singing "Live While We're Young". I turned to my friends and started to scream and jump excitedly to the music. They sounded like peer angels.

I pulled out my cellphone to record the boys and ended up dropping it.

"Geesh Callie! Don't break your phone!" Rachel teased. I stuck my tongue out at her and pressed the record button.

                                                                   * * * *

Niall's POV:

As we made our way down the stage I happened to lock eyes with the world's most beautiful girl ever. Her short brown hair was straightened and hung just past her shoulders and her bright blue eyes sparkled in the lights. My heart started to pick up it's pace as we just started into one another's eyes. Liam smacked me in the back of the head as my solo was coming up. I made my way over to the girl as I sung my solo and knelt down in front of her making her smile and blush a deep red. So cute.

I reached out my hand to take her phone as she recorded us while we performed. She looked at me confused until one of her friends whispered something into her ear and handed me her phone. As our hands barley touched when I grabbed the phone a small spark went through my body. I gave her a small smile and wink before standing back up and walked to the lads as they started Summer Love.

Louis of course jumped up and down in front of the phone camera like an idiot making me laugh.

"Niall. Let me see the phone real quick so I can get you." Liam said taking the phone away from me. I sung with the boys as Liam recorded us along with the screaming fans. After he handed it back to me I made my way back to the girl and stopped the recording and quickly typing my number into her phone. There was just something about her that made me feel....special? Could she possibly be my princess?

* * * *

Callie's POV:

Oh-my god! The Niall Horan took my phone up onto the stage and video taped the boys perform along with the scream girls out here in the audience. When our hands touched when he took my phone I felt a small spark go through my body. I could feel my face turn bright red as the girls looked at me and screamed on top of their lungs.

When the concert ended and the boys ran off stage to get ready for the meet and greet we all waited in our seats until someone came and got us to take us back stage.


*Hey guys! Let me know what you think and if I should continue with the story. This is my first FanFic so please leave suggestions and tips!


~Callie :)




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