Remember Me

A girl lives in the outskirts of a town in Paris. She is an ordinary girl and no one ever pays much attention to her. She had always liked a boy that she met when she was 16 and she had never met him after that party in the summer. People always called her a nobody so she knew that she would never meet him again, because he has a girlfriend that protects him like a diamond necklace.


3. Meeting Felicia


“Juli, Wake up! Someone is downstairs wanting to meet you.” Katy is screaming into my ear.

The second she said that someone was downstairs wanting to see me, at first I thought it would be Alexander, but he would never come out here to see me cause it is sunday. Sunday was an important day for Felicia, because this is her shopping day and like always Alex is by her side.

“Juliet get out of bed and get dressed and wear proper clothes!” This time it was Christie, who is 3 years older than me who was home for the weekend. I jump out of bed and got on a white tank-top, tucked it into my long blue skirt and got on a cardigan that had the same colour as my skirt. I put my hair into a bun and put a blue ribbon around it. Finally I got blue flats and jumped out of my room and straight down the stairs. I grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to see that Felicia was on my doorstep looking out at the view.

“What are you doing here Felicia?” I asked her.

Felicia turns around and looks at me then she asked, “May I come in? I would like to talk to you.”

I looked at her with wondering eyes and then motioned my arm to let her in. She bows her head and enters.

“Mother, Father, someones here for a while. She won’t be here for long.” My voice echoed around the house. We walked into the lounge.

“So, why are you hear? Why in the world on a sunday would you even wish to come speak to me? Shouldn’t you be shopping with your diamond necklace? Or is it pearl this time?”, I want to just get over talking to her.

“Please, Alexander is in the car waiting for me. We are on our way to the city. I just wanted to drop by to say to you that you will never meet or talk to Alex again. He is mine and we will get married sooner or later, you have to accept that.” She sounds all serious and annoying.

“Well I understand that. It is not my fault that I passed you and your admirers. Oh and before you leave I would like to give you a letter that my mother wanted you to give to Alexander’s parents. You see that, because they are friends.” She look confused at me and agreed to doing that. I lead her to the door and gave her the letter.

“What kind of letter is this? Its impossible to open?”, she looked annoyed.

“Well you won’t be opening it will you.” And I shut the door behind her.

Mother asks me who it was and I just told her that it was a girl I met on the road and just left it with that.

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