Remember Me

A girl lives in the outskirts of a town in Paris. She is an ordinary girl and no one ever pays much attention to her. She had always liked a boy that she met when she was 16 and she had never met him after that party in the summer. People always called her a nobody so she knew that she would never meet him again, because he has a girlfriend that protects him like a diamond necklace.


1. Weekend walk to the shop

I walked through the city that I had not visited in a long time. It is a wonderful place, but I do not fit in a bit. I am home schooled and never even get to meet or see a single soul until the weekends when I can sometimes go into the city. The wonderful Eiffel Tower, towers over me. I am told that I am a nobody, but I dress prettier and better than half of the people that I walked pass and I my family would probably also be a hundred times better off than them too. I always like to go to my favourite store that is almost right in the centre of the city, but that shop can be populated with the richest, prettiest and ugliest, beautifully dressed snobs. I know that I might sound a tad bit mean, but I just like to say the truth. The truth has to get out sometime. I walked down the busy street where all the rich people like to walk, so I am classified as one too, but I guess I am the better kind. There is always one girl that stands out of all of them. That is the queen bee Felicia. Everyone loves her and everyone looks up to her. I don’t understand what is so good about her. She is not nice, she can be pretty when she is not crying, and tears drop from her eyes frequently, and maybe just her golden blonde hair. She is always followed by cheap boys, and her posse of girls. Well the point is that the street fills up and blocks the way when she is around and the worst is when she stops to look at something, because then everyone stops. Then there she comes, the most irritating girl of the universe, Queen Felicia. She clearly dislikes me from that incident that happened at the masquerade two years ago, when I just turned sixteen. She looked at me with deadly eyes, that were supposed to be deadly, but looked more like they were filling with tears. Then she stopped and put her arms around the boy diagonally behind her and kissed him right on the cheek. I didn’t notice after the kiss that it was Alexander. Alexander was her diamond necklace that she always kept by her side like a handbag. She then looked at me and smirked. She loved him, but I love him. It just doesn’t seem fair to be a nobody. I then turned into the shop and tried not to think about it but it always came back to me, that one night changed my life. I walked out of the shop unusually empty handed and called my chauffeur to take me straight home.

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