Friends or More

Millie is nothing but a 19 year old she turns 20 soon she is very nervous when her mum sets her one a blind date only it goes awkwardly as the guy she is on is called john and he is gay and her best friend she's dumped alone until a brown eyed dream comes and sweeps her up they get to know each other but could it be serious or just a game friends or more


3. No

Liam's P.O.V

"Are you coming inside ?" she asked releasing my face from her hands "um .. na it's cool I don't think your parents would really like me" I gave a weak smile "my mums not home" she teased naughtily "Millie I don't think your parents would want me to come in" I said I didn't want to go in for reasons,lots of them too. "Fine fine" she said throwing her hands up in the air dramatically. I chuckled and walked back to my car "pick me up at nine" she said tossing her hair back over her shoulders "oh and Liam ?" She shouted "ask Niall to come" I pulled a face why would she want Niall to come a pang of jealously hit me like a ton of bricks did she like him ? We she trying to mess my mind about ? I hadn't known her for long but she didn't seem to be that into him. I decided where I would take her it was going to be the posh little restaurant on the front of St Chapman street she would love that. I twitched as the thought of Niall came back to me what was she put too. 

Millie's P.O.V 

What was I going to wear I raked my wardrobe for something suitable still my mum came in "what are you doing" she snapped angrily "um .. Mum I didn't go with John last night he ditched me and um went with this ..." I couldn't tell her John was gay but how was i going to do this then a idea hatched in my mind" he went with another girl" my mum frowned "so instead I met a waiter and his name is Liam and he has parents who own a mansion in LA" okay okay so maybe I lied a bit about the mansion LA bit but she fell for it "oh well hunny at least he ric.." she stopped at her words "um I have to now tell you something" she said smiling gently "okay" I said taking a huge gulp "well I went out last night to Karen's house a friend you don't know and I met a man called um.. Daniel and he and me are now up for a date" I almost choked on these exact words "mom congrats" I said smiling although really I wanted to grab a bucket and puke but I didn't have time to date was a few hours away and I wasn't ready at all. "Mum cam you help me choose my dress or something to wear?" I asked she spun around clasping her hands together "of course" she said joyfully amd grabbed my hand she took me down the hall way up the stairs into her bedroom. And then she stopped at her dark raven closet and to my amazement she pulled out a white puffy dress it had lacy flower going up one arm and it was wonderful "wow" I breathed I thought she going to pull out something like a old dress with baby poo stains on it. Two hours later I was ready I had my dress on with some black chippy heels and curled locks down to my boobs (lol) I was just about to text Lydia when mum rushed in "Millie ?" She asked I nodded slowly "I can't find a dress" she was starting panick when I gave her my emerald flawless one she stopped going bright red and cooled down "thanks" she said giving me a quick wave. I text Lydia and told her to wear a dress she text back saying why I just. Smiled to myself and text back you will see meet me at Bonjour La Mata and she text back saying okay .. I smiled to myself this was going to be great


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