Radioactive Chapter 5



1. Chapter 5

(Thalia's POV)

Everyone was doing different workouts around the gym. There was a boxing section, rope climbing, weight lifting, treadmill, gymnastics all sorts of different sport sections the gym was huge and nice I'm guessing David pays for renovation as well the sound of a ball hitting a mat that surrounded the walls of the gym brought my attention over to the soccer section. A guy with tattoos (shocker) was hanging there with another guy with a few tattoos as a goalie as he kicked shots at him 
"I'm gunna go lift some weights, walk around try some stuff be careful if you need anything you know where I am." He said I nodded. Niall walked off I was taken away by the skill this soccer guy possessed the power of his kick was just extraordinary. 
I found myself walking over. 
"You've got quite the kick." I said he looked to the side at me his eyes looking me from my toes all the way up to my head twice. 
"Thanks." He said 
"Do you play?" He asked 
"No, I probably wouldn't be able to get a goal with a 50 foot wide net." I said he picked up the ball 
"Try. I dare you." He said he held the ball out to me I looked down to take it from him when I caught a glimpse of the tattoo. 
'The Bishops' 
"So your I'm The Bishops?" I asked as I took the ball from him 
"Used to be." He sad I put the ball down on the floor and backed up to get a little run at it I kicked it and it landed just outside of the post. 
"So close, good try." He said 
I heard yelling so did Louis he looked over his shoulder I looked over a fight broke out between a guy and the guy from art class Liam and Niall told me to stay away from the art class guy got pushed which soon resulted in the other guy to get punched really hard in the face causing him to drop knocked out. Soccer boy shook his head turning around 
"Oh I never got your name." He said 
"It's Thalia." I said 
"Nice to meet you Thalia I'm Louis" he said I took his hand shaking it. 


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