Bad Boy High

A small town where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
That's what Senior Brie Avis thought, but turns out, when she get's friendly with the high school bad boy, Luke Hall, that turns out false.


1. Schooling system in Australia.

This is just a help so you don’t get confused :)

You don’t have to read it but its good background knowledge.

So in High School, we have years 7-12, and Kindergarten – year 6 is primary school.

Seniors are classified as year 11 and year 12’s.

We have separated into 4 terms.

Term 1 goes from about February - End of April. Then it’s two weeks of holidays.

Term 2 goes from start of May – Start of July. Then another two weeks of holidays.

Term 3 goes from mid-July – End of September. Then another two weeks of holidays.

Term 4 goes from mid-October – Mid-December. Then about 6 or 7 weeks of holidays. (Summer/Christmas holidays)

This Part is for NSW’s.

The reason why year 11’s are called seniors is because, at the end of term 3, year 12’s do their HSC (Higher School Certificate). The HSC is the most important test in a student’s life. It basically determines their career and helps students get into University.

HSC usually takes place in September/October.

Therefore that leaves term 4 with no year 12’s (is that what you’re thinking?)

Well you thought wrong. Year 11’s step’s up and become Year 12 (kinda)

They start studying Year 12 work in preparation of the HSC.

As a reward of doing the HSC we go on schoolies. That’s basically a week or two holiday to wherever but we get a discount. That’s usually the first week of December because year 12 finish in October.

Confusing, I know.

So that’s basically it.

Oh and Math’s and English are compulsory, and in catholic schools so is religion (which I hate).

If you get confused in the story come back here and re-read.

If there’s anything you’re confused about, just leave a comment and I’m sure I’ll be able to answer it :)

Happy Reading :D xx


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