Bad Boy High

A small town where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
That's what Senior Brie Avis thought, but turns out, when she get's friendly with the high school bad boy, Luke Hall, that turns out false.


3. Chapter 2

Just made it to school with 2 minutes to spare.

I parked my car in the closest spot to the front doors and lock up and head in.

I head towards homeroom so that we can get our timetables and find out where out lockers are.

My school isn’t big so we only have one homeroom per year, and that means about 1 or sometimes 2 classes of each subject in the year.

I ran into the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

“BRIE!” Ariel yells from the other side of the classroom where Gabby and Andy are as well.

I ran over to where they all are and have our ritual group hug.

“I’ve missed you guy’s sooooo much!” I say as we pull apart.

“I know how you feel, it’s been what? 12 hours since we last saw each other.” Andy says laughing after wards.

“Here comes Michael, Adam and Christian.” Gabby says pointing at the three most popular guys in the school. Lucky enough, Andy is dating Michael.

Adam Walker is the leader of the group, if there were to be a leader. He has the typical ‘surfer boy’ look. Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, superstar athlete (in our school anyway), captain of the boys soccer team, about 6”1’ and also the man-whore of the school. He has gotten with every girl except for my group. But it’s funny because apparently he has a HUGE crush on Gabby…

Michael Craig is second in charge. He is taller than Adam, but by only an inch. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He is also on the boys’ soccer team. Andy and him have been together for almost a year now and they are that perfect couple. It’s cute because he protects Gabby like she’s his sister and my guess is probably because of Adam.

Christian Montgomery is the third musketeer. He is the same height as Adam. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes that look almost grey. Like Adam and Michael, he is on the soccer team as well. He has had a crush on Ariel since year 5 but he has been too shy to act upon it, and I can tell you that the feeling is mutual.

“Hey gorgeous,” Michael says to Andy as he kisses her cheek.

“Hey hot stuff,” She replies winking.

“Too much PDA,” Christian says as we all turnaround from their make out session.

“I know right, like can’t they go somewhere else, FAR AWAY, from us to kiss,” Ariel speaks up.

“Year 12, may you please sit down?” Our homeroom teacher, Mrs Lopez, says and we all walk to sit down. “Mr Craig and Ms. Martin, can you please stop sucking each other’s faces and sit down?”

The classroom erupted in laughter.

“Hey there Adam.” Oh god she’s back.

Let me introduce to you Kerri Daves. The bitch and slut of our year, and most likely, our school. She’s tall and slim, a bit shorter than Adam. The typical Blonde hair, blue eyes. She thinks her best friend is Ariel, which we all know no one likes her. Even though Ariel is friends with everyone, she still doesn’t really like Kerri, but considers herself friends.

For a girl of her kind, it seems like you wouldn’t expect her to play any sports except go shopping. That is where everyone is wrong. She is the captain of the girls’ soccer team, and I must say she is an amazing soccer player.

Oh and she thinks she’s dating Adam, when truthfully, Adam hates her.

“Oh, hey Kerri,” Adam replies faking a smile.

“I was wondering,” she speaks normally, then lowering her voice, “If you wanted to come over tonight? If you know what I mean.” Then to top it off, she winks.

“Kerri,” I say and she turns to me, “We really don’t want to hear about yours or Adam’s sex life so if you don’t mind, could you have this conversation some time when there aren’t people around?”

She scoffs, turns around and mutters, “at least I have a sex life.”

I just pretended to ignore it.

The teacher starts handing out our time tables and I find out that I have Music with Ariel, Gabby and Adam, Advanced Maths with Adam, Standard English with Ariel, Gabby and Kerri (shoots myself) and Drama with Andy. I’m alone for Dance, but I’m sure I know people in my class.

“Ahh, Mr Hall, you’ve decided to show up,” Mrs Lopez says.

Everyone and I mean everyone turns to look at Luke Hall.

“Well I had to reschedule a few things to make school possible,” He says smirking.

Luke Hall, bad boy of Brooke High. The 6”2’, brown hair, green eyes, mysterious guy that every girl throws themselves at. It’s quite pathetic. I’m pretty sure he has even done it with a few teachers. I must say that he has a great body, built in all the right places, and you can definetly see it with the clothes he is wearing. Typical black jeans, white shirt and leather jacket, but it’s a good look for him.

He is popular with the female population of the school. I guess the step-brothers do have something in common.

Oh yeah, Adam’s dad and Luke’s mum are married making them step-brothers. And the worst thing is, is that he lives across the road from my mum and I.

I don’t mind Adam, its Luke that I hate.


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