Radioactive Chapter 3



1. Chapter 3

(Thalia's POV) 

I woke up, today was the first day of school. I refused a ride from my parents. I would rather walk. 
I showered and got dressed in black skinny jeans and a white floral tshirt I brushed my blonde hair and put on pink ballet flats I applied light makeup. 
I grabbed my side bag and put my needed supplies inside I walked to the door 
"Bye!" I shouted I opened the door grabbing a set of keys to the house I put them in my bag. 
"Thalia!" I heard my name being called I looked up to see Niall on the other side of the road. He had an unlit cigarette between his lips. 
"Hey." I said 
"Where are you off to?" He asked 
"School." I said in a duh tone 
"You go?" He asked 
"Of course I do." I said 
"Hang on one sec." He said he ran into his house and a minute later he came back out with a backpack 
"War school?" He asked 
"Eastwood." I said 
"Ha ok I can go then." He said 
"What do you me a can go?" I asked 
"I'm not supposed to go within 50 feet of Houston High." He said I didn't wanna ask why. 
He put his skateboard on the road as I walked he skateboarded zigzagging from one side of the road to the other. 
"Be careful on that thing Niall." I said he smirked 
"What are you worried about me?" He asked 
"Extremely." I said he smiled and stopped popping it up with his foot. He tucked it in between his back and his backpack. He walked beside me his black scuffed up vans black jeans and black "Queen" shirt he had a purple streak at the front of his quiff. 
"When did you get the streak?" I asked 
"Yesterday actually." He said 
"Cool." I said 
"Do you like it?" He asked 
"Yeah I like purple." I said he brought the cigarette that he didn't light out from behind his ear and stuck it between his lips and brought out a steel lighter. He flicked the cap open and lit the cigarette. He put the lighter back in his pocket. I tried not to let the smoke bother me. He held the smoke out to me I shook my head 
"Where's your sense of adventure?" He asked I just shook my head again. 
In about 15 minutes Niall and I arrived at the school we walked into the main office 
"Oh Mr. Horan you finally decide to show up." He said 
"Always an honor chief." He said to the I'm assuming principal. 
"Are you new young lady?" He asked me I nodded Niall still stood there 
"You can go Mr. Horan you know you have English right?" The principal asked 
"I thought I would escort her to class" Niall said 
"And you are...?" The principal asked 
"Thalia Morrison." I said 
"You are the new girl ok I'll grab you your schedule." He said he went around the desk and grabbed two pieces of paper. He handed them to me I thanked him. He squirted hand sanitizer on his hand and rubbed it in. 
Niall ushered me out of the office, he took the papers from me and examined them. 
"Your locker is 3 down from mine." He said I felt glad "you also have first 3rd and 5th period with me." He said 
"How many periods are there?" I asked "10" each of them is half an hour. He said I nodded Niall brought me to my locker I put in the combo that was on the page and it opened I put my stuff inside. Niall walked back over after stopping at his locker. 
"Follow me." He said I nodded 
A group of guys with lots of tattoos like Niall pasted 
"Hey! Niall!" They all shouted Niall high fived one of them 
"Your crew?" I asked 
"I don't belong to a crew.. Not anymore." He said I stayed quiet. 
"Here we are." He says he pushed a light oak door open I walked under his arm we were about 3 minutes late. 
"Oh hello there" the teacher said to me he looked nice... 
"Niall" he said with a nod 
"Mr. Booker." Niall said 
"You two just take a seat back there ok?" He said 
Niall took my wrist guiding me to the back we sat at a desk it had carvings in it. I read them all then I saw it. 
"Niall .H The Bishops" I looks at him 
"Is that you?" I whispered he leaned over and smirked 
"Yeah" he whispered he took out a small square piece of paper he felt around under the desk he smirked and pulled something off he dangled a little baggie in front of me I noticed what it was and grabbed his hand with both of mine forcing it down onto my lap 
"Niall! Why do you have weed stashed in a classroom?" I whisper yelled at him he stretched out his hand gripping my knee the baggie between my knee and his palm. 
"It's ok Thalia the teachers don't care haven't you noticed this school is ghetto." He whispered leaning his head closer to me. 
Ghetto? Well it seemed like it was ran by a bunch of guys covered in tattoos. 
Niall poured the baggie into his palm and piled it in a perfect line on the paper it started to roll it he licked it and folded it shut finishing it. 
"That's a good one." He said he tucked it behind his ear. 
"Your crazy." I whispered 
"Your just new. Welcome to Maplewood." He whispered 
"What do you mean?" I asked 
"This neighborhood well pretty much town is full of people like me. You better steep down to our level or get used to your room. I guarantee you if you don't show that you have balls you won't last long in this place." He said it seemed like a threat but also a promise. 
"Are you threatening me?" I asked 
"Nope just opening your eyes about this crazy town the white picket fences and nice houses and green grass that's all a mask. This place is scary at night." He said 
"Niall your scaring me." I said 
"There's no reason to be, I'll get you here and home and anywhere you wanna go and back." He said 
"Why is it so safe for you?" I asked he held out his hands at the top there was this design and it said 
"The Bishops" inside it with other designs. 
"No one fucks with a Bishop" he said I grabbed one of his hands tracing over the lines of the design 
"Who designed this?" I asked 
"A guy I used to roll with. He's still in the crew or gang whatever people wanna call it" he said 
"Wouldn't you know what to call it?" I asked
"I'm not in it anymore. I left." He said 
"What's his name?" I asked moving on and I was truly amazed by the beautiful work. 
"Zayn." He said he watched as I examined each and every line on his hand tattoos. Beautiful work it was amazingly done. 
"Do you have any?" Niall asked 
"Any what?" I asked 
"Tattoos." He said I shook my head 
"No" I said 
"We should get one together" he said 
"Matching tattoos?" I asked 
"Yeah it'd be cool." He said 
"What would we get?" I asked 
"A rubber duck" he says immediately it kinda seemed like he was thinking about this before. 
"A rubber duck? Seems kinda quirky what does it mean?" I asked 
"Our relationship was built cleaning your pool then we swam around and played in it for hours to do you know that saying?" He asked 
"What saying?" I asked 
"Always swim with a buddy." He said I smiled 
"I like it. I'll ask" I said 
"Ok" he said 

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