Kiss And Tell ( Harry Styles Fan Fic )

Angel Just started Junior High And everything change because of the school Bad boy Harry Styles.


3. Surprise surprise

Friday: after school

I'm at home now getting ready for Sean's party tonight and Kate is picking me up with her boyfriend Paul. I decided to wear black skinny jean, White tank top, Black leather jacket, brown feather earring, and Brown knee high cowboy boot with tassels at the back. And for hair I decided to on soft curls with my hair.

Over the past weeks have been hard and gross because you see Harry and Victoria making out every time you see them. And it is really disturbing and gross. During class Harry would try and flit but I would ignore or move to extra seats on the class room. And Victoria, she doesn't even deserve Harry. And plus I bet she would even have sex with else  someone tonight. Oh my god! I'm I jealous of Victoria because she is dating Harry. No no no no I will not be jealous of that skank who lost her virginity at the age of 14. And I bet she had more sex the amount of pages on a Chinese phone book. And who cares if Harry is dating anybody else! Like Brit and Kate said his relationship only last up to 3 months. 
Dad: Ann Your friend is here!
Me: Coming 
I grabbed the phone and ran down and out the door to the drive way And there stood Not, Kate,Brit or Paul, But Harry?!
Me: Why are you here?!
Harry: Do you know you look amazing tonight?" I flushed
Me: Cut the crap Styles! Why are you here?!" I yelled as I felt my pulse piping out my wrist.

Harry: You are do cute when your angry ......

Me: tell me now or else I'm gonna kick right up your fucking a......" 

Harry: to pick you up to the party." Harry interrupted. 

Me: wait! WHAT?! No no no no no no. Kate is picking me up and that is my plan.

Harry: Today at detention Kate was there so when her parents came I heard them say she was grounded. So I decided to take you to the part" omg why did Kate have to skip class today?! If she didn't skip class She wouldn't have got detention and I wouldn't have to be with Harry! Urggggggg!!!!!!! I wouldn't want Sean"s the party because everyone says that Sean's party are awesome and his parents only leave town only for one day in a school year. But I sift want to get Harry to drive me. Or my mom or dad because they always stuck around parts that are soooooooooooooooooo embarrassing.

Me: I'll walk

Harry: so you wanna walk for 1 hour?!" He laughed 

Me: just leave I"ll get someone to pick me up" I said then Harry scooped me over his shoulder started to walk over to his car.

Me: Ahhhhhh!!!!! Let me down!!!!!!! I"ll call 911!!!!!!!!

Harry: I'm not going to do anything bad to you. I'm gonna put you on my car and were going to the party." Then he out me down in the passenger seat if the car.

Then Harry gots to the drivers seat and started driving before I could get out the car. Then rolled a awkward silence. Then I didn't know why but I said

Me: so are you and Victoria dating?" I said. OMG why did I say that it was so obvious they were.

Harry: what make you think that?

Me: Because I saw you guys kissing and you guys seems like each others type. 

Harry: She's not my type" This guy is soo confusing I just can't keep up.

Harry: your my type" he whispered. Holy shit did he just say that?! I don't know what to say but lucky nobody said a single word to each other for the whole ride. 

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