Kiss And Tell ( Harry Styles Fan Fic )

Angel Just started Junior High And everything change because of the school Bad boy Harry Styles.


2. Need a ride?

Finally The last bell. The day felt like it lasted forever. And I can't believe that Harry was in all of my classes! And it was hard to ignore him all day but I seemed to pull it off.
Mr Taylor: Angle may I talk to you for a sec?
Me: Sure" Shit!!!!!
Mr Taylor: You seem very detracted today. Are you okay? Because last year you never seem off task"
Me: No, I"m Just very happy I'm back in school" I lied. It was Harry that was detracted me
Mr Taylor: Okay your off to go" I walk down the hallway until I looked up at the clock and I am late and the bus leaves in 1 minute. I ran like the was a herd of Zombies behind me. I ran as Fast as I could. Then I saw the bus leaving.
Me: WAIT! WAIT!" But it was too late. My house was like a 2 hours away by feet and now my parents are really going to be pissed now.
Me: Shit!"
Then Harry pulled his car next to me And said
Harry: missed the bus?" I couldn't ignore him anymore and plus I was acting childish.
Me: Yeah
Harry: Need I ride?" I didn't want to ignore him but That doesn't mean I wanted to take a 1 Hour ride with him.
Me: No It's fine
Harry Where do you live?
I told my address. Why did I just tell him my address I'm such a idiot!
Harry: Come in I'm taking you home.
Me: No I can walk
Harry: I'm Not leaving you until you get in the car" OMG why won't he leave me alone!? Why can't you start harassing Victoria your Slut of a Girlfriend! Then it started to rain. Why did it had to rain now.
Harry: So are you coming in? 
Me: fine. You win.
When I Got into the car we stayed quiet until I open my mouth and said.
Me: So how is you and Victoria?
Harry: What do you mean?
Me: I saw you and Victoria making out in the hallway. So I resumed You guys are dating. And you guys are like each other type.
Harry: No She's not my type." Shit now I feel like even more of a idiot!
Harry: Your my type" Oh my god he is flirting with me again. I don't even know how to respond to this. So we stayed quiet for the whole ride. 

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