Radioactive Chapter 1

Thalia Morrison is a normal teenage girl.
What happens when she meets 5 boys each with a different clique.
Niall: The Spunky One
Louis: The Sports Team King
Harry: The Misunderstood One
Zayn: The Druggie
Liam: The Artist
One thing they all have in common?
A secret passion for singing and music.
And another thing....
Their all ex-punk group members. Leaving them with records and reputation could Thalia fix their forgotten about friendships?

She takes an appealing to each and everyone of them. But who will win her heart?


1. Chapter 1

(Thalia's POV) 

"Thalia are you ready?!" My mom calls up the steps I took one last look at my empty room. The room I grew up in the room I played with my barbies that I hid in when things got bad. This was the room. My room. Well not anymore I guess, I had to move. My dad got work in London I'm leaving my home here in Holmes Chapel. 
Moving to London... The big city. 
I got in the back seat of my parents SUV. I put my head phones in my ears and closed my eyes hoping to sleep but I couldn't. I opened my eyes with a grumble. 
There was no hope for me sleeping wise, I just stared out the window blankly. I felt like I would never see my friends anymore I knew at least I could still drive there and back. 
I went through my songs I was so bored already. 
"Mom do you have the sleeping pills up there?" I asked 
"Thalia. Your not going to take drugs to sleep." She said I stuck my tongue out at her. My dad was already at the new house with my older brother Derek and my younger sister Zoé. He had unpacked almost everything my mom had to stay back because I took longer to pack my room because I spent most of the time crying. I grew up in this house and in that neighborhood I didn't like the idea of leaving. 

New school, new neighborhood, new people big one... New house. 
I hated this I made sure my mom knew that. I was very vocal about my opinion when my parents told me and my siblings. Zoé didn't mind because she's so young and Derek is too wrapped around weed to care about anything else.
I pulled all of my long straight brown hair to the side over my shoulder and sighed. I took out my journal. I've had this thing since I was 15. I'm 17 now. I wrote in it a lot it's what keeps me sane. 

---Entry #127 Monday, May 23rd 2013 

I actually did it. I left the house willingly. Shocking isn't it? I mean I loved that old house that almost every inch of the floor squeaked. 
I hope London isn't as busy and posh as everyone says. I mean it can't possibly be that bad. I've been to London before... When I was younger I can hardly remember but I don't remember huge crowds like everyone says. 
I remember most people being nice to me but again... I was a little girl. 
Mom doesn't even get it, the pain this is putting me threw it seems like all she cares about is getting a nicer house in London to impress her friends. I can't stand her group of friends. A bunch of posh bitches. They used to do a "book club" but I swear none of them even cracked the spine of the books they "read." All they did was sit there and gossip about other people. Oh and of course they had to be held at our house all the time. I remember sitting there and putting my headphones in my ears and turning it up so loud I thought my brain would melt just to block out their annoying laughs. 
So badly I just wanted to walk down the steps and yell "shut the fuck up you annoying posh bitches!" I only think about swearing I mean I would never say it out loud. I just do what I can in school getting good marks so I can get into a college and get the hell away from my family cause god damn... I would take Zoé with me. On a good day. I try to bring her away for, my parents so she doesn't grow up like Derek, he doesn't even come out of his room. Zoé is a good girl but sometimes I want to throw her down the stairs but that's just classic older sister younger sister type stuff---

I closed my journal and stuffed it back in my back pack. 
At the new school there's only 5 weeks of school left. Then everyone graduates. Hopefully I graduate with my marks from the last school I was at.

"Were here!" My mom said excitedly she pulls into a neighborhood where almost everyone had white picket fences. Oh joy. The white picket fence life. That's the kind I was living now. I sighed we pulled into the drive way ,y new house was a 4 bedroom 5 bath with a massive kitchen and living room. I went up to the upstairs there was a yellow sticky note on a door that said 
"THALIA'S ROOM!" I had called dibs on the front window house that had the 3 big windows and a window bench a huge closet and an amazing bathroom my bed and desk and everything was set up the way I wanted it to be I set my two boxes on the desk as I waited for my dad to bring up the rest. I stared by unwrapping my MacBook and setting it on my desk I set up my speakers beside it I plugged my dock in next to my bed I set up all my pictures and opened my curtains. 
I looked down and noticed a blonde boy look up we made eye contact I considered waving I didn't know what to do but then he gave me a subtle wave and continued his guitar playing I walked away and finished un packing.
I went into the garage my mom had bought flowers so I could plant them I love flowers they are amazing. I love Gardens that are bright and lovely. I brought my little shovel out and store bought flowers. I sat down cross legged I put my gloves on and started. 
"Need and help?" I looked behind me and saw the blonde boy from across the street standing at the crib I got up brushing my hands off on my pants 
"Uh sure, just let me get you a pair if gloves." I said I went into the garage through the open door I grabbed a big pair of gloves my dad used to use. I walked out and nodded my head for him to come over to me. I handed him the pair of gloves and sat he sat next to me 
"Do you see the pattern I'm working on here?" I asked him he used his tongue to play with his lip ring as he nodded. 
"Just try to keep that." I said I started to dig with my hands giving him the shovel he set it aside and started to dig with his hands. 
"So what's your name?" He asked 
"Thalia... Yours?" I asked 
"Niall" he said I handed him a flower 
"Pleasure to meet you Niall." I said he smiled and planted the flower. 

Authors note: 

So she's met Niall. :) 
Nhalia is their ship name :)

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