Its Not A Dream, Its my Future

Caroline Sage has been having the same nightmare for a week now. Every night her and her brother Edward, would deal with the same situation. Sceaming coming from Carie's room.
Carie's nightmare :
"Don't you love me? If you really do lover me, then let me do it. Come on. Let me rip out your beating heart"
the slim figure with dark black hair was a companion of mine every night for the past week. I hate sleeping. it always brings me to him, the man who whant to kill me.
Will Carie find a way to change her future? Or will she actually fall in love with the dobble-faced man that's trying to kill her? (FYI: Its my first fan-fic go easy on me)


2. A somewhat new beginning

"CARIEEEE!!!!! WAKE THE *BEEP* UP!!*BEEP* BREAKFAST IS *BEEP* READY!!" *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*. God my alarm is annoying.So is my brother's screams in the morning. i lay in bed just staring at my celling for a couple of minutes. My thoughts lead to last night. There is just one thing that i miss from it. The voice of my mother. It also makes me sad. i take in a deep breath and put my hands over my face

"Carie? Come on sweetie, its a new day and a new school. Didnt you want to move here? get up before i eat your food woman!!" Ehh i get up for the sake of my food. " I'll chop your tounge of if you do" edward puts his hands up in defence. then runs downstairs to the kitchen screaming "MINE!!"

  Well what sucks is im entering a new school almost in the middle of the year. I forsed myself out of bed and started to dress. I go with something simple. A black button-up dress shirt some converse and gray skinies.  I let my hair be and put on a red bow-tie and tucked in my shirt. I headed downstairs for my breakfast to find my brother already eating.

"sausage links, fries , eggs, and a chocolate milk? You know how to make me smile bro" i peck his cheek and sit down. its nearly 7:37.  We both look at each other without a word and run to the car. i grab my neon blue backpack and ed grabs his keys.

*in the car*

"So i pick you up at 4:00? right?" i forgot i had work today. great. " yep. alright here is my stop." he pulled up to the front of the school. dozens of kids are hanging out near tables, trees, or siting on the grass. shet. "Ok call me when your out ok or just text me during lunch and nutrition k?" "but i dont have a-" he stopped me before i finished.he handed me a new iphone 5 " omg ed where in the world did you- how. omg thank you" i kissed him and hugged him" i already added my number so go. make friends ok?" i smiled at him and got out of his camaro. " bi" i waved and set off into the school.

I headed to the office to pick up my classes. "um hello?" i called out to a sweet looking lady with orange hair ad glasses " Yes? How may i help you?" " uh im new here and i came to pick up my classes" "ok name?" " Caroline sage" "alright it will take a minuet to print out your classes. you may sit down if you like" "thank you" i headed to the seating area. i was the only one there so i started to go through my phone. i unlocked the screen and saw that Ed had already set a wallpaper. it was us on my 10th birthday. we looked soo happy. That was the day our parents died. I felt tears start forming in my eyes. " Um mis? i have your classes. Are you alright?" i quickly wipe them away. " yea um so english is first hu." "yea i have assigned a Office helper to take you to all your classes."   umm i dont whant helpers   " UH thats fine can-" a boy with black hair walked. For some reason he made me stop to stair at him he was cute.he had a white hoodie on that said O.H i was gessing it ment ohio but it was really office assistant . "HI my name is Zayn Malik um ill be following you the entire day today" "haha ok its nice to meet you im Caroline sage. JUST CALL ME CARIE !" he put  out his hand for a hand shake i look at him then his hand, hes smiling  like crazy its sort of looks like- no im just tierd .... Then i do the same. the moment i take his hand to shake i black out completely.


sorry for the lagg. but i promise to upload again tomoro k?

bi love you >.<


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