Stay with Me

*FINISHED* A story about Nell, a 19-year-old girl from Australia moving to London for university. Nell becomes friends with a girl named Katie who happens to be the brother of One Directions Niall Horan. Taking an unexpected turn Nell becomes so wrapped up in Niall's romance that she fails exams and is forced back to Australia... What happens to Niall and Nell?


23. Mum??

1 Week Later


A week after our California trip I was back at uni. I was on my way home from a long and miserable day, when I decided to have everyone over for a movie night. It was a horrible night, we were in the middle of a thunderstorm so the only thing the night was perfect for was, a horror movie marathon. I stopped in at the movie store and ordered some movies and then brought some food. When I got home the boy's were already there playing FIFA with Niall. I went over and kissed Niall on the cheek. "Hi baby"

"Hi gorgeous" he replied not taking his eyes of the game. Boys?

I ran upstairs to get changed before the girls arrived. When everyone was here we popped the popcorn and started watching the first Paranormal Activity. We were all scared shitless. Half way through the movie when it was just getting scary, there was a knock on the door. We all jumped out of our skin.

"What???" Harry said confused

"Who would go out in this weather?" Liam added

"Someone stupid" said Katie I got up to answer the door and looked at Niall with my puppy dog face "Pleasse??" I asked "Ohh okay" Niall smiled

We got up and answered the door. I wasn't sure who it was at first but when I saw her face I was really surprised! "Mum??"

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