Stay with Me

*FINISHED* A story about Nell, a 19-year-old girl from Australia moving to London for university. Nell becomes friends with a girl named Katie who happens to be the brother of One Directions Niall Horan. Taking an unexpected turn Nell becomes so wrapped up in Niall's romance that she fails exams and is forced back to Australia... What happens to Niall and Nell?


26. Actually going home

Nell's POV


Well it's official. I'm actually going back to Australia. I was making a big deal out of when I was finished university I would be moving back to London. My mother wasn't very happy about it and she seemed annoyed with Niall. What is her problem?


When it came the time to go my mother said goodbye to my friends and walked to the car. First I said goodbye to all the boys except Niall, he was driving us to the airport. I hugged them and whispered that I loved them. I started to cry, so did Louis. I then said goodbye to Jesse and Katie. Katie was the hardest because I've known her the longest and without her I would have no friends to say goodbye too. We were both bowling our eyes out when my mum said we had to leave. I said goodbye and hoped into the car. As we were pulling out they all waved goodbye. I waved back. We were all crying except for my mum and Niall. None of us talked on the way to the airport. Niall and I kept looking at each other but not know what to say. I was devastated. When we arrived at the airport some people spotted us and came running Niall just said sorry and kept on walking. We reached the gate and my mother said "Bye Niall" and sat down. I was so mad at her.  We had to give Aussie to another family because with me leaving and Niall going on tour it wasn't going to work. Niall's mum and dad or brother couldn't have him so we had to give him away. It would be the best thing for him. Me and Niall just stood there hugging for about  10 minutes. Then my plane was called. "Bye Niall. I love you!"

"I love you too Nell"

"Promise we'll make the long distance work!"

"Promise" We had our final kiss and I went and boarded. I turned and waved. Niall was crying. That made me cry too. It felt like my heart was breaking.

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