A Murder Unwritten

Nikki Flores was a girl with a not so great life. She lived with her best friend Niall Horan in London. Niall only sees her happy side not knowing that she is bullied not only by her whole school but by his four best friends. her life only gets worse when she is kidnapped by a deranged serial killer. She ends up saving lives and becoming a hero only to have that same killer hunting her down to get revenge for exposing him. Some people get hurt and others realize their true feelings. Join Nikki in this epic tale of love and danger.


4. Welcome To Hell

Niall's Prov

I was heading home from a long day of work and school when I noticed police cars in front of my house. I was so confused and so worried because Nikki's in there or at least I hope. I walk up to the first cop I see and ask him why there here. "Well son, we received an urgent 911 call about a break in and there are signs of a struggle we are afraid the girl living here has been taken" the police officer says. Those words hit me hard, shes been taken by who, I hope shes okay. By now I'm crying and filled with anger and regret. I regret telling her to stay home and I regret not being able to tell her how I truly feel about her. The truth is I'm in love with her and have been since the 8th grade, but me being a wimp I never told her. I needed comfort and some one by my side to help me cope with this disaster, so I called the boys over. I didn't tell them why but that it was an emergency and I needed their presence. The police have left by now telling me they will find her but I've watched the movies and usually they never the person who is missing. The boys arrive and I am a mess tears streaming down my face my hair is in all directions from me pulling at it. "Dude whats the matter whats the emergenc- oh my goodness gracious Niall whats the matter why do you look like this" Louis screams frantically. "Someone took her" I whisper starring off into space while looking at a picture of Nikki and I. "Took who Niall tell us what happened" Harry saying trying to get my attention. I hold out the picture and point to Nikki and they all frown and look sad. "What happened exactly" Liam says rubbing his temples out of frustration. "She was shocked and scared from what happened the other night, so I told her to take the day off and rest, when I got home they're were cops every where telling me she was most likely Kidnapped" I said all in one breath. They all looked shocked and I think Harry was about to cry which he never does. We were talking and Louis let it slip they bullied her. I was disgusted by the words that came out of his mouth, I started to get angry and  before I knew it I punched him in the face. "Everyone get out I don't want to see your faces right now" I said anger building up. They quickly helped Louis up and apologized for bullying her before leaving. I curled up in a ball on my bed and started crying before slowly falling to sleep.

Nikki's Prov

I woke up with a massive headache and my body was sore and I felt really weak. I tried to move before realizing I was bound to a chair with rope and chains around my feet, torso, and hands.I checked my surrounding and I was utterly terrified by what I saw. The lights were dim and it looked like a scene from a horror movie they're were tools covered in blood and it made me sick just looking at it. You could practically smell the scent of rotting corpses in the air and then I saw a sheet hung on the ceiling almost like to hide something. So foolish me scooted my chair across the cement floor to see what it was and I almost screamed when I saw the mystery behind the sheet. It was a dead body with slashes all up its sides and everywhere you could imagine. Then it clicked of who my kidnapper was, it was the serial killer I saw on the news channel the other day and hes the one who left the body it my trash can. Oh no I'm in trouble, suddenly the door swings open and an older man wearing a lab coat walks. But the coat was stained in blood and his expression was of pure evil. He looked at me and smiled wickedly the whispered three little words into my ear and the way he said it will haunt me for the rest of my life. The words were 'Welcome to hell' and I knew that it was true and I would need luck on my side to survive this.

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