A Murder Unwritten

Nikki Flores was a girl with a not so great life. She lived with her best friend Niall Horan in London. Niall only sees her happy side not knowing that she is bullied not only by her whole school but by his four best friends. her life only gets worse when she is kidnapped by a deranged serial killer. She ends up saving lives and becoming a hero only to have that same killer hunting her down to get revenge for exposing him. Some people get hurt and others realize their true feelings. Join Nikki in this epic tale of love and danger.


1. A Day In My Life

 When I woke up it was a little to warm for my liking in the house. So I opened my window immediately being blasted with cold air from that crisp August morning. I switched on the telly and to the news channel like I do every morning. The latest report was of a series of murder victims being found. All of the victims of this serial killer had been cut with a knife until they bled to death. It chilled me to the bone just thinking of the horror they went through until they died. I had always had this fascination with killers when I grow up I want to be a detective and solve crimes. I stood up and walked out of room through the cream colored hallway to the bathroom. I undressed and jumped in the shower to wake myself up. I quickly scrubbed up and washed my hair before getting out and grabbing a towel before making the short walk back to my room. Once inside I closed the door and quickly got dressed I wore a sun colored top that had white flowers on it and a pair of white leggings. I grabbed a brush and started fixing my hair which was a nightmare. My hair is so difficult to fix after getting out of the shower. After fixing my hair I went to my dresser that had a mirror attached to it and began applying my makeup. I never use much just some foundation and lip gloss. I then slipped on my black flats and went down stairs to have a cup of coffee. Well I guess now is as good as time as ever to tell you a little bit about me. My name is Nikki Flores I'm eighteen and live with my best friend Niall Horan. Niall is already in college while I'm in my last year of high school which sucks for me because so are his four best friends Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. They bully me when Niall is not around which now he never is because of college and work. Hes hardly ever home leaves early in the morning for his classes and comes home late from work. I don't tell Niall about my bullying problem because he has enough to worry about and hes already stressing enough. Well back to my morning which is the only time I can relax before I go to school. I look at the clock and its already 7:30 guess I have to start walking to school now. I finish my cup of coffee and slip on a light sweater before grabbing my backpack and heading out the door. I quickly locked the door before slipping my key back into my pocket. I observed my surroundings as I do every morning and begun walking along a sidewalk I loved watching the leaves fall from the trees. The wind was blowing the trees lightly and I listened and soaked up as much quiet and peace I will get for the day.

It took me a good fifteen minutes to walk to school or should I say hell. I try to stay unnoticed as I dodge passing students on my way to my locker. Once I reach it I crouch down since its a bottom locker and spin the dial the combination is 49-25-45. Once I hear the click signaling me its open I set my backpack on the hook and take out my binder and math book for my first class. All of sudden my locker is forcibly closed, I look up to see the the four people I despise the most smirking at me.  I stand up and face the four boys and glare at them. "Thought you could get away from us this morning huh well you can't" Harry says as he smirks even wider. "I just want to go to class " I pleaded I knew what was coming to me. They hurt me verbally and physically and told me many things that weren't true. They made me insecure and messed with my head but I knew better than to believe them. After my 'beating' they left and I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom looking at the bruises they had caused. It hurt but I learned to suck it up and get on with the day. I heard the first bell ring which meant class was starting soon and I needed to get there before the late bell rang. I walked out of the bathroom and by now the hallways were flooded with people at their lockers and people going to class. I was almost trampled by the time I got to class I sat down in a seat just as the second bell rang. This was the start of a very boring school day that I couldn't wait to get over with.

Once my very last class let out I was relieved but then I had to get home without running into them again. Which I succeeded in doing only because I'm such a fast runner. I got home and locked the door in case they followed me home. Now I can relax I laid down on the sofa and turned on the television. I was feeling pretty tired today so I laid down and soon fell asleep.

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