change your life

lexi [alexia] Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson little sister but she's nothing like her brother and sisters will a certain curly haired boy change that or will she continue to push everyone away till no one wants her around find out


4. seriously?

change your life


recap mom dad me and Eleanor are

present time

engaged and Eleanor's pregnant said Louis smiling I'm gonna be a grandma?! said mom I'm gonna be the babies favourite aunt I  declared well you won't be around the baby while you dress and act like that said Louis I looked around everyone except Louis looked shocked Louis William Tomlinson said Eleanor looking flabbergasted its ok el I know he doesn't want your baby to be exposed to freak I said near to tears and with that I ran out the door he's right what have I become I let what people said to me get to me I thought so I went to the nearest hotel I couldn't go back they'd judge me for sure  and booked a hotel room the nice old lady gave me the room key and I ran up getting disapproving looks from adults on my way I got to my room and then into the shower and started to wash the hair dye out and washed the tattoo of then looked in the mirror and saw the real me not the cake face make-up black Goth girl I'd became familiar with then took the sticker of then went on eBay looking for nonblack furniture I brought some and arranged for it to be dropped of home tomorrow then there was a knock on my hotel door room service I thought wait I haven't ordered any and there stood harry Louis's best friend he said there's to much yelling between Eleanor and Louis and he was tired so i let him stay the night but before we went to bed Alexis? will you be my girlfriend? he asked sure i would love that I replied he gave me a peck on the lips and we crawled into bed and fell asleep

 A/N ok I know it was confusing before   but its better now...........I think

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