change your life

lexi [alexia] Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson little sister but she's nothing like her brother and sisters will a certain curly haired boy change that or will she continue to push everyone away till no one wants her around find out


2. i aint changing

 I went to the hair place and got them to dye my hair purple with black streaks , then I got a tattoo saying 'I AINT CHANGING',  next I went to the piercing place and got a nose ring ,and I got 2 piercings in each ear then  I walked home dreading every step I took, Mum, Dad and my sisters are gonna be like tell us what's the matter and we'll buy you that black stuff you love and we hate. Eventually I was home, my parents and my sisters light was off but the living room on. Strange! I checked my phone, 3:45am. Very strange I thought. Oh no Louis ,Harry , Zayn , Liam and Niall are here. I walked through the living room there were 4 women. ''LEXI WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! AN DONT YOU DARE TELL ME IT WAS A DARE BECAUSE WE BOTH KNOW THATS A LIE'' Louis bellowed'' WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE YOU NEVER CONTACTAD ME TILL IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY WHEN YOU WANTED SOMETHING. FIZZY WAS LIKE ME BUT SHE STOPPED BECAUSE YOU TWEETED HER ON HER BIRTHDAY, THAT WE SHARE, MIGHT I ADD. YOU NEVER WANTED TO SEE ME OR HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH ME. YOU THINK I'M A MISTAKE ADMIT IT, I SAW IT IN YOUR DIARY ''I screamed. I ran up the stairs crying. I could hear Louis and 3 girls shouting and 3 pairs of shoes running up the stairs and a Barbie voice giggling like mad. ''uggh Taylor why are you here, we broke up'' harry yelled. ''Fine i'll leave, but I will rue the day.'' she screamed. They then burst into laughter.  ''rue the day.'' they laughed. Hi I'm Dani, Liams girlfriend,  that's Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend and El, Louis's girlfriend.'' said Dani, ''Why don't we do some girly stuff tomorrow?'' Suggested Perrie. ''Sounds good'' we said. ''Girls can I tell you something'' I asked of course they said. ''The hairs not permanent , the nose ring is a sticker, ears - clip-ons, and the tattoos - temporary.''  

''ALEXIA ANNABEL TOMLISON GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE NOW''  My Dad screamed from the living room.

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