change your life

lexi [alexia] Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson little sister but she's nothing like her brother and sisters will a certain curly haired boy change that or will she continue to push everyone away till no one wants her around find out


3. confessions

I walked downstairs still bawling followed by Perrie, Dani and El "what have you done" mum shrieked

''take a chill pill mummykins'' I said  sarcastically ''I WILL NOT TAKE A CHILL PILL LOOK AT YOUR SELF AND ENOUGH WITH THIS SARCASM TOMMOROW YOU WILL GO SHOPPING AND TURN NORMAL''!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mum roared '' Louis tell her you never called texted or anything '' I said '' I did'' he said indignantly ''phoebe always said you were busy and tell you I called and texted  you'' Louis said furiously ''she never told me'' I said  ''PHEOBE'' we yelled in usion ''I'm so sorry ''she cried ''why did you do it'' I said furiously ''payback because Jim bob dumped me coz you did not tell me he called he thought I stood him up'' she screamed    ''ok lets pretend this never happened'' I said ''ok'' said Louis and ''phoebe mum dad this is really important me an Eleanor are''

a/n ooh cliff-hanger if you guys fan and favourite my movellas I will try to update everyday ok???? 

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