change your life

lexi [alexia] Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson little sister but she's nothing like her brother and sisters will a certain curly haired boy change that or will she continue to push everyone away till no one wants her around find out


1. lexi vs louis

lexi's pov

As I walked out the mall I sighed, home, why do I have to go home. Great, Louis is coming with his band and  their girlfriends. I started walking and made it home in 5 minutes. I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom, my black bedroom ''LOUIS'', screamed my mother. ''He's only been gone for a year its not that long'' I screamed from my room, ''where's my sweet innocent carrot buddy Alexia''!! he shouted playfully. ''Come give boobear a hug'' he shouted ''uggh'' I groaned I got up walked down the stairs and stood in front of him ''wh-what happ-happened t-t-to y-you''? he stuttered ''you'' I screamed he looked  shocked and hurt. ''you went on x-factor invited daisy, Lottie ,fizzy , phoebe  ,mom and dad everybody but me you even invited your primary school principle just not me '' I screamed I lunged at him but his friends held me back '' let me go'' I shrieked    they let me go and I ran out the door with no care about curfew


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