The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


13. The Explanation

[Shiannas POV]

'Unlock the door, I'm hungry!' I shouted banging on the door.

'No!' Ryan yelled I groaned and sat down on the bed. They locked me in the room because I spazzed out at Justin when I found out he was my kidnapper. What the fuck does he want with me anyway? My stomach growled making me angry all over again.

'Open the fucking door now!' I hissed loosing control

'Not with that attitude' Za shouted, earning a laugh from everyone, including me.

'Can you please open the door?' I asked in a nice tone

'Are you going to act civilized?' Justin asked and even though I couldn't see him I know he had that stupid smirk on his face.

'Yes' I groaned. I then heard footsteps coming toward the room I was being held in. The door opened and I sarcastically smiled pushing Justin out of the way.

'Can I eat now?' I asked not caring about anything but food. Za nodded and I followed him to the kitchen.

'I got you a salad from McDonald's while you were locked in the room' chaz stated while handing me the carton it was in. I thanked him took the carton

'Now we are going to have a nice meal' justin said pulling out his chair. I rolled my eyes before sitting at the table. I began eating my salad it was really good, I went through it and picked out all of the tomatoes.

'So do you have any other questions?' Twist asked taking a bite into his quarter pounder.

'Why did you guys kidnap me?' I asked swallowing a piece of lettuce.

'Well, shianna I really like you' justin said making the other boys smile, I nodded not really knowing where he was headed with this.

'I wanted to explain to you bit you wouldn't let me so I figured I could take you and sit you down so I could explain.'

'That's a really stupid idea' I said laughing. He just rolled his eyes and took another bite of his french fries

  'I have another question' I stated. They all nodded signaling for me to continue. 'Do I know you guys from somewhere?' I asked pointing to Za, Ryan, Twist and Chaz.

'You guys look very familiar.' They nodded

'yeah I'm esatabon, Chaz is Brady, Za is Darius and Fredo is Trent.' Ryan informed me

'Who is Fredo?' I questioned

'He's another friend of ours' Chaz explained. That doesn't explain how I knows twist though

'So why did you guy disguise yourselves?' I asked

'Ok don't interrupt me' I nodded indicating for Justin to continue.

'Well I'm from a gang in Canada called 6og. Our last crime we committed caused the police to come searching for us. My mom suggested for us to move to the United States to get away from the police. So the whole gang moved to California and we wore disguises so nobody would recognize us.' He said shrugging like it was nothing.

I nodded taking all the information in '6og that's the best gang name you could think of?' I asked giggling 'Shut up. It stands for 6 original gangsters' he said defensively, making the others and I laugh.

'Ok one last question.' I said 'when do I get to leave?'


                                                            He smirked before saying

                                                                 'after our date tonight'



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