The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


15. The Date ~ Better and Better (Part 1)

[Shianna's POV] 


             The Buzzer in my hand started flashing signaling that their table was ready.                           A girl dressed in all black with a white apron on appeared to guide us to our table. 

'Are these seats fine?' The waitress asked pointing to the booth. Justin looked at me and I nodded indicating that the seats were fine. She gave me a warm smile and walked off. I sat inside the booth, in the seat across from Justin.

'Justin, can you please take off these handcuffs?' I asked putting my wrist on top of the table.

'No, you're going leave if I take them off' he whined

'I can still leave with handcuffs on, my feet aren't tied' I argued

'But then how are you going to open the door?' Justin asked with his famous smirk plastered on his face.

'Eventually someone will open the door for me' I stated

'Good point' Justin said defeated

'So, can you take them off then?' I smiled

'Nope' he said popping the p.

I sighed and looked around the big restaurant I was in. We were sitting in the back of the restaurant and in was really packed in here. BRIO, was written in red on the front wall.

'Hi, I'm Emma and I'll be your server today. What would you like to drink?' The waitress asked sounding bored, looking down at her notepad

'Umm can I have a coke?' Justin asked making Emma, the waitress lookup before sending him a flirtatious wink, making me rage on the inside.

'And for you?' She asked looking at me

'Well Emma' I said rudely 'I would like a sprite.' She rolled her eyes and smiled at Justin  then walked away to go fetch our drinks. I looked up at Justin to see him smirking at me.

'Someone was totally jealous' he said

'Was not' I argued

'Was too' he sang

'Whatever' I said. I looked down at my menu that, I could only see the first page since I had on these stupid handcuffs. I fiddled my hands trying to find a way to escape, I came across a button that released the handcuffs, I should've known these were the kid handcuffs.

'Here are your drinks' Emma said gently placing Justin's drink on the coaster and slamming mine on the table 

'Bitch' I muttered only loud enough for her to hear.

'What could I get you to eat?' She asked

'I'll take a plate of spaghetti' I said, pulling my phone out of my purse

'Actually, she doesn't want that, she wants one big plate of spaghetti' Justin stated. I looked at him in confusion not knowing what he's talking about.

'And for you, sir?' Emma questioned

'I don't want anything' he stated smiling. Who goes to a restaurant and doesn't order anything? Emma finished writing the order on the notepad before leaving.

'I have to go to the restroom' Justin said excusing his self. I nodded then began texting Cleo, I missed her so much. I felt the seat across from me where Justin was sitting sink. That was fast. I looked up expecting to see Justin, but to my my surprise, it was Chaz,Twist, Ryan, and Za.

'What are you guys doing here?' I asked laughing

'We wanted to see how the date was going' Ryan explained

'Does Justin Know your here?'

'No, he didn't want us to come' chaz told me. I nodded

'So how's the date going?' Za asked flashing me a gigantic smile

'Good, actually, except for that bitch ass waitress' I stated

'Oh-' Ryan started

'Justin's coming' I whisper yelled, interrupting Ryan in the process. They nodded before sitting in the booth in front of us.

'Hey' Justin said taking his original seat 'Why is my seat so warm?' Justin asked

'Ummm... oh yeah, because my feet were resting on it' I lied covering up for the boys. He nodded not seeming to convinced.

'But-' Justin started

'Oh look here comes our food' I said cutting off Justin, pointing to Emma carrying the big plate of spaghetti and another waiter behind her carrying some bread sticks.

'Here is your food' Emma said placing the plate on the table.

'It's very hot' she warned 'kinda like you' she muttered only loud enough for me to hear. She stepped back and allowed the water to place the bread sticks on the table.

'Is there anything else, you need?' He asked causing me to look up at his face. The same face that abused me for two years, the same face that I loved, the face that belonged to the one and only Chase Matthews. 


 'Well, Well, Well, look who we have here'

He smirked First, it was the bitch flirting with my Justin and now this.

Well this night keeps getting Better and Better





A/N: Did you guys like this chapter? Did you Read my new story called The Users? If you didn't, you totally should :)

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