The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


4. New Kids


                     [Shianna's POV]

   "Shianna, are you going to school today?" 
  I heard my dad ask opening up my door. I nodded and waited for my dad to close the door so I could get out of bed. I slowly pulled the zebra comforter off of my body andI walked into the bathroom and turned my shower. I checked the water before stripping from my clothes and stepping in the shower. I washed my body and rinsed my hair, like I always do. I pulled back the hot pink shower curtain the stepped out of the shower. I dried my body off, with my favorite yellow towel , then went to my closet to find an outfit. I had picked out a pretty purple tank top with black lace on the back and some jeans with a few rips in them. I backed up out of the closet then put on my clothes before placing my phone in my back pocket and began to walk downstairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I walked into the kitchen to see my father at the table with two bowls, one was in front of him. The other was on the placemat, where I usually sit. I glanced at the time on the stove, in confusion. It was 7:10, what was dad doing all dressed up? He doesn't go to work until 9:00, I shook off the thought and walked to to the kitchen table before sitting down. 

"Thanks dad" I said to my dad while dipping my spoon into what seemed to be a bowl of grits. I continued eating the grits until the last spoonful, then put the bowl in the sink for it to by washed by my father. I glanced over at the stove once again to examine the time 7:15, it was only a 15 minute walk so I really didn't have to rush out of the door. I walked to where my backpack was laying and placed it on my back. I opened the front door and began to walk out the door until the familiar voice of my father stopped me.

"Want me to drive you to school today?" My dad asked

"Sure" I said furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. Why does he want to drive me to school all of a sudden? He flashed me a smile before walking out of the door, I followed behind him, opening the door before sitting down on the very hot leather seats. My dad put the keys in the ignition and the engine purred to life, then the radio shot on it. What about love by Austin Mahone came on, I turned up the volume a bit which cause my dad to playfully roll his eyes and laugh. I quietly sung along to the lyrics, until the song went off. The car ride was very silent.

"Bye Dad, Love you" I said breaking the silence.

"Bye sweetie, Love you too" he replied. I nodded and started walking towards the doors of North High. When I approached my ugly salmon pink locker, I entered in the code and took my binder out of my book bag before placing it in my locker. I closed the locker and made my way to Cleo's locker, it was kind of a long walk though since lockers were arranged by last names and my last name was Morgan and hers was was Faiye. I continued down the long hallway until I saw my blonde haired Best Friend.

"Hey" I said approaching her

"Heyy, guess what"

"What?" I asked

"I heard there's a new kid here today" she said exited

"Male of Female?" I asked wiggling my eyebrows in a flirtatious way

"Male!" She exclaimed, making everyone turn our direction

I laughed a little and stopped when we got to my classroom.

"See you at lunch" she winked waving. I nodded and walked into my first period class . I sat down in my regular seat as the bell was ringing. There was an unfamiliar figure in the wooden desk next to me. I just shrugged and continued to write down the plans on the board in my agenda, which we're required to do, stupid right? The teacher started to erase the board and started explaining something to us but, I just zoned out, and began to think about Justin, like I always do. I'm starting to have a really unhealthy obsession over him. I then felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned my head to see who it was it was that unfamiliar figure.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked clearly irritated. I took that time to examine him, he had black curly hair and piercing blue eyes, he was wearing a red polo shirt with khakis and red converse, this must be the new guy he was pretty cute, but nothing compared to Justin.

"Yes it's called gorgeousness" he said smiling. I couldn't help but smile at his corny pick up line. 

"Oh.....Okay then" I said laughing. It was kind of awkward though.

"Can we start over?" He asked laughing a bit 

"Go for it" I said still snickering 

"Okay..." He paused "Do you have mirrors in your pants?......... Because I can see my self in them" he continued. I gasped and playfully hit him in the arm.

"So what's your name?" I asked 

"Um................" He said looking around the classroom. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion "Dylan" he paused "Dyaln Maxwell"

"Was that a trick question?" I asked smiling. He laughed a little. Isn't it weird how Dylan and I we're just having a conversation in the middle of the classroom without the teacher noticing?

"So what's your name?" He said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Shianna" I replied

He nodded and *DONG* the bell rang ending our conversation. I got up from my seat and made my way out of the classroom.

~Skip To Lunch/Free Period~

I dropped my stuff off at my locker before walking into the noisy cafeteria, it was louder than usual probably because every one was talking about the Dylan, the new guy. I through the lunch line grabbing bread sticks and grapes. When I exited the lunch line I made my way to the table to where I usually sit at. 

"Hey" I said to everyone at the table, I was in a surprisingly good mood.

"Hey. Did you meet the new guy yet?" Arielle asked I nodded

"Did you?" I asked returning the question. She shook her head indicating a no, I turned my attention away from her and back to my plate, and actually ate the school lunch for the first time in a while.


I grabbed my plate and threw it in the trash can before waving bye to my table. I went to my locker to get my stuff for the remainder of the day. Once I had my stuff, I headed to my fourth period class, art. Art was my favorite class because the teacher lets you talk and you don't have to listen to the boring teachers. I took my normal seat to see another unfamiliar figure, and another, and another.Everyone was in a circle crowded around them. I made my way closer to the circle.

"I'm Brady Lock" said a guy with Zayn Malik hair, except his was light brown instead of black, his eyes were deep chocolate color.

"I'm Darius Stewart" the next one said. He was African American, his eyes were a nice dark green color and his hair was in a fade.

"I'm Trent Greggs" the third guy said. He looked either Hispanic or African American, I couldn't really tell though. He had long dark brown dread locks with a blue green eye color.

"And I'm........... Estabon James" the last one said causing the others to look at him with a weird face. He had a light Carmel eye color, his hair was like Joe Jonas' back in 2009.  

Just then I sat down at my desk because I saw the teacher coming in. Mr.McClain wrote a message on the board before exiting the class room again. I read the board at the front of the room ‘Free paint class, I'll be back in 10 minutes, I'm going to the teachers lounge to get coffee ’ the board read. Why exactly does it take 10 minutes to coffee? He's probably making out with Mrs.McClain. Ewww, teachers making out. Gross. I shook off that nasty thought away and began to paint.

~Skips to end of school day~ 

I rushed out of my sixth period class faster than ever, there's nothing more I want to do then to go home and fall asleep.  I continued walking down the narrow hallway until someone stopped me.

"Hey...Text me, maybe we can hang?" Dylan said handing me a piece of paper while taking my hand.I'm guessing the paper had his number on it. I nodded and noticed that Estabon , Darius, Trent, and Brady were with him, they probably moved from the same place. His hand dropped from mine and he walked before giving me a wink that made me smile like an idiot.

"Why are smiling so big?" Chase asked smiling

"No reason" I said still smiling 

He nodded and took my hand before we walked out of the glass doors. 

"Need a ride babe?" He asked politely. See sometimes Chase can be such a jerk, and sometimes he can be the sweetest boyfriend ever.

"Sure", I said opening the car door and hopping in the front seat. He started his blue 2013 Camaro. The engine purred to like and Chase began to drive me to my house. There was a silence in the car ride, but it wasn't an awkward silence though. Once we arrived at the place I call home, I gave him a quick kiss before unlocking the door and walking into my house. I dropped my book bag off at the door before walking upstairs and laying down on my bed. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and scrolled down my  feed on Instagram. I pushed the bottom on the bottom of the phone to make it go to the home screen and added Dylan's number to my contacts. I turned in my television and watched reruns of Degrassi. Oh how I love the show Degrassi.

I smiled, thinking about everything that happened today. Today was the first day, in a long time that I smiled at the thought of school. I put my pajamas on before walking to my bathroom to brush my teeth. Once my teeth were cleaned I flopped back down on my bed. 

 That Night I fell asleep with two people on    
                         my mind.

          Not just Justin but Dylan too.

     •~•••~•••~•••~•••| A/N |•••~•••~•••~•••~•

       Hey....... Sooo, What do you think about this chapter? I'm going to try to update again tonight, but my friend might come over so if I don't update that's the reason why. : )
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