The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


14. Maybe

[Shianna's POV]


    I sat in the passenger seat of the car, with Ryan having a one hand feel on the steering wheel , and the other on his thigh. Za sat in the back seat by his self. We were on our way to go to the mall to buy me something to wear on this date that I'm really not looking forward to.

'We're here' Za sang in a funny voice, he's hilarious. I opened the car door before stepping out of the car. I placed the money that Justin gave me in my back pocket. I began walking towards the mall that I knew all too well. Ryan opened the big glass door, holding the door open for me. I walked towards my favorite store forever 21.

Ryan and Za stopped outside the door, I signaled them to come in and they shook their head indicating a no. I motioned for them to came in and they just repeated the same action.

'Just come in the fucking store already' I yelled causing everyone to look at me, I smiled innocently and glanced over at Za and Ryan. I gestured for them to enter and they nodded giving in. I began walking around the store as they followed. my eyes grew wide when I spotted this floral dress that I absolutely had to have. I picked up the dress off of the rack and walked back over to ryan and Za to get their opinion.

'So what do you think?' I asked holding the dress up.

'The dress is lovely but I think Justin would like these better' ryan stated holding up some lacey underwear with the matching bra. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a few accessories before walking to the register and paying for the items. I gave the bag to Za for him too hold. I walked into DSW, in search for some shoes to match with my dress.

There were these peachish color shoes, I took them to the counter to be purchased. I flashed the cashier a smile before walking out of the store. I handed the shoe box to Ryan and headed towards the garage where the car was parked. Za opened the car door and pulled the seat back allowing me too sit in the back. Ryan opened his door and sat in the driver seat. Ryan out tge key into the ignition as the engine purred to life.


I dried my body off and walked back into the bedroom I was staying in. I put on some sweatpants, that were already in the drawers. I blow dried my hair and plugged in the curling iron, turning it on. I waited for it too heat up a bit before curling my hair. The next step was make up. I then realized I didn't have any.

'Za!' I called. Soon after the door opened revealing Za. 

'Do you happen to have any makeup?' I asked giggling, I'd never think I'd ask a boy that before.

'No, I don't think so' he replied laughing 'But I think Justin's mom, pattie might' I nodded and he walked out the room. After a few minutes, Za returned handing me the makeup.

'And by the way, you're beautiful without it' he stated winking, making me blush. I returned to the bathroom and picked up where I left off, applying the make up. Pattie, Justin's mom has some good quality stuff so I had to be extra careful not to use it all. I went to the room slipping on the dress with my shoes. I clasped the necklace around my neck before putting on my earrings.

I walked back into the bathroom and examined my appearance in the mirror. I think I looked really pretty. I grabbed my purse and opened the door walking into the living room. I sat on the couch and waited for Justin to come out. I heard the door open and justin came out. He was dressed in a black shirt with black pants and black supras.


I smiled at him and he returned it. 


'You look amazing' he stated making me blush

'You too Bieber, you too' I said giggling. He then grabbed my hand and lead me outside.

Maybe I am looking forward to this date after all.







A/N: okkk so I wrote a new story. You should totes go check it out : )

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