The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


2. I Need To Find Him


                     [Shianna's POV]

      "Time for school,sweetie" my dad said     
 waking me. I groaned and slowly pulled off the covers exposing my skin to my cold room. I walked to my bathroom and turned on the water, as I waited for the water to be the right temperature, I grabbed my phone, it was now 7:00 and school doesn't start until 7:45, I still had 45 minutes left. Turning my attention back to the shower, I felt the water and it was perfect , not too hot or not too cold. I stripped from my clothes and stepped into the shower. I did my usual routine, washing up and rinsing my hair. I turned off the water, pulling back the hot pink curtain, and exposing my body to my cold bathroom. I dried my body off then put on my clothes. After putting on my silver hoop earrings, I placed my phone in my back pocket and walked downstairs. I popped a toaster strudel in the toaster. I quickly glanced at the time on the cable box it was now 7:30. I grabbed the toaster strudel from the toaster before taking my backpack and slinging around my shoulder.

"Bye dad, I'm leaving" I said unlocking the front door

"Bye Sweetie,"

I rolled my eyes and walked out the front door soon noticing that I forgot the Journal. I ran back up the stairs and grabbed the journal off of my nightstand and placed it in my backpack. I walked back down the stairs and opened the front door once again, then started walking down the path to school. Pulling my phone from my back pocket, I plugged in my earphones.

"One day when I came home at lunchtime
I heard a funny noise
Went out to the back yard to find out
If it was one of those rowdy boys
Stood there with my neighbor called Peter
And a flux capacitor" I sang along to the music quietly.

"Shianna, wait up!" Someone yelled interrupting me from my singing. 

I turned around to see, a blonde headed girl, with black leggings and a crop tee.

"Heyy! C" I said loudly running towards my Best Friend.

"Heyy Shi" she said running towards me. 

Me and Cleo talked about numerous different topics before entering the glass doors of Whitehall North High school, known to most as North High. I walked to my locker and entered the combination, it eventually opened after a couple of tries. Isn't it sad that it's almost the end of the school year and I'm still struggling to open my locker? I unzipped my book bag and grabbed my binder and put my phone on vibrate before  slowly walked to my first period.

~Skip to Lunch/Free Period~

I put my binder in my locker before angrily walking down the hallway into the cafeteria to get my lunch. Stupid Mrs. McClain, she gave me lunch detention just because I was wearing earrings, which according to the rules ,are a distraction. I walked into the lunch line and grabbed a chicken salad with French fries and put it on my styrofoam tray. I began walking to the detention class until someone grabbed a tight grip on my arm. My heartbeat started to speed up. 

"Where you going baby?" The voice said causing me to turn around. I sighed in relief as it was just my Chase, my Boyfriend.Then I sighed again in frustration because it was my boyfriend.

"To the detention class. Mrs.McClain gave me detention" I said rolling my eyes

He nodded and pulled me in the other direction "I have to go to detention Chase" I said trying to get out of his grip

"Well you're skipping it" he said continuing to pull me 

"No Chase" I said finally pulling my arm out of his grip. I then felt a hard burning sensation on my face. He had slapped me.

"Don't ever tell me it?" He hissed.
I nodded and followed him back towards the cafeteria. I wasn't surprised at all that he slapped me. I've been in an abusive relationship with him for 2 years now. I bet nobody would've ever thought, Chase Matthews, the popular, sweet, football jock was abusive, but trust me he was.

"Sit" he whispered in my ear, interrupting me from my thoughts. I nodded then took a seat at the popular table filled with dumb cheerleaders and jocks.I hated everyone there except for Cleo, Trinity, Arielle and her twin brother Derrell. I sat there hardly touching my food because I was too busy staring at the clock, I couldn't wait until this period ended. I sat there looking awkward while everyone else was talking around me.


That was the bell signaling that the period was over. I said bye to all my friends before throwing my tray away and walking to my locker to take out my binder for class. I turned the dial on the lock and it opened on the first try. I grabbed my stuff and began to walk to my 4th Period class. 

~Skips to end of School~

I walked out of my classroom and walked to locker opening it for the fourth time today. 

"Shianna" Mrs. McClain called after me. ‘Shit she caught me just play it cool.

"Hi Mrs.McClain" I said putting on a fake smile

"You skipped your lunch detention today. Explain please" 

"Oh I Forgot" I lied. I know lying is bad but it's the only choose I have right now I  can't tell her about my incident with Chase.

She looked at me with an unconvinced face before signaling me to follow her. I grabbed my back pack and did as she told. I walked into the detention room and sat in an empty seat in the back. I wasn't the only one in the class room, there was 2 other people there, Gwyneth, the goth chick that some people made fun of and Derrell was there too, I would go sit by him but I wouldn't want Mrs.McClain to say something to me. 

"Ok you have 45 minutes in here then you can leave. Please work on homework , other work, or read." Mrs.McClain said 

I rolled my eyes and thought of something to do. I don't have homework or other work, and I don't have a book. Then I realized that I had the journal that I could read. I unzipped my book bag and pulled out the journal and skipped to the second page since I read the first page last night, and began to read.

     Dear Journal,
           My therapist made a schedule for what I should write about each day. So today I'm supposed to tell you some stuff about me. My best friends are Ryan, Chaz,  Alfredo, and Twist. We're in a gang together 5OG

A gang? On the bus he seemed so nice and caring. How is he in a gang? After reading the paragraph I turned to the third page.

      Dear Journal,

        Today I'm supposed to talk about things I like. I like spaghetti, talking, and other stuff. I did like school until I got     


He got expelled from school? Oh no! It looks like we have a bad ass on our hands. I turned to the page once again

             Dear Journal,

     I've been writing in this journal for 3 days now and it's not as stupid as I thought. It's actually helping me with my problems, and it's helped me realize that I like writing. I wrote this poem in school today. Oh did I mention I go to a new school now? So here's my poem

              My eyes are black 
             Your face is blue
            The knife is in your back
            I'm stabbing the shit out of you


"You can leave now" Mrs.McClain said interrupting me from reading the journal. I stuffed the  journal back into my backpack and walked out of the classroom.I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and checked the time it was 3:15. I placed my backpack on my back and walked out the door and made my way to my house. 

Once I arrived to my house I opened the door and saw my dad sitting on the couch suspiciously.

"Hey Dad" I said 

"Hey honey" he said 

I walked upstairs and watched TV, searched the web, and texted Chase, Arielle, and Cleo for hours. Arielle,Chase,Cleo,Derrell, Trinity and I are going to hang either tomorrow or Friday. I went downstairs to get my ear phones out of my book bag and plugged them in my ears. I grabbed some ritz crackers and my book bag before going upstairs. I walked into my bed room and hurried under the covers. I turned on Pandora and Gone by Mindless Behavior came on. I sang along to the lyrics quietly. I grabbed my book bag and pulled out the journal. I can't stop reading it, it's so interesting. I read a couple pages that weren't that interesting. But this one was

      Dear Journal

            There's this girl sitting next time with this extra bitchy attitude. She's really beautiful though. She is wearing a purple shirt and some jeans and purple vans. I should be flirting with her but she's making me nervous. I don't usually feel like this. I have butterflies in my stomach. Is love at first sight a real thing.

 I placed the journal back in my book bag and turned to my side after pulling up my zebra comforter. I was very deep in thought. That girl he was talking about was me because I was wearing that outfit he described, and this was the last page he wrote on before he lost the journal.

For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about Justin. That poem he wrote was so harsh and what he said about me was so sweet.but I was some how attracted to him.

          I Need To Find Him and I Will




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