The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


30. Guarentee


   I gripped the bag of hot fries, placing it in the cart, along with the other groceries that I was planning to purchase. I skimmed over my grocery list once more to confirm I had gotten everything. I had forgotten the milk. I sighed, finding the milk aisle. There is nothing I hate more than grocery shopping. I grabbed the milk with the red cap, since red was my favorite color. As, I was grabbing the milk, I couldn't help but get this eerie feeling that someone was watching me. I turned, seeing a young man who looked as if he was in his late teens or early twenties. He had a serious expression on his face, like he wanted to rape me, or maybe kill me. I gave him one of those awkward smile, and continued walking.



There was only one checkout lane available,  and there was a mega line of people who were waiting in it. Which left me with the only option, to go  to the self checkout, which was the second thing I hated. The boy  followed me to the self checkout line, which was actually quite wierd since he was buying nothing. I continued checking out and bagging my items. I pressed the done button, and entered Justin's credit card number, then the receipt printed out.  I grasped the bagged groceries and walked through the Walmart exit.

 The strange boy, I nicknamed him, had walked in front of me. I smiled knowing that I was just being paranoid at the thought of him following me. He turned to face me, he then made a square with his fingers , making a clicking sound with his mouth, as if he were a camera. Maybe he was taking a mental picture of me? I don't know but whatever he was doing was really creepy.





"Justin?" I called bringing the last of the groceries in.


"Yes Shi-Shi?" He responded chuckling. Oh how I hate that nickname,  but it's kind of cute when he says it.

"Come here Jay" I hollered, giving him my on nickname.

Within seconds he came running in, sliding on the wood floor with his socks on, like most of us did when we were children.

"Jay, I need to get some more clothes from my dad's house"

"I don't want to see him" Justin hissed, making me smile at his amount of hatred for my dad.

"He's at work" I said rubbing a hand in Justin's hair "c'mon please? I don't wanna go by myself"

He sighed grabbing his coat from the banister, as we headed out to the Black Range Rover.






"Fuck" I spat. "He changed the locks"


"Let a pro show you how it's done" he smirked,  slightly pushing me.
He rammed his shoulder into the door, making it jolt open on the first try. My jaw dropped in awe. How is that even possible? He smirked, taking a bow, making me giggle.

I entered the house, walking upstairs, turning the corner,  like old times. I sat on the pink zebra comforter, that covered my small twin size bed. I looked all around the room, so many memories. I remember sitting on this bed reading Justin's journal. I smiled just thinking about it.

"Jay. Come up here" I called. I don't think that he even knows that I have his journal. It's best to keep it as a secret anyway.

He marched up the stairs, examining my room closely. I don't think he's ever seen my room before. I trudged over to my wardrobe, looking at the bunches of clothes I had. I picked some clothes, with Justin's assistance. Stuffing all of the clothes into the duffle bag, footsteps were heard. Justin and I walked to the top of the long, carpeted staircase, staring down at the anrgy eyes of my dad.

"What a pleasant surprise" My dad stated sarcastically.

" I-I thought you had work today" I stuttered. His eyes made me nervous, I've never seen them like that before,  filled with so much anger and hatred.

"Well, I was and now I'm on break" he ran his hand through the small amount of hair he had. "What's in the bag?"

"Clothes" Justin answered for me.

"Ha.Where do you think you going?" He chuckled.

"As far away from you as possible" Justin spat getting angry.

"I don’t think so" my dad yelled.

"Let's go." Justin instructed, guiding me down the stairs. He had a tight grip on my wrist, but I knew he was just angry, so I tried to hold my whimpers in. Just as we were half way down the long stairs. My dad ran up the stairs, yanking my bag out of my hand, dumping all of the contents on the staircase. I'm guessing that this made Justin furious, since his grip on my wrist got even tighter.

"Where are you going to go without your clothes?" My dad asked.

"I'll just buy her new clothes" he shrugged.

"Oh really?" My dad questioned

"Yep" Justin said popping the p, nonchalantly.

"Go back upstairs to your room. You're not going anywhere. "

"Are you serious? " I whisper yelled "I'm eighteen years old dad, you can't tell me what to do"

"We'll see about that" father barked, pulling Justin's hand off of my wrist, attempting to push him out of the door. "I forbid you from ever seeing my daughter again" he hissed leaving me and Justin speechless. I attempted to get up and run out the door with Justin, but my dad just pushed my back down, my butt landed on the step. My dad continued pushing Justin out of the door. I sat crying on the staircase begging him please don't go. While tears wear gushing down his face too.

"I love you" Justin shouted, my dad finally pushing him out of the door.

"Now leave, and don't you ever come back" my dad roared.


" I love Shianna" Justin yelled from outside

"We will be together" Justin assured me

"And I guarantee that"






A/N: Jianna is over.. kinda. But opinions?



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