The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


38. Funeral

*1 week later*



I pulled back the glass window that lead to the back yard. The others were already outside, most likely waiting for me. Justin was dressed in all black, along with the others. 

There weren't many people out here, there weren't many people who were invited either. All eight of us; Pattie, Cleo, Justin, Alfredo, Ryan, Chaz, Savannah, and I.


As much as I wanted to have a proper funeral for Za and Twist, we couldn't. Justin thought that someone could easily spot us and tell the police. So we settled for a funeral in our backyard.


Ryan stepped to the podium. He gave a brief speech about Za, Twist, and their history together. Alfredo, Justin, and Chaz did the same. I found myself laughing at some of the comments, and crying on the others. 


I was called up to the podium to speak. I had no idea I was going to speak. I had nothing rehearsed. 


"I really didn't know Twist and Za for as long as the others did. But the small times we had together were always amazing." I said into the microphone "They always were so happy and cheerful." I smiled. I stepped down from the podium.


 We stood around the holes that we had dug in the ground. The caskets started lowering. once the casket was fully underground we each grabbed a piece of dirt and threw it over the casket. 











A/N: So, only one more chapter left. Opinions? Should I post the last chapter today or tomorrow? 


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