The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


25. Butterfly




I sat on the first step of the porch, staring at the plain brown caterpillar as the sun started to peek out.

I ripped my glance off of the wall. My eyes met the bouquet of flowers still were laying in the middle of the grass. They were filled with lavender Hyacinths, they were beautiful.

I sighed, gazing back at the catapillar, as my curiosity roamed.


Why did Justin even cheat?

Why with her out of all people?

Was it because Kira was prettier then me?

Is he losing interest in me?

I sighed as these were questions nobody would have the answer to. I reconnected my eyes with the caterpillar. The insect was so plain, so dirty, so.. boring. I sighed, standing up off of the concrete step, brushing off my jeans before walking back into the house,Wandering towards the kitchen.

 I returned to the bowl of noodles. I sat on the comfy black chair that was scooted close to the glass table. While I eating I couldn't help but think about the same questions.

Why did Justin even cheat?

Why with her out of all people?

Was it because she was prettier then me?

Is he losing interest in me?

I sighed as I still couldn't think of an explanation. As I continued eating I couldn't help but notice the same, small, plain, brown, caterpillar in the window adjacent to me. I studied it with great detail.

Then the answers to my questions came to me.


I am the caterpillar.


The answer was so obvious.

Justin cheated on me because he was bored with me, I was too plain for him, I don't blame him. He needs someone who is fun, who can party with him.



I walked down the busy streets of Los Angeles. I got numerous stares from boys who were satisfied with my new appearance. My old dull black hair was replaced with freshly died blonde hair that cascaded down my shoulders. I was dressed in clothes that you'd never imagine me wearing. A jean jacket covered my arms. Underneath the jacket was a pink crop top with the words 'cool kids can't die' printed in black letters. My legs were covered with black leggings, which I never would've imagined wearing before.

I could barely recognize my self. It's like my old boring, dull, self was transformed into a interesting, more fascinating persona.


I'm no longer the catepillar..

I am the butterfly.

And now Justin will have to love me.
















A/N: hey hey hey.. I know this chapter is short :( but opinions? How do you feel about Shianna changing her appearance? Maybe I'll post a picture of her later.. Should I?

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