99 days without you (*Completed*)

*This is not my story this amazing person on wattpad made this story. Her name is Edward Sheeran. I thought I would put it up here for all of you to read*

Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't go on, but tries to stay strong for the boys, and Harry. Knowing that Harry is actually gone, he slips into depression. But, 99 days after Harry's death, Louis knows it's time to join Harry in the heavens.
- Warning: Do not read if you're uncomfortable with self harming, suicide, etc.


55. Day Eighty-Four

I saw you in my dreams last night. You were on stage, which isn't surprising because you had always told me that's where you loved to be the most. You looked at me and smiled, bekoning me to come closer.


When you took hold on my hands, it felt as if you were real... and I never wanted to let go. I never wanted the moment to end. Your mouth leaned down to brush against the shell of my ear, and I immediately felt the shivers running down my spine.


"Come with me." You whispered, and pulled back only a short amount of time before crashing your lips against mine.


It was the most perfect kiss I had ever had. Yet it wasn't real.


So when I woke up only to find you not there beside me, I began to cry.

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